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MouseStation 191 - Listener Feedback

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Listener Feedback Friday!

In this week's Listener Feedback:

Jay Thompson wrote in with his Top 3 Resorts list:

  • Value
    • 3. All Star Sports
    • 2. All Star Movies
    • 1. Pop Century
  • Moderate
    • 3. Caribbean Beach Resort
    • 2. Port Orleans French Quarter
    • 1. Dixie Landings/Port Orleans Riverside
  • Deluxe
    • 3. Wilderness Lodge
    • 2. Contemporary Resort
    • 1. Polynesian Resort
  • Home Away From Home
    • No Comment
  • Top 3 Overall
    • 3. Polynesian Resort
    • 2. Pop Century Resort
    • 1.5. Port Orleans French Quarter
    • 1. Dixie Landings/Port Orleans Riverside

Jay is hoping to make it to MouseFest and looking forward to the live call-in show.

Someone who didn't leave her name called in to suggest that we add a third person to the show. It's an interesting idea, but not one that we're considering at the moment.

Liana called in to tell us about the early Mother's Day gift that she got - the Robert Olszewski Haunted Mansion sculpture. She was extremely thrilled and excited in a way that only Liana can be.

Kevin-John wrote in to ask whether another Halloweentown movie was expected. Mark checked out IMDB, and while there were several other Disney Channel projects-in-progress listed, Halloweentown was not among them.


Big Brian was busy, with two voicemails and an email this week. First, he called in to note a way that he thought that a wheelchair-enabled motion base could be used in the Haunted Mansion despite Mark's thoughts on the Doom Buggy vehicles.

Next, he called again to say some more about the RADP mini-gold outing.

Finally, Brian wrote in on a couple of topics. There was apparently a postcard of Big Bertha, the band organ at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian. Of course, he's got a copy of that one. He passed along links to a podcast where he had audio of Christian playing the grand piano at the Grand Floridian, as well as the Grand Floridian Jazz Orchestra. He also had some photos of Big Bertha in a trip report that he posted. Finally, he noted that there are a couple of podcasts that focus on audio from within the Walt Disney World parks, the WDW Memories Podcast and Big Brian's own Mousin' it Up! Podcast.

Alex from Houston called in to say that the comic strips rock. We think so, too.

Alex Navarro wrote in to say that he was sorry that he was going to have to miss the mousse/Illuminations meet tomorrow night, but he had a 7 a.m. "lights on" tour of the Haunted Mansion on Sunday, so he wouldn't be able to stay out late the night before. Mark would love to go on that tour, as well. After the podcast was recorded, we set up an additional meet on Saturday morning at 9:00 in the Magic Kingdom, and Alex is going to be able to make that one, so that's great.

Wrapping up

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