A Collection of Short Subjects

by MouseStation Crew, staff writer

MouseStation 132 - Collected short subjects

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Tip of the Week

This week's Tip comes from listener Mary Tesch from Seymour, Wisconsin. (Send in your tip now!)

Mary recommends continuing to check back for rental car specials right up until departure for your trip because sometimes prices drop on that last day. On her last trip, she saved $110 by switching from Alamo to National.

Don't forget to sign up for whichever frequent renter programs you might be interested in, and sign up for the discount emails because some may not appear on the web site.

Six Degrees of Disney

Due to the number of responses that we received to our last Six Degrees of Disney challenge, we decided to skip the Featured Attraction, Review System Spotlight and Ask the Kid segments this week to try to keep the show to a manageable length.

We were impressed by how many different ways that our listeners came up with to link Gary Trousdale to Ashley Tisdale (some through Allan-A-Dale), and some who went back to our original challenge to get from Ub Iwerks to Amy Adams

Faye Massen (Darkling999 on the boards) had a way to get from Ub Iwerks to Amy Adams without using either Julie Andrews or Walt Disney.

Ub Iwerks created Clarabelle Cow who was in Mickey's Fire Brigade
Milt Kahl worked on Mickey's Fire Brigade, and also on both Mary Poppins and Bedknobs and Broomsticks, which both featured David Tomlinson
Tomlinson was in the original The Love Bug with Buddy Hackett
Hackett was in The Little Mermaid with Jodi Benson
Benson was in Enchanted with Amy Adams

Dean from NYC also linked Ub and Amy in a voicemail.

Ub Iwerks worked on special effects for The Birds, which featured Jessica Tandy
Tandy appeared in Cocoon, which was directed by Ron Howard
Howard also directed Splash, which starred Tom Hanks
Hanks starred in Catch Me If You Can, which also featured Amy Adams

Lauren Olson took time out from her late-night study schedule to start us off on our Trousdale-to-Tisdale hunt.

Gary Trousdale wrote, directed, and starred in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, which featured Jason Alexander
Alexander played Lionel in Rogers and Hammerstein?s Cinderella, which also featured Bernadette Peters
Peters also starred in the 1982 film Annie
Ashley Tisdale toured internationally with the stage version of Annie when she was a little girl

Mixing the film and stage versions of Annie is a little iffy, but we gave her credit anyway.

J.T. From Pescadero, CA also started with Hunchback, but took a different path.

Gary Trousdale was the old heretic in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, which also featured Tony Jay
Jay was in Recess: School's Out with Courtland Mead
Mead did Additional Voices in A Bug's Life, which also featured Ashley Tisdale

Next up was a voicemail from Dan Wecklerly from Limerick, PA, who worked it backwards.

Ashley Tisdale appeared in A Bug's Life, which also starred Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Louis-Dreyfus appeared on Seinfeld with Jason Alexander
Alexander was in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, which also featured Gary Trousdale as a voice, writer and director

Nicole (disneygirl17) was next up, also working it backwards.

Ashley Tisdale was in High School Musical 2 with Alyson Reed
Reed was in an episode of Murder She Wrote (back in 1995) with Angela Lansbury
Lansbury was Beauty and the Beast, which was directed by Gary Trousdale

Kirsten from Vallejo, CA called into the voicemail line with our next link, one short one without Allan-A-Dale, and a longer one with.


Gary Trousdale wrote part of The Lion King, which also included as a writer Joe Ranft
Ranft provided the voice of Heimlich in A Bug's Life, which also featured Ashley Tisdale


Gary Trousdale was director for Beauty and the Beast, where Andreas Deja animated the character of Gaston
Deja also was an animator in the Black Cauldron, which had Edward Hansen as executive in charge of production
Hansen also was an assistant director on Robin Hood (narrated by Allan-A-Dale) where Frank Thomas worked as directing animator
Thomas provided the voice of himself in The Incredibles, which (of course) included the voice of John Ratzenberger
Ratzenberger also appeared in A Bug's Life, which (as we're now familiar with) featured Ashley Tisdale

Sharla from Athens, GA also did a shorter version without Allan-A-Dale and a longer one with him.


Gary Trousdale worked on Oliver and Company with Bette Midler
Midler was in Hocus Pocus with Kathy Najimy
Najimy was in The Suite Life of Zach and Cody with Ashley Tisdale


Gary Trousdale worked on The Rescuers Down Under with Russi Taylor
Taylor was in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? with Pat Buttram
Buttram was in Robin Hood (with Allan A Dale), which had Don Bluth as one of its animators
Bluth directed All Dogs Go to Heaven, which featured Dom DeLuise
DeLuise was in The Muppet Movie with Cloris Leachman
Leachman was in Malcolm in the Middle, which also featured Ashley Tisdale.

Mark gave additional bonus points for including Russi Taylor, who does the voice of Minnie Mouse.

Sean "Dznydad" Jones wrote in with some other unusual ideas for Six Degrees, with just one end attached to Disney.

"Country Bear Jamboree to the Thigh Master"

  • 1. Country Bear Jamboree features Big Al
  • 2. Big Al was voiced by Tex Ritter
  • 3. Tex Ritter was the father of John Ritter
  • 4. John Ritter was on Three's Company
  • 5. Suzanne Somers was on Three's Company
  • 6. Suzanne Somers sold Thigh Masters on TV

"Boris Karloff to Its a Small World"

  • 1. Boris Karloff starred in 'Bride of Frankenstein'
  • 2. Elsa Lanchester was 'The Bride of Frankenstein'
  • 3. Elsa Lanchester appeared in Mary Poppins
  • 4. The music in Mary Poppins was written by the Sherman brothers
  • 5. The Sherman brothers wrote the song, 'Its a Small World'

"People Mover to the Viet Nam War"

  • 1. The People Mover used to go through Star Tours
  • 2. Star Tours is based on George Lucas' Star Wars
  • 3. George Lucas wrote and wanted to direct Apocalypse Now
  • 4. Apocalypse Now is about the Viet Nam War

Our next challenge will require answers to be in by February 18, and we'll run them on the February 25 show. Mark selected Andreas Deja (please correct his pronunciation) and Mike (after picking Tony West, which would be one degree using Dream On Silly Dreamer) picked Ronald Reagan. Entries should not include Walt Disney.

Magical Moment

This week's moment came in a voicemail from Dan the Light Man from Golden, CO. (Send in your moment now!)

Dan told a great story about being at Disney's Animal Kingdom with his wife Nancy during their anniversary trip. Because he was wearing a nice silk shirt that day, he didn't want to put his anniversary button on and put holes in the shirt.

Cast members, when seeing his wife's anniversary button and wishing them a Happy Anniversary, would notice that he wasn't wearing an anniversary button and asked where his was. He said that he had forgotten it back in the room, rather than saying that he didn't want to wear it. The cast members would invariably tell him to wait while they got him a new button.

He would fake putting the button on while they walked away, then pocket the button. By the end of the day, he thinks he had about six buttons in his pocket.

Mike remembered collecting 15 birthday buttons in one day and turning the extras in at City Hall. In return for that, the cast member was so touched that they gave him eight coupons for an item of any value at the Confectionary. Mike used them to get eight $9 lollipops.

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