A Collection of Short Subjects

by MouseStation Crew, staff writer

MouseStation 136 - Collected short subjects

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Today's show is sponsored by Owner's Locker, a new service that gives you a place to leave your vacation-only stuff until your next trip to visit the Mouse.

This week, we reminded you of our next Owner's Locker promotion, where you can help to determine what the next promotion will be. Send your thoughts on what would make a good promotion to get you off the fence. A free Brita water pitcher? Ten dollars off? A MousePlanet T-shirt? Whatever it is, email it to us or call the toll-free feedback line. Since we've only gotten a couple of seious responses so far, we're going to extend it a little bit longer, and we'll run the promotion after that. We'll share all ideas with John Van Meter of Owner's Locker, who will announce the actual offered promotion on an upcoming show and the promotion will then be valid for a month after that.

Today we read two sets of suggestions. The first came from Matt from Massachusetts, following up on his suggestion of refillable resort mugs last week. Since we noted that the mugs are only supposed to be good for the length of your current stay, he came up with two other ideas: either a Walt Disney World-related book (such as the Hidden Mickeys Guide or the Unofficial Guide, though other options could include the PassPorter Guide, the Disney World Trivia Book or Realityland by MousePlanet's David Koenig) or a My Pal Mickey doll. The choice of book might be a bit difficult, and the Pal Mickey might be a bit expensive, but we'll pass them along to John.

Scott Ferraoli wrote in with an idea very similar to Mike's "Owner's Locker Sundries Mall" idea, but with some more details fleshed out. Then he wrote in another email that his wife told him that Mike already had mentioned the idea. But now we have two people supporting that idea.

Let us know what you think of these ideas, or send in your own!

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Tip of the Week

This week's Tip comes from listener Drew from Cleveland. (Send in your tip now!)

Drew recommends using the location of PhotoPass photographers to select the best place to have your photos taken in front of Walt Disney World icons, and have them take a PhotoPass photo of you, then have them take one with your camera.

Mark also noticed that Drew's email address was from Case Western Reserve University, where he spent the 1981-1982 school year.

Featured attraction

This week we look at Space Mountain at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

Mark noted that the attraction only goes 28 mph, about the same speed as Goofy's Barnstormer. Mike noted that it looks like it's a very tight fit the way that the track winds around itself, but that there should be plenty of space around the vehicle to put your hands up without getting hurt.

While Walt Disney World's Space Mountain is the oldest, it hasn't had a major makeover like Disneyland's (which we'll discuss on another show). The Space Mountain at Disneyland needed to have the entire track system replaced because of the additional stress caused by the installation of a sound system into the cars. However, rumors that Mark reported in the Park Update back in 2006 and again in today's Park Update indicate that the attraction may be due for a massive overhaul along the lines of "small world", Pirates, and the Mansion. Mark then got into speculation about what the changes might be and what effect that might have on the Theoretical Hourly Ride Capacity.

Meanwhile, Mike gives the attraction as it is now 3-4 planets out of five, while Mark gives it 3.5-4 planets out of five.

Ask the Kid

Vance Cope asked Mark's son: Who is your favorite Pixar character and why? (Send in your question now!)

Mark's son responded that he liked Remy the rat from Ratatouille because he's a chef and Mark's son likes "brownies and stuff". He also started talking about Chicken Little before Mark got a word in edgewise to tell him that it was done by Disney, not Pixar.

Mark's son couldn't think of any others until Mark told him that Vance's favorite Pixar characters are Dash and Dory. Then Mark's son started talking quite a bit about Dory and got stuck on the "Just keep swimming" song.

Mike said that he's always surprised at Mark's son says. Mark noted that his son does watch a lot of Food Network shows. However, he expected Dash, Buzz or something like that.

Magical Moment

This week's moment comes from Mary Tesch from Seymour, WI. (Send in your moment now!)

Mary's family experienced a series of Magical Moments on their latest trip.

Due to the construction work at the Animal Kingdom Villas being a little behind schedule, they had their room moved to another resort. However, they got free dining for their entire trip, and even got to do the Sunrise Safari tour out of the Animal Kingdom Lodge despite the fact that they weren't staying there.

Her family also was selected to test the Disney Magic Connection Nintendo DS-based tour guide. When they were done, the kids got pins and the family got coupons for four free PhotoPass photos.

A PhotoPass photographer at Animal Kingdom gave her daughter the Tinkerbell "Share the Magic" pins, and they had fun people watching and finding someone else to give the pin to.

They were also chosen as the Family of the Day at the Garden Grill Restaurant, and got special food and special attention from the characters.

Mary tried a Bluetini on Mike's recommendation, but liked the Space Monkey at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater better.

Feedback and Other Stuff

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Steven had steered Mark to the first episode of the Animation Podcast, where he was able to confirm how to pronounce Andreas Deja's name. You need to get your Six Degrees of Disney entry (Andreas Deja to Ronald Reagan) in by this Saturday because we're going to be recording the show early due to Mark's vacation.

Wrapping up

On April 27, Mark will be walking to raise money for the March of Dimes for the third time. Please consider supporting him. The March of Dimes mission is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.


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