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MouseStation 198 - Listener Feedback

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Listener Feedback Friday!

In this week's Listener Feedback:

Katie Kranking asked whether any of the Disney Channel stars would be at Walt Disney World during her trip in June, because she had seen so many of them appearing there in the last month. Mark explained that they had all been down to appear in the Disney Channel Games, which filmed at Walt Disney World at the end of April and beginning of May, and it wasn't likely that any of them would be back for a while.

Jeff Peterson wrote in to congratulate Mike on his engagement, then added his usual humorous twist to the proceedings, asking if he got the idea to propose from the comic strip (no), asking whether Rizzo will be his best man (yes, in a way), and advising Nora to ask about Mike's experience with the stave church at Epcot's Norway pavilion (not as much as you'd think).

Steve Russo wanted to know if he could be the "third voice" on the podcast. While we'll likely have him on as a featured guest in his capacity as a MousePlanet columnist, the thought of him falling asleep on us during a show while wearing footie pajamas really made us uncomfortable with having him join us on a regular basis.

John Papas sent in his list of thoughts for Walt Disney World regulars going to Disneyland for the first time, on a budget (paraphrasing here):

  1. Go to Disneyland when schools are out on the East Coast but not on the West Coast.
  2. Stay off property but within walking distance, such as on Katella or Harbor, so you won’t need a car.
  3. Continue to eat on East Coast time. Have breakfast before most people are moving, get a late character breakfast (which would be a character lunch on East Coast time), etc.
  4. It's not as hard as at Walt Disney World to jump out of the park to get a decent, low-cost meal.
  5. It's worth getting at least one Premium Annual Pass for the food and park discounts, especially if you come back within the year for an even better value.
  6. Get Deluxe Annual Passes for the rest of your party and hang out in Downtown Disney or one of the Disney hotels on blackout days after a late character meal at one of the hotels.
  7. The Mission Tortilla Factory hands out free snacks.
  8. Save money by flying into one of the alternate airports (Long Beach, Burbank, etc). Just pay attention to how much the difference in cost would be after figuring in the added cost for more gasoline for the further trip to the resort.
  9. Remember that the resorts are very different, and you can take your time and do more things. Also, if Disneyland Park is busy you can just walk to Disney's California Adventure. or Downtown Disney

Alex from Houston wrote in to ask Mark if he had had a chance to ride Toy Story Mania again during a regular soft opening period, and to comment on the attraction, wondering how worthwhile it would be after figuring in the estimated wait time and the level of re-rideability. Mark did get to ride it four times on the last day of his trip (by coincidence, two of those rides were with podcast listener Alex Navarro); however he doesn't see any way to cut down on the wait time because there are so few rides in the park to begin with. We're just going to have to put up with the wait.

Shawn Coomer forgot to congratulate Mike on his his email last week, so he wrote in again to rectify that situation.

Mary Tesch wrote in to make sure that we didn't misinterpret the meaning of her suggestion about Nora possibly joining the show. We didn't take it the wrong way. Besides, it's highly unlikely that she is going to want to join the podcast, anyway, and that appearing in the "@ The Station" segments will be enough for her. We'll be happy if she just lets Mike to continue on the show.

Vance Cope wrote to let us know that the reason that he hasn't written lately is because he and his wife just had a baby girl on April 30. (Congratulations! Can we interest you in some stylish MouseStation attire for her?)

Vance congratulated Mike on his engagement and Mark on his fundraising for the March of Dimes.

Vance just booked his first ever Disney Cruise for June 14, 2009 and wanted to know whether we preferred brunch or dinner at Palo. Since Mark won't be on his first Disney Cruise until February, Mike was the only one with an answer. He prefers brunch because you have food options for multiple meals available to you.

Vance wondered why Mark was so against people taking the Disney Vacation Club tour just to get free Fastpasses when he was encouraging Joey from Tucson to try to use anything with a bar code on his next trip to Disneyland to see if it worked in the Fastpass machines. Mark noted that, not only had he given in and agreed that it's probably not a waste of time for the salespeople because many people change their minds about not wanting to buy in, but also that he's still against people trying to beat the system in general (though he wanted to know whether or not Disneyland had patched that particular hole after all of this time).

Finally, Vance was having problems with the Frappr map, as he kept not being able to find himself whenever he went back to look for himself after re-adding his pin and photo. Mark and Mike couldn't understand that, because he's always on there whenever they look.

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