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MouseStation 135 - Listener Feedback

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Listener Feedback Friday!

In this week's Listener Feedback:

Saundra Schmidt wrote in about her family's experience at Disney's Old Key West Resort. She had to agree with both Mark and Mike. Her family had a great time and really enjoyed having breakfast in the room, but for some reason she didn't think that the decor said "Disney."

Bob Peterson wrote to ask if we knew which music is used behind the montage of DVD videos used on the latest movie releases, where Captain Jack states, "We have our heading" and ends with want sounds like large bells ringing. Mark and Mike did not have a clue, as neither has watched the coming attractions of videos recently. If you know what piece this is, please let us know!

Alex from Houston wrote in twice. First, he noted that he was in agreement wth Andy from Michigan (from Episode 127) in relation to the current status of Pleasure Island. He misses the old days.

He also mentioned that he missed the opening of Stitch by a month the last time he was there, so he's looking forward to trying it in May on his next trip. Alex, don't say that we didn't warn you.

Alex's second email wondered whether there was a resource for conventions in Orlando the way that there is for Anaheim. While the Orange County Convention Center doesn't have the same impact on Walt Disney World attendance that the Anaheim Convention Center has on Disneyland, Mark found this site, which at least has the events at the Convention Center.

Kirsten wrote in with her Top 3 for Disneyland. She also noted that it was great to hear Paul Barrie of the Window to the Magic Podcast do the opening of our show. (Paul's a great guy – as is his girlfriend Tairy and his co-host Patrick – and we highly recommend his show.)

  • Dining
    • 3) Bengal Barbecue
    • 2) Rancho del Zocalo
    • 1) Blue Bayou
  • Live Entertainment
    • 3) Live bands around New Orleans Square
    • 2) Fantasmic!
    • 1) Remember....Dreams Come True
  • Attractions
    • Honorable mention - Indiana Jones Adventure
    • 3) Haunted Mansion
    • 2) Pirates of the Caribbean
    • 1) Space Mountain

Dan the Light Man called in a voicemail with his Top 3 for Disney's Animal Kingdom.

  • Dining
    • 3) Safari Coffee/Kusafiri Coffee
    • 2) Donald's Breakfastosaurus
    • 1) Flame Tree BBQ
  • Live Entertainment
    • 3) Maharajah Jungle Trek
    • 2) Kilimanjaro Safaris
    • 1) Finding Nemo - The Musical, Festival of the Lion King (tie, Lion King has the edge)
  • Attractions
    • 3) Dinosaur
    • 2) Kali River Rapids
    • 1) Expedition Everest

Dan also wished us a happy anniversary and actually got Nancy to wish us a happy anniversary, as well. Nice to hear your voice too, Nancy!

Carol K. from Oak Forest, IL wrote to say that she liked the Three Wishes segment that we tried out on Episode 94 and she hopes that we keep it. (Good news, it will come back on a future show.)

Next, Mike felt that he had to make a rebuttal to the Mouse Guest Weekly Podcast because, on their July 27 episode, they had the nerve to put down "Hakuna Matata" and call out Mike to defend The Lion King.

Finally, Brianne sent in a photo of herself teaching a class in her Hustle-tini Meet T-shirt. Of course, we're still waiting for that full collage of photos of the shirt in action that she promised us.…

Brianne teaches a class in her Hustle-tini shirt. Photo courtesy of Brianne.

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