Collected Short Subjects

by MouseStation Crew, staff writer

MouseStation 160 - Collected short subjects

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Listener Sharon Whitney (who took advantage of the Free Starter Kit promotion) wrote in to list the things that she plans to store in her locker. She had another great idea for how to use a locker, as well. She and her family are staying on property before and after a Disney Cruise, so she's planning to store stuff that they won't need on the ship in her locker until they get onto land again. Mike suggested that people could also take their locker with them on board the ship if they wanted to. (You may want to confirm with DCL that you can bring your locker aboard.)

Also, if you have any great ideas for how to use an Owner's Locker, if you've signed up and are anticipating using your locker, or if you have already used your locker, send us an email or call our voicemail and let us know what you think!

Tip of the Week

This week's Tip of the Week comes from listener Kate Tillan, who recommends ways to pack for the parks, including how to bypass bag check if you wear cargo shorts. She also suggested bringing a sweatshirt to the park in a backpack if it looks like it's going to get chilly later, as sweatshirts are one of the biggest sellers at the shops on Main Street, especially when the weather can cool off at night. (Send in your own tip now!)

Kate's sweatshirt tip reminded Mike that he likes to sit on a bench near the exit to Epcot when it gets chilly and guess where everyone was when it got chilly based on the country logos on the sweatshirts that they apparently bought in the park that day.

(What's your opinion?)

Ask the Experts

Listener Dan the Light Man suggested another new segment for the show, called Ask the Experts. In a way, it's kind of like a cross between Stump the Hosts and Disney I Don't Get It/What in the (Disney) World? segments.

Dan asked about an experience he had riding Expedition Everest when the Yeti did not jump out at the train, but instead was still and there was a strobe light effect instead. He wanted to know what was going on.

Mark explained about the Yeti's "B mode," in which it does stay stationary and they use lighting to simulate motion, in order to keep the roller coaster running. Mike then explained about "C mode," which Mark hadn't even heard of.

Six Degrees of Disney

Marian Sargent started with our previous challenge, giving two different paths linking Andreas Deja to Ronald Reagan.

Marian also came up with two paths for her own connection from Raven-Symone to Jack Benny.

Jeff Peterson from Ramona, California took us up on our current challenge, adding his own twist as he linked Henry Hodges (one of the boys playing Michael Banks in the Broadway version of Mary Poppins) to Louis Prima using all movies with music by the Sherman Brothers, and indirectly referencing the movie version of Mary Poppins.

Dean from NYC contributed two answers via voicemail. First, he gave a four-degree answer linking Andreas Deja with Ronald Reagan, then gave a four-degree answer linking Henry Hodges to Louis Prima. That was pretty cool, as he brought in two generations of Star Trek.

Kim Barron called in her five-degree answer connecting Henry Hodges to Louis Prima, being the second in a row to link Henry Hodges to Whoopi Goldberg through Snow Buddies.

Sharla Manglass from Athena, GA wrote in with a four-degree link from Louis Prima to Henry Hodges, also using the Whoopi Goldberg connections. And just to prove that it could be done, she linked Louis Prima to Peter Moore (Mike's original choice for the link, until Mark vetoed it because of the obscurity of the Microsoft gaming czar).

Our next challenge is to link Penn Jillette to Hayley Mills. You've got until April 7 to get your answer in for us to include it on the April 14 show.

Around the Station

This week, Mike and Mark teamed up with the Kid to defend the MouseStation from an attack from the MouseGuest compound. This week's great new comic from Sean Jones modified Mark's original script a bit, eliminating the shout-out to the Beast fixation of MouseGuest's Dan Hess. At the suggestion of Brian Martsolf, we've now set up a page dedicated to archiving all of the "@ The Station" strips to make it easy for you to find them. We've got three more from Sean already that you haven't seen yet, and they just keep getting better!

Sean modified the script from the original that we read on the show. Click on the strip for a larger image.

Mike mentioned this coming weekend's MouseStation meet in Las Vegas. There's still time to get in on it if you hurry.

Since we were talking about meets, Mark mentioned that he'll be at Walt Disney World from May 15-18 and may be able to meet up with anyone who will be there during that time. He's still setting up his schedule, but you can contact him now to make sure that you get his schedule updates.

Ask the Kid

This week's question came from Randy Knickerbocker, who asked Mark's son the loaded, divisive question "If you could put yourself in any Disney or Pixar movie, which one would you pick?"

Mark's son decided that he wanted to be Remy in Ratatouille, because he likes the food. Then he accessed a note not usually attempted in the natural realm. Mark also addressed a listener concern that we had put the kid in a difficult position asking him to decide between the Lion King and Finding Nemo shows.

Magical Moment

This week's Magical Moment comes from listener Mike in Mesa. (Send in your moment now!)

Mike and his wife enjoy being visited by Chef Oscar while dining at the Carnation Cafe. They feel that Chef Oscar is one of the best things about Carnation Cafe, and he is almost always out and about meeting and greeting the diners.

Mark and Mike have eaten at Carnation Cafe, but have never met Chef Oscar. If anyone else out there has a Chef Oscar story, please pass it along.

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Wrapping up

On April 27, Mark will be walking to raise money for the March of Dimes for the third time. Please consider supporting him. The March of Dimes mission is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.


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