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MouseStation 141 - Magical Moments

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Featured Topic - Mgical Moments

In this week's feature, we went back to our roots as the Magical Moment Podcast to focus on what makes Disney vacations truly magical – those little moments where cast members at Disneyland and Walt Disney World make you feel special.

Mike had an idea for a podcast celebrating Magical Moments and asked Mark to co-host the show with him. The time commitment that was promised to Mark was that it would only take a half-hour of his time each week. That was a pipe dream. After five months of the Magical Moment Podcast, they were asked to set up shop at MousePlanet and the closed down the Magical Moment Podcast and launched the MouseStation.

To celebrate those roots, we decided to run a show dedicated to listeners' Magical Moments.

Jeanette wrote in about her initial disappointment that none of her family won a Year of a Million Dreams prize, as she got the impression from the commercials and other promotional material that everyone won something. However, she was able to find several true Magical Moments when her four-year-old daughter discovered Goofy's Barnstormer, as well as when she danced with Cinderella at 1900 Park Faire and met Belle at breakfast at Akershus. She wants everyone to know "that not all Magical Moments come as a stay in Cinderella's Castle or a shopping spree. The best ones come as memories that money can't buy and you will never forget."

Of course, this again launched Mark and Mike into their ongoing debate over whether or not the Year of a Million Dreams is a good idea.

Kevin-John from Erie, PA called in a voicemail to tell about a very special moment that he and his wife had on their honeymoon (which was also their first trip), when they were given the opportunity to meet the Headless Horseman and get a photo with him before Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. After seeing him ride prior to the parade, they went looking for him but didn't see him at any character meet and greet, so they asked an official-looking cast member where they could find him. They managed to get a special opportunity to meet the Horseman backstage before the next parade, and they've now gone back to celebrate Halloween for the next ten years.

Bob Lee of Pratt, KS wrote in to tell us about some wonderful Magical Moments he experienced while leading his band marching down (and up) Main Street U.S.A. The band marched in 1999, 2003 and 2007. Bob gave a great description of what it's like to march in a Disney parade. It was even more exciting because the band marched for more people than lived in their home town of 7,000, just going to prove that Magic Music Days are extremely magical for those performing. They even did a Wizard of Oz-themed set in honor of their home town, and got wonderful feedback from the crowds lining the streets.

    Jennifer Weber wrote in to tell of several Magical Moments. From special treatment during their honeymoon to their son's first haircut in the Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street U.S.A., her family found the magic that can only be created by the wonderful Walt Disney World cast members.

    Sean "DznyDad" Jones called into the feedback line with a great story about how his wife and brother found a way to get him lunch at Club 33 for his birthday, and how they had a wonderful time there and even met Kelsey Grammer there. Of course, it was interesting that his son didn't know who "Frasier Crane" was, but got excited to know that he had met "Stinky Pete the Prospector."

    Sean enjoyed checking out the club and going out on the balcony, and just had a wonderful time there. Grammer left his table in the Trophy Room to say goodbye to Sean's kids. When Sean tried to purchase a souvenir before leaving the club, they were out of hats and shirts, but he was able to purchase a pin that he treasures. All in all, it was the best birthday present that he ever got.

    Sean also sent us a comic strip about us and the show, which had us (and many others who we showed it to) laughing out loud for quite some time. We've attached it below. We love his idea so much that we're going to start up a new segment on our Monday Short Subjects shows called "Around The Station." We'll start up this coming Monday, and we'll bring you periodic glimpses into life aboard the tin can we call the MouseStation.

    Sean Jones sent in the fabulous comic strip of Mark and Mike (though he drew Mike a little too good-looking). Click on the strip for a larger image.

    Sean has a great web site featuring some of his other artwork. Be aware that there is at least one image there that is not family-friendly. Check out the Art of S.C. Jones. For something completely family-friendly, you can see his sub-site for the All-Citizens Disneyland Preservation Brigade, which includes a photo of him on the balcony of Club 33.

    Mike in Mesa wrote in to talk about his Magical Moment which occurs every time he visits Disneyland. It's a great way to get into the magic. Mark has a similar moment whenever he first walks into Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Mark also noted that Kevin-John, Sean and Mike all had posted their photos to our Frappr map and suggested that more people stick pins in the map.

    Carol Kolnicki experienced a Magical Moment that was created by another guest. She and her roommate tood the roommate's son to Walt Disney World for his graduation from eighth grade. She had bought him his own digital camera as a graduation present, and he was inseparable from it until he went to get a pretzel as they waited for the Disney Stars and Motor Cars Parade to step off. They didn't realize that he had left it behind and moved to get a better spot for the parade. Carol got frantic looking for the camera (which had the boy's room key/park pass in the bag). It was already waiting at the lost and found at Guest Relations, turned in by a stranger who didn't even leave their name.

    Mike made the recommendation that you always report anything lost to Guest Relations, because they are found more often than you would think.

    Mark suggested that the best way to appreciate these moments is to pay them forward. Make magic for others people. He mentioned Lou Mongello's annual giveaway of Disney World Trivia Books, T-shirts and tickets to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, as well as Mark's happening upon a small child in a stroller singing the Dreidel Song and giving the boy some Hanukkah gelt and a dreidel in his favorite color (after asking the child's parents if it would be OK). If you've got an opportunity to make unexpected magic for someone else, take it! It's that spirit that makes Disney parks wonderful.

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    On April 27, Mark will be walking to raise money for the March of Dimes for the third time. Please consider supporting him. The March of Dimes mission is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.


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