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MouseStation 171 - Listener Feedback

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Listener Feedback Friday!

In this week's Listener Feedback:

Alex from Houston and Sharla Manglass from Athens, GA, both wrote in to say that they were interested in meeting up during Mark's research trip May 15-18. KJSJpipe and IslandDisneyGirl (not IslandMickeyGirl like Mark said on the show) from the MousePad discussion forums also are interested in meeting up. Mark is still working on his official schedule, but was wondering what people wanted to do for a meet. Some ideas include meeting for Soarin', Illuminations or Mousssse.

Alex from Houston sent in a second email, noting that in comparing Spaceship Earth videos from before and after the refurbishment the girl in the computer room looks like she may have come from the printing press scene earlier in the attraction.

We had a whole bunch of emails and voicemails supporting us and our approach to the show in the wake of the critical email from Jeff Kim a couple of weeks ago. We didn't want to turn this show into a "bash Jeff Kim" show, so we only ran a couple of them that had other topics included as well.

Justin called in to support us, but also wanted to know if some original Walt Disney World papers that he has were worth anything. After trying to convince Justin that they weren't worth anything and that he should just send them to us, Mark finally relented and said that Justin should probably check a couple of resources to find out what they are really worth. Mark suggested both the NFFC World Chapter Show & Sale and eBay.

Mela Nazelhut asked about dog-friendly accommodations on property, since they would need to take their dog with them when they go. She also gave us support against criticism.

The only place on property that Mark could think of that is dog-friendly would be Fort Wilderness, and she'd likely have to kennel the dog during the day anyway.

Mark recommended that she check to see if some off-property accommodations were dog-friendly. (Note: lists a number of properties near Walt Disney World that allow pets.)

Dan Weckerly also called in to defend us, but Mark made sure to run the voicemail because Dan sided with Nemo against Simba in the great debate.

Mark arranged for Mike to read the email from Owen noting that Nemo is greater than Simba. Mike thought that Owen got it backwards.

Cliff wrote in with a comment that concerned Mark more than Jeff Kim's email. Cliff noted that he was bothered by the fact that the podcast took time away from Mark writing feature articles. Mark used to be almost his sole source for articles, but he is now frequenting other sites to make up for the lack here.

The competition for Mark's time is something that concerns him. He wants to know who used to read his World View articles, and whether they miss them. Is the podcast a fair tradeoff for the World View articles, or should Mark try to write more of those features? Let Mark know what you think.

John from NY called in with his Top 3 restaurants at Disney resorts and Downtown Disney.

  • WDW Resort restaurants
    • 1. 1900 Park Fare
    • 2. Chef Mickey's
    • 3. Trail's End
  • WDW Downtown Disney restaurants
    • 1. Regal Sun character breakfast
  • DLR Resort restaurants
    • 1. Goofy's Kitchen
    • 2. Ariel's Grotto
    • 3. Paradies Pier character breakfast

Mike had never heard about the character breakfast at the Regal Sun. Mark noted that they actually have three character breakfasts a week, which he discovered during his tour to prepare for the video voiceovers that he did for the Downtown Disney Hotels.

It was also interesting to see Trail's End on the list.

Vance Cope wrote in to share his Top 3 restaurants at Walt Disney World resorts:

  • Honorable mention: The "Build your own Pasta" bar at the Riverside Mill Food Court at Port Orleans Riverside.
  • 3. Kona Cafe
  • 2. Tie - Boma and Chef Mickey's
  • 3. Fulton's Crab House

Vance Cope mentioned that Boma was where he had his Bluetini. Mark pointed out that, as reported in Monday's Walt Disney World Park Update and yesterday's MousePlanetWatch News Podcast, Cheers Magazine not only awarded Walt Disney World the Best Overall Beverage Program honors for 2008, but also named the Blue "Glow Tini" (or as we call it, the Bluetini) the Best Chain Signature Drink of 2008. That should guarantee that the drink will be around for our Hustle-tini meet at MouseFest 2008.

Robert Lasoff wrote to let us know that there are no more bread bowls for the clam chowder at Columbia Harbour House. He and his family (and Mark) are disappointed by that. He plans to call in with some restaurant reviews during his upcoming trip. Mark wanted to try to clarify which restaurant Robert was referring to when he said that he was eating at "Chefs De Paris", since the two restaurants are Chefs de France and Bistro de Paris.

John Papas sent an email in response to the story from the shareholder meeting that Disney Chairman John Pepper and CEO Bob Iger both seemed interested in a shareholder's suggestion of a worldwide annual pass. John had sent in a similar suggestion, but had received a letter in return which stated that his suggestion would not be reviewed and was being returned with no copies kept. Mark explained some of the legal reasons why unsolicited suggestions get returned without being read. Mike wishes that Universal did a worldwide pass, though he noted that Busch theme parks have an all-parks annual pass. Mark noted that Six Flags also offers an all-parks pass.

Brian from wrote to let us know that they have a new interview with Tom Fitzgerald on their site. You can find it here.

Wrapping up

Please send us your comments via email or by calling our toll-free feedback line at 1-866-939-2278. Don't forget that we love voicemails because then we can put your voice on the show!

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