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MouseStation 127 - Listener Feedback

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Listener Feedback Friday!

In this week's Listener Feedback:

Thomas Melanson wrote to say that he loved listening to the "Our First Visit" episode, which included Steven Ng joining Mark and Mike. He would love it if he could be included more in the future.

We enjoyed having Steven on with us, and we'll see if we can get him on with us again in the future. We've also got some other special guests lined up for future episodes, including next Wednesday's visit with Jennifer and Dave Marx from PassPorter.

Julina responded to our question for people to help out Damian Thomas who wanted to know what crowds at Disneyland were like on Super Bowl Sunday. Julina found that crowds were much smaller on Super Bowl Sunday last year.

Alex from Houston wrote to tell us about his first trip (in 1980) and his second trip. He also provided a tip about staying hydrated when it's really hot at Walt Disney World. He also told Mark that he mispronounced one of the names of the Indian dialects in the January 17 MousePlanetWatch Disney News.

Starting a series of emails about last week's story about the (De-)Evolution of Downtown Disney, West Coast correspondent Andrew Rich let us know that the Virgin Megastore is the only place on property where he and his wife were able to find a normal, adult-sized belt.

Jennifer Stark recalled her visits in 1999, 2001 and 2006, and how it changed between the last two visits. She was also disappointed in the deterioration at DisneyQuest in 2006.

Mike adressed the changes at DisneyQuest.

Andy from Michigan argued that Pleasure Island should go back to a hard-ticketed, gated attraction. He recalled seeing a kid getting stomped by another group of teens with security not responding for 15 minutes.

Mike wondered whether Andy had told a cast member or otherwise helped in notifying security that they needed to be there.

Frank Cambisi remembered the early days of the Disney Village Marketplace. He misses the way that it used to be, and also complained about how bad parking at the Marketplace has gotten.

Mike noted that he sometimes parks at the West Side and then walks all the way back to the Marketplace just to avoid the parking nightmare.

Elaine wrote in to say that she had a wonderful time at the Rock 'n' Roll Beach Club, and that she will really miss the club after it closes down on February 3.

Mark wondered why Disney hasn't considered turning it back into a gated, hard-ticketed area in light of the fact that all of the listeners responding hate the way that it is and would love to see it go back to how it used to be.

Mike posed a question to the listeners to determine which specific point was most important to people. Mark noted that he thought that all of them went hand in hand.

Schneider wrote to ask whether it was MousePlanet that he saw the convention calendar for the Disneyland area posted on the MousePlanet site. Mark pointed him to the January 7 Disneyland Park Update.

Sergio and Sally both wrote in to answer the question posed in Monday's "Ask the Kid" segment where we asked if anybody knew why the talking recycle bin at Disney's Animal Kingdom was called Pipa. Sergio, who chatted with Pipa, and Sally, who worked at Rafiki's Planet Watch. Both noted that Pipa is the Swahili word for "trash." Since there is no word in Swahili for recycle, they used Pipa instead.

West Coast Correspodent Andrew Rich wrote in to remind us about two more reasons why it was so sad to lose ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter. One was the great, veiled attraction, while the other was all of the great actors playing those characters in the earlier show.

"spider-pig" wrote in to disagree with our discussion of Stitch's Great Escape, and noted that he thought that it was much better than the former attraction.

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