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MouseStation 175 - Listener Feedback

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Listener Feedback Friday!

In this week's Listener Feedback:

Eric Scales wrote to remind us that we were not necessarily approaching the Ask the Kid segment with the best of attitudes. He was right, and we've been working on it for the last few Ask the Kid segments.

He also weighed in on some of our recent issues of conflict.

Marian wrote in asking for advice on her upcoming Christmas vacation. They're traveling from Seattle on December 17 and were wondering whether they should stay through December 28, 29 or 30. Mike recommended December 30 because it will be a Tuesday, and he thinks that the travel crowd will be smaller. Mark suggested that she book through December 30, then adapt her plans one she finds out which day has the best airfares.

Mark Silverman, the voice of Rod Serling on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attractions called in to let us know that he reads MousePlanet all the time and really enjoys it. Mark, we'd love to have you on the show. Please drop us an email and let us know if you'd like to join us!

Justin called in to suggest a new segment idea called Our Disney. Basically, it would be ideas for we or the listeners thing should be at Disney, a ride, show, restaurant, shop, or whatever. Justin's idea is called the National Treasure Experience, and would be a combination of touch-screens, a clue hunt and a thrill ride, all themed around National Treasure.

If you've got an idea of something that you'd like to see at Disney, send it in!

Jonathan Shain wrote in to note how much he loves the Six Degrees of Disney and how much he's impressed by how people are able to connect the Disney-related celebrities, often thinking "how did they ever come up with that one?"

He also wanted to add his voice to the existing request that he have David Koenig on the show again. We will certainly have him on the show again, though we don't yet know when we'll have him on yet. Meanwhile, you can pick up David's books, including the really cool Golden Anniversary edition of Mouse Tales, featuring an audio CD where David and the "Forward into the Past" guy take you on a tour of 1950s Disneyland.

Mark told the story of the first time that he met David in person, when they were sharing a room during MouseFest 2005.

Sharla from Athens, GA called in to thatnk listeners for their solo trip advice (though she wasn't solo the whole time, as her husband surprised her partway through the trip).

She also wanted to add a comment to the Tip of the Week from Joe in LA about using two backpacks, one to carry around and one to leave in a locker with extra stuff for when it gets cold at night. Don't forget that when you park-hop, you can show your rental slip at another park during the same day and you just have to pay the refundable deposit again, not the rental fee.

Eric wrote in to add some thoughts to Randy's question about Disney's Magical Express on Episode 151. He and his family had some issues with trying to get to a dinner at Chef Mickey's two and a half hours after landing at the airport. They hadn't realized that the standard time for bags to arrive in your room is 2-3 hours, and they had the clothes that they planned to wear to dinner in their checked luggage.

Mark noted that anything that you need within the first few hours of traveling should be in a carry-on bag rather than checked luggage. Mike further noted that all medication, travel documents, confirmation numbers and anything else that you'd need to survive for 24 hours, since anything can happen, including your luggage getting lost by the airlines or elsewhere in transit. Also, if you need your bags sooner than 2-3 hours, don't put the yellow tags on and go pick them up yourself.

BJ wrote in asking about the submission of unsolicited ideas to Disney and Disney not being able to accept them, even from shareholders.

Mark explained the reasoning behind the policy, including how Disney is beholden to shareholders as a group, but not necessarily individual requests. He also discussed the difference between creative ideas and requests that certain existing products be put on sale. He also talked about some lawsuits over the ownership of creative ideas, both including Disney and regarding other companies.

Alexis Bratengeier wrote to thank us for the advice about booking the Backstage Magic Tour.

She also wrote in with her Top 3 for Resort Theming:

  • 3. Caribbean Beach Resort
  • 2. Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • 1. Port Orleans Riverside

Thanks to our top 3 list on nightlife, she's planning to visit the Adventurer's Club and the Comedy Warehouse during her stay May 8-23.

Mark noted that she should listen for the timing of the MousePlanet/MouseStation meet during his research trip May 15-18 so that she can join us.

Steven sped up the closing music, surprising Mark and Mike. It perked up the end of the show quite a bit.

Wrapping up

Please send us your comments via email or by calling our toll-free feedback line at 1-866-939-2278. Don't forget that we love voicemails because then we can put your voice on the show!

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