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MouseStation 147 - Listener Feedback

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Listener Feedback Friday!

In this week's Listener Feedback:

Adam from Ballarat Australia wrote in to ask that we make the "UK Traveler Advice" show be for all foreign travelers, and listed a number of questions, largely focused on tipping. We've made a note of all of the questions, and we'll try to address them all on our "International Travelers" show, tentatively scheduled for some time in April or early May. (We've got lots of feature shows already on the books and interviews lined up already.)

Adam's questions made us wonder how tipping is handled (if at all) in other countries.

If any other International travelers have questions that they'd like to have answered, send them in and we'll try to cover them all!

When Berdo wrote in a couple of weeks ago asking about top restaurants for each meal at Walt Disney World, but we got distracted by the fact that he noted that his check for saying that "Simba rules" was late and never answered his question. We thought we'd go back and answer his actual question.

Mark really doesn't eat breakfast at restaurants all that much. When he's staying at DVC lodgings, he usually eats something from the fridge, and when he goes out he'll either eat a breakfast pastry or something else quick. Occasionally he'll go to a character breakfast or something. Mike doesn't do breakfast much either, but he highly recommends the buffet at Boma, and discussed some of the special selections there.

For lunch, Mark will usually grab counter service on the run in the parks, unless he's meeting someone somewhere. Sometimes he'll eat at Olivia's while waiting for his room to be ready after checking in. He mentioned some of his usual haunts. Mike usually does counter service, as well. He often will snack through the day instead of eating lunch, eat an earlier sit-down dinner, then grab a late-night snack.

Mark said that just about any sit-down restaurant other than Nine Dragons would be fine. He's hoping that the food will be better after their upcoming remodeling, but he's not holding his breath. Mark gave special mention to Boma and Flying Fish Cafe, as well as the California Grill. Mike agrees that there are so many good restaurants at Disney that everyone should take advantage of as many restaurants as possible.

Sean Jones wrote in with a few more very strange Six Degrees connections. This time, he connected Mowgli to Taxi Driver, the Blue Bayou to The Beatles, and the Tower of Terror to Bob Dylan. We're also publishing the next of his great "@ The Station" comics below.

Mike is going to be in Las Vegas at the end of the month, so he may try to get in touch with Sean.

Sean Jones sent in another fabulous comic strip of Mark and Mike (and Steven!). Click on the strip for a larger image.

Matt wrote in to follow up on the email on Episode 139 from Pat in San Francisco, who wondered what happened to the ride vehicles from the water rides at night. Matt noted that on the most recent episode of the MiceCast podcast, Mike, Greg and Richard discussed the same topic. According to them, a few of the logs for Splash Mountain are kept in the station, so cast members can walk across, and the rest are put into a storage area.

He also joined Mark on the side of Nemo Rules! Mike was disappointed about having to read the email, and was in denial that someone would choose Nemo over Simba.

Mike in Mesa wrote in with his Three Wishes for the Disneyland Resort:

1. Bring back the People Mover.

2. Make it easier to park hop.

3. Make ride photos available through PhotoPass.

Mark agreed on #1, but didn't have so much sympathy on #2, since park-hopping at Walt Disney World can take 30-60 minutes, depending on the park pair. When he goes to Disneyland, he's thrilled that it's so quick to hop parks. And as far as ride photos, Mark knows that PhotoPass was working on getting ride photos onto PhotoPass, running a test at Test Track, but he doesn't know where things stand.

Shawn Coomer wrote in to compliment us, to say that the Frappr map was a great idea, and to wish us a happy belated anniversary. He also has started listening to the early Magical Moment Podcasts, and was delighted to see that we were using Mark's son from the beginning. He also thinks that it's great that we're harnessing the power of our listeners to raise money for charities. Mike noted that he needs to change the time frame for his fund-raising, since last year's campaign came when everybody was targeting their money toward the holidays.

Mark wondered whether Shawn was going to move his Frappr pushpin each time he and his family moved on to their next location.

Alexis Bratengeier wrote in from Germany to ask for a recommendation on whether to take the UnDISCOVERed Future World or Backstage Magic tour as a follow-up to Keys to the Kingdom. Mark and Mike discussed the two tours and recommended Backstage Magic, even though some changes are being implemented to alter the tour's stops. It's definitely worth the much higher price. Mike also recommended Backstage Safari.

Jennifer Weber wrote in to note that not everybody was in agreement that Pleasure Island was better the way that it used to be. She hadn't written in because she appreciates why others miss the way it was, but now it seems to her something that appeals to a wider variety of people. It seems that there may be some crossover in her opinion between the Marketplace and Pleasure Island, which let to some confusion on Mark's part.

Mike Hamilton of the Disney Podcast Directory wrote in to respond to Mark's comments comparing Test Track to the New York State Thruway, as he used to drive the road all the time. He also offered to talk more about his podcast listening skills, which still amaze Mark and Mike. (We'll find a way to schedule him as a guest on a future show.)

Wrapping up

On April 27, Mark will be walking to raise money for the March of Dimes for the third time. Please consider supporting him. The March of Dimes mission is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.


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