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MouseStation 163 - Listener Feedback

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Listener Feedback Friday!

In this week's Listener Feedback:

MouseStation's own Andrew Rich provided us with his Resorts Top 3:

  • Top 3 Disneyland Resort Hotels
    • 3. Howard Johnson
    • 2. Hilton Garden Inn (Garden Grove)
    • 1. Hyatt Orange County
  • Top 3 Walt Disney World Resort Hotels
    • Minus Infinity: Caribbean Beach Resort (find out why)
    • 3. All-Star Movies
    • 2. Pop Century
    • 1. Port Orleans French Quarter
  • Top 3 Disneyland Resort Hotel Restaurants
    • Yester-favorite: Shipyard Inn (Disneyland Hotel), now Hook's Pointe
    • 3. Hearthstone Lounge (Grand Californian)
    • 2. Yamabuki (Paradise Pier)
    • 1. Napa Rose (Grand Californian)
  • Top 3 Walt Disney World Resort Hotel Restaurants
    • 3. Kona Cafe
    • 2. Spoodles
    • 1. Artist Point
  • Top 3 Disneyland Resort Downtown Disney Restaurants
    • 3. Uva Bar
    • 2. Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen
    • 1. Tortilla Jo's Cantina
  • Top 3 Walt Disney World Resort Downtown Disney Restaurants
    • 3. Wolfgang Puck Cafe
    • 2. Fulton's Crab House
    • 1. Earl of Sandwich

Dan the Light Man and Nancy the Light Girl called in to give a review of their favorite counter service locations in the Magic Kingdom. Dan and Nancy love Cosmic Ray's, but the lines are terrible and it's hard to find a place to sit. They still like it better than Pecos Bill's because the prefer to eat at Columbia Harbour House when they're out on that side of the park. They love the clam chowder and fish at Harbour House, and they enjoy sitting upstairs and watching people go by outside.

Denise Bowen wrote in to recommend the title "The Story Behind the Attractions" for the "Disney I Don't Get It/What In the (Disney) World" segment. We're not sure about that because it would limit the segment to attractions only. We're still trying to figure out how to deal with the overlap between that segment, "Stump the Hosts" and "Ask the Experts" segments. Any suggestions are still welcome.

Jeff Kim wrote in to criticize us on several points.

Jeff was most upset about his perception that we put Mark's son in the middle of our Nemo vs. Lion King bickering and made him try to choose between them. However, in actuality, Mark's son doesn't listen to the show, and doesn't know about the bickering. In fact, he was given a list of all of the questions and chose which ones he was going to answer this time around. He picked that question to answer.

He's also tired of how long the shows run, tired of the Nemo vs. Lion King thing, tired of the length of our announcements (especially our Owner's Locker discussions), and some other stuff as well.

We're sorry that you've decided to stop listening to the show, but thank you for the critique.

Mike's friend Cara from from the College Program wrote to tell us that she remembered him telling her he was wanting to do this and to say great job.

A cast member who wishes to remain anonymous wrote to talk about the Year of a Million Dreams promotion. They talked about how there has been a big increase in staged Magical Moments, but the casual Take Five has been actually cracked down on, with all offers to replace things that got accidentally spilled or clothing that was ruined being closely scrutinized by the managers, who actually then take credit for the Take Five being done by the Cast Member.

Mark decided that he'll need to take a closer look on his next research trip. If any cast members out there can either support or refute this cast members position, please write or call us.

Liana from Simi Valley called in to talk about lots of different things.

She was hurt that we didn't include her on the list of regular callers like Kim Barron and Dan the Light Man. (She has made many fewer calls, though she's in the top four.)

Mike made her feel like a stalker during the NFFC feature by saying that "they always find us." Of course, she didn't understand that Mike was talking about the listeners who found us at the Magic Kingdom and recognized us by our voices, which was nice but somewhat freaky.

She got a kick about us saying that she always seems cheerful, because she apparently isn't always cheerful in real life, just when she's talking about Disney.

She has put a pin in the Frappr map, along with a photo, as she promised in the voicemail.

Wrapping up

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On April 27, Mark will be walking to raise money for the March of Dimes for the third time. Please consider supporting him. The March of Dimes mission is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.


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