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MouseStation 179 - Listener Feedback

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Listener Feedback Friday!

In this week's Listener Feedback:

A cast member who wishes to remain anonymous wrote in with a series of three emails to respond to another anonymous cast member's contention in Episode 163 that the ability to do Take Fives have been seriously curtailed and that managers jump in to take the credit for everything. The emails were originally meant to be off the record, but they were so well-written that Mark convinced the cast member to let him read them on the show so that people would know that the other cast member was not typical. He also explained why there is such an emphasis on creating so many more staged Magical Moments.

Moving from Episode 163 to Episode 169, Kevin Peace wrote in to talk about getting his hair cut by Michal Marach at the Main Street Barber Shop right before the Mini-MouseAdventure at MouseFest 2007. He also included the three photos below.

David Grant wrote in to tell of a great interaction with Michal Marach, which led to him going back to Michal every time back at the Magic Kingdom. Mark noted that he has informed the woman that has been doing his hair for 18 or 19 years that someone else may touch "her hair" before he goes to see her again. He needs to check with Michal to see if he'll be working while Mark is down on his research trip.

John Papas wrote in regarding Mark's response to his letter in Episode 171. John had originally talked about the idea of national annual passports for Disney parks on both coasts, and Mark had responded noting that Six Flags and Busch theme parks both offer nationwide annual passes. This time, John noted that Cedar Fair also offers a national annual pass.

James from wrote in response to an item that was run in the Disneyland Park Update in Episode 174. He made reference to several items in the original story, and demanded an a retraction. Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix (the author of that story) provided a response. Responding to another point in James' letter, Mike noted that online petitions rarely have any effect.

Deb from Michigan wrote to say that she liked the Vegas meet show. She would like us to do more shows with small groups of people giving their opinions. Mark noted that the next likely opportunity would be his mini-meet during his research trip. He said that, since his interview schedule was probably going to in flux until about a week before the trip, he decided to pick a time that it was extremely unlikely that he would have a conflict. Mark suggested a meet for 8:00 on Saturday evening, May 17, for Shocolatte Mousssse at Boulangerie Patisserie and then Illuminations. Those who will be there, please respond whether this works for you or not.

Scott Ferraioli wrote in to say that he is in favor of shortening the Six Degrees of Disney segments. Mark noted that it is under consideration. Scott also included three photos of his son Trent really styling in his MouseStation baby shirt. Scott also noted that they would be back down in September and wondered whether Mark or Mike would be there at the same time. Unfortunately, he is right between two of Mark's trips.

Trent has fun on the TTA. Photo by Scott Ferraioli.

Scott and Trent pose in front of Cinderella Castle. Photo courtesy of Scott Ferraioli.

Trent isn't sure about going on "it's a small world." Photo by Scott Ferraioli.

Wrapping up

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