Collected Short Subjects

by MouseStation Crew, staff writer

MouseStation 218 - Collected short subjects

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Tip of the Week

This week's Tip of the Week comes from listener Bob Lee, who recommends using a blogging service and a photo-sharing site to create a trip report when you return from your trip. He passed along a link to his trip report for his Summer 2006 trip as an example. Working with his family to record the key points of the trip resulted in a great keepsake for years to come. Don't take too long to do it, though. Write it down while the memories are fresh!

Mark agrees that trip reports are a great way to remember your trip. There is a pretty active group of trip report forums where Disney fans share their trip reports with like-minded fans on our MousePad discussion forums. You can see what they're like at the Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Everywhere Else trip report forums. If you put together a trip report on a blogging site like Bob did, you can always post a link to it on our trip report forums. They're very popular with other fans, who both enjoy living vicariously through others and using information in others' trip reports to help to plan their own trips.

Mike loves trip reports, especially about things that he's never done before.

(What's your opinion?)

Featured Attraction

This week we look at Test Track at Epcot.

Mike asked Mark if it's true that you can actually buy a car in Test Track's post-show. Mark had no idea.

Mike likes the attraction with the exception of the queue music. It's OK, but he doesn't like listening to it for the long time that you're in line.

Mark isn't that thrilled by Test Track. It's a once every couple of years type attraction for him.

At the Station

This week, we've got Part 3 of the ongoing series featuring the invasion of the MouseStation by Emperor Zurg.

Is WALL-E crazy? Will the Kid get the drop on Zurg? Will Nora ever stop? We'll have to wait for the next comic from Sean. Meanwhile, click on the strip for a larger image.

While the Kid and Mark both recorded samples for WALL-E, Steven used the Kid's audio. Mark and Steven recorded REX's lines, but Steven only had time to process one, so it's Mark's audio for REX. Mark is still doing Zurg and the Mad Hatter.

Don't forget that we've set up a page dedicated to archiving all of the "@ The Station" strips to make it easy for you to find them.

Planning Mike's wedding

After determining that neither Mike nor Mark would be wearing one of them, Mike talked about Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding Dresses. Mike's not sure if Nora is going to be wearing a Disney wedding gown, because Nora is not giving him any hints. She does like them, but she's not telling him what she's getting. She did tell Mike that they're much more expensive than the other dresses that she would be interested in.

There is a wide variety of dresses for each "princess" style, with many variations on a theme. To be sure what they have, check out their web site.


Ask the Kid

This week's question came from Julie from the UK, who asked Mark's son: If Disney were add another park in Orlando, and you had the chance to design it, what theme would you go for and what attractions would you have in the park? Would you put your idea of a time-machine ride in there?

Mark's son was designing a theme park with his mother around the time that we recorded this. There would be two domes with a water park behind them. The dome on the right would be the future side and the dome on the left would be rainforest-themed.

On the rainforest side, he'd have a Raptor ride (a coaster with 4-5 inversions), he also talked a bit about the water park, and then decided that it would take too long to explain the rest of the park on the show, and he'd include info in the show notes.

The Kid's theme park has the following Key/Legend:
1. Raptor: A roller coaster where guests are twisted through 3 inversions!
2. Zap: Get zapped into a high tech-looking lab!
3. Jungle Tour: Take a tour through the Amazon.
4. Toucan Twirl: A classic swing ride with a jungle twist.
5. Time Machine: Choose your time period then choose walkthrough or coaster -- anything goes on this fun ride!
6. Cyber Racer: Zoon through hyperspace at hyper speed!
7. Funnel-Made Pot Roast in a Bowl: Go through a funnen then drop into the mixing bowl.
8. Water Coaster: Take a fast journey through fountains and waterfalls!
9. Racer: Race your friends, family and people you don't know on this short but fun water slide!
Click on the sketch for a larger image.

When the Kid re-drew the park, he only had the Raptor do 3 inversions instead of 4-5. This drawing isn't one of his best, as he was rushed to do it before we needed to post it with the show notes.

Magical Moment

Bill Aiken wrote in with a tale of a cast member who went the extra mile in making his daughter feel special, which helped to compensate for how much time she spent being sick during their trip.

Mark and Mike both agree that magical moments that feature personal moments with the cast members that are most magical and most memorable.

Last Week on MousePlanet

We continued our experiment in telling you what you may have missed on the MousePlanet site last week if you're not visiting regularly, with Mark subbing for Andrew Rich, who ran into some difficulty down at MousePlanet Global Headquarters. Let us know what you think about this segment!

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