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by MouseStation Crew, staff writer

MouseStation 115 - Listener Feedback

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Listener Feedback Friday!

In this week's Listener Feedback:

We got another three emails from people who are still having problems downloading the Hustle-tini video through iTunes. Mark tested the video just before we recorded the show and was able to download it with no problem. If anyone is still having problems with it, let us know. In the meantime, you can either download the video directly here or check it out on Google Video below.

Berdo wrote in to wish us a Happy New Year, and to ask why did we ended the Magical Moment Podcast and start the MouseStation Podcast. Of course, he also wanted to get in that Simba rules. (Mark is still not convinced that Mike is not paying him off.)

We were doing the Magical Moment Podcast when the rest of the MousePlanet Board of Directors asked Mark if we would be interested in starting up a podcast for MousePlanet. We discussed it and decided to go for it. We announced the change at MouseFest 2006, shut down Magical Moment at the end of the year, and debuted MouseStation on January 11, 2007. (That's right, our one-year anniversary is next Friday.)

Tyler from Charleston, PA wanted to ask Mark about whether it was a good financial idea to join DVC if it's just him and his wife.

Mark noted that it doesn't matter how many of you there are. The value of DVC ownership is more related to how often you travel and what sort of accommodations you would be looking for. He gave some good ideas to think about in evaluating DVC ownership. Another great rundown on how to evaluate DVC purchases is Tony Phoenix's article from last March on how to evaluate the dollars and cents of the purchase.

Jim from Great Falls, MT just got back from his first DCL cruise and received his Castaway Club packet. He wanted to know whether the Castaway Club offers any special benefits.

Mike noted that you get access to a special part of the DCL web site, but the most important thing is the special recognition that you receive on later cruises. You can book your shore excursions and Palo reservations before the first-time cruisers, you receive a special welcome aboard gift in your stateroom, and you get invited to special reception with the captain for Castaway Club members only. You also get a separate check-in line at the terminal.

Mike believes that the special perks apply to everyone in the Castaway Club member's stateroom, with the possible exception of the captain's reception.

Anna from Iowa City, IA asked which Disney character we would pick to run for President if we could and why. Mike first suggested Sam Eagle of the Muppets (though he later admitted that he might have difficulty with foreign relations). Mark started out with Yen Sid, the sorcerer from the Sorcerer's Apprentice segment of Fantasia, because he's a learned man, he can be very authoritarian when it comes to rules, but he still has feelings of affection when necessary, and he has magical powers that he could possibly use to get us out of some of the messes that we're in. Mike's final choice was, surprisingly enough, Simba. He selected Simba because he's brave, he cares about family, he has to deal with public relations (with different species of animals) and he's the ruler of Pride Rock. Mark then suggested Rafiki. Mike then talked about the campaign of Ficus 2000, a ficus plant that won an election by write-in vote in 2000. (Further research shows that it was a campaign started by Michael Moore, who suggested writing in "Ficus" as a variation on "none of the above" and the ficus campaign was run in 24 states. The plant's campaign web site,, has since been discontinued.)

After calling Mike "cute," Rachelle from the UK thinks that we should have a featured topic geared toward UK listeners. She also reinforced the cult of Mike with a "Simba Rulez." The UK show sounds like a great idea, and anyone who has ideas on what we could cover is invited to let us know.

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