A Collection of Short Subjects

by MouseStation Crew, staff writer

MouseStation 148 - Collected short subjects

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This week, we announced the winning promotion from our "Design Your Own Promotion" promotion, where you helped to determine what the next promotion would be. While we weren't able to set up a recording time with John Van Meter of Owner's Locker, we confirmed the selection with him and announced it on the show. John will be on the show next week with more details.

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Tip of the Week

This week's Tip of the Week comes from listener Amy, who recommends using baby wipes for everything. (Send in your own tip now!)

They work well as extra napkins, wet paper towels, and even wiping up a table that hasn't been cleaned yet.

You can even buy them in resealable travel packs, or buy them in large packages and put them into zip-top bags yourself. They're found wherever baby products are sold.

Review System Spotlight

This week we look at the Coral Reef Restaurant at The Seas with Nemo and Friends pavilion at Epcot. Our MousePlanet readers like the Coral Reef, rating it 3.9 out of five planets. Our featured review this week is by HauntedGabe of Chicago, IL.

Gabe and his family had a wonderful meal, with great attention from the cast members and delicious food. He was impressed by the manager's level of involvement.

The last time that Mark at the Coral Reef was as part of the International Press Event in January 2007, during the official opening ceremony for the new Nemo attraction, so he wasn't eating off of the menu. The food, however, was fabulous. He also met then-current Walt Disney World Ambassadors Michael Kelley and Lowell Doringo at the restaurant.

The last time that he ate off the menu was 5-10 years ago. But the visit that he remembers most was either on his honeymoon or another trip soon after, which places it around 20 years ago. He and his wife had a late seating, and by the end of the meal they had the restaurant to themselves. It was a wonderful, romantic dinner.

Mike had a tough time there, since he is allergic to fish and seafood. He also noted that the decor was looking shabby. (It has since been refurbished.) He did manage to find a chicken dish that was unimpressive, but he loved the "Happiest Celebration on Earth" Shark Fin Chocolate dessert.

You can also find the Coral Reef in our Park Guide.

More Six Degrees of Disney responses

On last week's show, we missed some responses because we ended up recording the show even earlier than we had expected due to Mark's impending trip. We're including them on today's show, and launching our next Six Degrees challenge.

The first two responses were on the current challenge to link Andreas Deja to Ronald Reagan. The final response went back to our revised challenge to link Ub Iwerks to Amy Adams without using Walt Disney or Julie Andrews.

Amy from Jacksonville wrote in with a three-step link using both the opening celebration of EPCOT Center and the inauguration of President Reagan. A very interesting linkage, indeed.

Matt had a two-step linkage that used Ron Miller and the "Disneyland" TV series to make the connection.

Paul from Texas wrote in to link Ub with Amy, and did a five-step linkage that use the movie The Great Waldo Pepper, which Mark really liked, though he hasn't seen the whole thing in decades.

We also launched our next challenge. Mike first wanted to use Peter Moore, the person in charge of the Windows Games Division for the Xbox. Since Mark didn't think that anybody would know how to link Peter Moore to anybody, Mike went with Henry Hodges, one of the boys who plays Michael Banks in the stage version of Mary Poppins. Mark put up Louis Prima, the voice of King Louie in The Jungle Book, as the second half.

Entries received by Monday, March 24 will be included in the response show on March 31. Henry Hodges to Louis Prima. Ready? Go!

"Disney I Don't Get It" or "What in the (Disney) World?"

Dan Weckerly called in with a great idea for a new segment. He called it "Disney I Don't Get It," but we thought it didn't flow very smoothly, so we're calling it "What in the (Disney) World?" on an interim basis. Do you have a better name? Do you like "Disney I Don't Get It?" Let us know!

Basically, the idea is to ask a question that's been bothering you about Disney, something that has you really puzzled, and you just don't get it. (Hence Dan's proposed name.)

Dan started us off with two questions, both of which we were able to answer.

1) Kali River Rapids - what's with the logging/burning/environmental message in the middle of the ride? Why?

2) Tower of Terror - why do you see the passengers get into the elevator from the lobby, but we have to get onto a freight elevator instead of the lobby elevator?

For the answers, listen to the podcast!

Magical Moment

This week's Magical Moment comes from listener Shawn Coomer. (Send in your moment now!)

Shawn's brother's cell phone fell out of his pocket on Space Mountain the night before he was scheduled to fly back home. It didn't show up at lost and found that night, and hadn't made it to the central lost and found by the next morning. The cast member at the lost and found entered some information about the phone and Shawn's brother's contact information into the database. Two weeks later, the phone showed up in his mailbox.

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Wrapping up

On April 27, Mark will be walking to raise money for the March of Dimes for the third time. Please consider supporting him. The March of Dimes mission is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.


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