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MouseStation 210 - Listener Feedback

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Listener Feedback Friday!

In this week's Listener Feedback:

Liana wrote to say that Kim Barron's Magical Moment gave her a warm, fuzzy feeling. She wishes Kim the best, and many more healthy, cancer-free years. Mark and Mike are thrilled at the gelling of the listener community.

Joey in Tucson called in to let us know that the Deluxe Annual Pass didn't work in the Fastpass machines on the blockout day this time. He suggested that they had actually run the DAP through the admission machine before running the blockout pass the last time, which must have enabled it for Fastpasses that time. Either that or it was a loophole and Disney had fixed it in the meantime.

Mike talked about how he worked his way into the Fastpass lines without Fastpasses back when he was a cast member.

Joel from Meandering Mouse Club TV wrote in to say that Episode 0201 of his show has footage of the site where the new Hawaii DVC Resort (Ko Olina) will be located. He also noted that Episode 0110 is the Festival of the Lion King show from Hong Kong.

Mark hopes to be out there the year after the resort opens for his 25th wedding anniversary trip.

Thomas Melanson wrote in to ask if there was a way to bring the Imagineer presentation to his city. At the time we recorded the show, Mark wasn't sure who to contact to request it. Just today, Mark heard back from his contact at Imagineering. He has posted the information in his blog, but for those who don't want to do just one more clock, here's the entry:

Walt Disney Imagineering is aware that many have been asking for a presentation like "The Science of Imagineering" that was given at the World Science Festival, and they are in discussions with the WSF about other similar opportunities. If you'd like to add your voice to the requests for them to "take the show on the road," as it were, you can send your letters to:

Scott Trowbridge
Walt Disney Imagineering
1401 Flower Street
Glendale CA 91221

Kate Tillan wrote to pass along her congratulations to Mike on his engagement and Kim Barron on being cancer-free for two years. Kate hopes to get to meet Kim at MagicMeets this summer.

Hopefully, we can all get together for a Bluetini (real or fake) at MouseFest. Mike is hoping to get Nora to a few meets.

Bob Cousins called to congratulation Mike on his engagement, but wants to make sure that Nora won't make Mike leave the podcast.

Alexis Bratengeier wrote to congratulate Mike on his engagement. He also wanted to note that one of the highlights of the trip was the mousse/Illuminations meet and watching Mark perform Illuminations.

They really loved Toy Story Mania. They rode it 8 times and Gesine even beat Alexis once. He also noted that the exhibit for the 25th anniversary of Epcot in Innoventions is still open.

And he noted that Gesine really likes the way that Mark messed up her name. Mark just knew that he had to have it wrong, because he messed up so many names from this trip. At least "Gisita" is closer to "Gesine" than "Kevin" is to "Lou."

Kevin Peace wrote to say that it took a while to figure out how to navigate from near ground level in Virtual Walt Disney World on Google Earth.

Liana wrote to follow up again on Star Wars Weekends in light of the emails on last week's Listener Feedback show. She was worried that Adriana was reprimanded for the original interview.

She also asked about the possibility of doing a live show, whether Mark had dental work or he was just eating something on a recent episode, and last week's email from Patrick about Mike having a Lion King wedding.

Mike noted that Nora had threatened him that there had better not be any Lion King stuff at the wedding.

Mark admitted that he had probably absentmindedly grabbed some cashews while Mike was talking, hoping to finish them before it was his turn to talk again.

We are hoping to do a live show soon, it's just tough doing the logistics and making sure that everyone is available. We're working on it.

Mark doesn't think that Adriana got reprimanded, but that the interview just wasn't how they wanted to portray the event.

Scott Collins wrote in to clarify his comments on the adult trivia quizzes during Star Wars Weekends.

Jay Thompson backed up Scott's assertions regarding the Star Wars Weekends Adult Trivia contest and gave a lot more information about the event.

John Papas asked whether he could use a sleeping bag instead of paying for a rollaway. Our take: As long as the extra person is listed as being in the room, you can have them sleep in whatever you'd like.

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