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MouseStation 139 - Listener Feedback

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Listener Feedback Friday!

In this week's Listener Feedback:

Pat from San Francisco called into the voicemail to ask what they do with water rides at night, and what they do with the ride vehicles.

From talking with people who work the rides and from going past the attractions in the early morning before the attractions are started up, Mike believes that they just let them sit where they are when the water is shut off.

Mark remembered staying at the Grand Californian Hotel in 2005 in a room overlooking Grizzly River Run, he seems to remember rafts being refloated as the water began cascading down early in the morning.

Jeff Peterson wrote to tell us that, despite the appearance of it being two characters on IMBD, "Rooster" and "Allan-A-Dale" are the same character in Disney's Robin Hood. The character's song "Whistle Stop" was sped up and used for "Hamster Dance".

Jeff also provided the correct chronology for the replacement of the Dumbo ride installations, which pretty much dovetailed with what Mark had figured out. So it was indeed Disneyland that received the ride mechanics that were intended for installation in Paris, and Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom got one of the next two sets built. The third was actually installed in Paris.

Mike Hamilton from the Disney Podcast Directory wrote in to correct Mike on the issue of how long it takes for the iTunes movie rentals to expire. It's 24 hours from first watching, though the first watching can be up to a 30 days after purchase.

Kirsten wrote in to express her disappointment in Episode 129 where we interviewed Jennifer and Dave Marx from PassPorter Travel Press, saying that it sounded too much like an advertisement. Mike and Mark noted that they were just trying to give a well-rounded picture of what PassPorter had to offer.

    Dan the Light Man called in a voicemail to answer Mike's question about Pleasure Island.

    The first thing that Dan and Nancy would change back would be to bring back live music inside and out. The second thing that they'd change would be to make the Island a hard-ticketed entry again for ages 21 and up. They feel that the island has lost its pizzazz and that the changes have basically turned it into an outdoor shopping mall with bars.

    Liana Kilgore wrote in with her summary of the Snow White event held at Disney's California Adventure. She talked about her experiences at the merchandise pick-up and store, then the artist signing (where she met Robert Olszewski), Snow White's Soiree dining location and the panel discussion. She also talked about her ability to meet some of the celebrities.

    Liana Kilgore poses with Robert Olszewski (top left), Jeff Granito (top right) and Marge Champion (bottom right), and gets a photo of Roy E. Disney (bottom left) at the Snow White event at Disney's California Adventure. Photos courtesy of Liana Kilgore.

    Bob McGovern from Charlestown, RI called in two voicemails. First, he noted that his earlier voicemail must have been lost in our great voicemail routing debacle. He said that he had to interrupt his Disney Half Marathon training run in order to be able to laugh at the Episode 101 blooper reel.

    He also noted that he and his wife are DVC members at Saratoga Springs, and they thought that the fireworks at Pleasure Island was a selling point for being at Saratoga Springs. He also enjoys bits and pieces of Pleasure Island, he notes that it doesn't have a special feel to it. Since so many of our listeners feel strongly about what has been done to Pleasure Island, Mark suggested that everyone write to Walt Disney World Guest Communications to express their opinion.

    BJ Wanlund wrote in with a humorous suggestion for the "Design Your Own Promotion" promotion.

    Kim Barron called in two voicemails, before and after seeing The Lion King on stage in Pittsburgh. She took her three nieces to see the show. She had nothing but good things to say about the road show cast.

    Berdo wrote in to ask whether there ever was a show for the top three restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. because he's looking for ideas for his upcoming trip. He made the mistake noting that his check for saying that "Simba Rules" was late, which led to Mark and Mike concentrating on that and not answering the question. We'll make a note to get back to it on a future show.

    Jim Robinson noted that he believes that Club 33 in Disneyland in one of the best places to eat in the country, much less all the parks. It is a true five star restaurant with a dining experience beyond belief. If we ever get a chance to eat there, we'll include that in our evaluation.

    Wrapping up

    On April 27, Mark will be walking to raise money for the March of Dimes for the third time. Please consider supporting him. The March of Dimes mission is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.


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