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MouseStation 221 - Listener Feedback

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Listener Feedback Friday!

In this week's Listener Feedback:

Tracy from Kokomo called in to answer the Stump the Hosts question that stumped Mark and Mike last week. Even though Tracy thought that we "probably already got umpteen answers on this," she was the only one that attempted it.

George from Phoenix, the stumper, wrote in with the defnitive answer:

  • a. Name the tag line which is also the song title. The tag line/song title is "Remember When".
  • b. Name the Walt Disney World Resort Hotel that uses it. That would be Disney's Pop Century Resort. At the entrance to the resort, below and to the side of the sign with the name of the resort is a sign that reads "Remember When".
  • c. Name the event for which the song was written. A song with that title was written to celebrate the 50 Anniversary of Disneyland.
  • For extra credit:
  • d. Name the singer of the song. Country singer LeAnn Rimes
  • e. Name the time and place when you can currently hear the song. The song plays at Disneyland after the "Remember Dreams Come True" fireworks.

Mark took Mike to task for not remembering the tag line even though he worked at Pop Century.

Alex from Houston has fallen a little behind in listening to the show. In response to the sequence of Mike flubbing various names during the blooper reel of show 202, he decided to see if Mike could pronounce his name correctly. Alex's real name is Sikandar Durrani (SIK-UN-der DER-ron-nee). Under the guise of "practicing in his head," Mike actually went to a site that gave pronunciation help, he still got it wrong.

Linda Gilbert wrote to say that she's been listening to us since the Magical Moment Podcast (which debuted nearly two years ago!). That really brought a lot of memories for Mark and Mike.

She loves all of the interviews that we do, but she really loved the interview with Mark Silverman and would love it if we were to bring him back on another show. Mark really likes the interview shows, too. If there were one type of show that Mark would not want to give up, it would be the interviews. He really enjoyed interviewing Mark Silverman, and would like to bring him back again in the future.

She also sent her congratulations to Mike and Nora.

Bob McGovern (not Bob Cousins) called in to clarify some things. He noted that he was only kidding about getting Nora in line. He also mentioned that he and his wife had recently gone on a Mexican Riviera cruise, and that he was working on a trip report to submit to the MousePad discussion forum. He also thanked Steven and Andrew, and told us (a la Big Brian) to "keep on mousin' it up."

Mark took the blame for calling him Bob Cousins last week, since he wrote up the notes that we work from. He noted that this was occasionally a problem when calling the feedback line from a cell phone where the reception is poor. Mark and Mike assumed that Bob was kidding about getting Nora in line. (Though Nora didn't get the humor at all.) Mark was going to try to find Bob's trip report and link it from the show notes, but it's not up there yet.

Brian Kolm wrote to thank us for the Mark Silverman interview, and to thank us for not cutting it down to fit into one episode. He agrees with Mark Silverman on The Hunchback of Notre Dame. He also asked us if we had seen WALL-E and whether we would like to see WALL-E in the park. He also congratulated Mike and Nora on their engagement.

Mark noted that we knew during the Mark Silverman interview that there was no way that we were going to cut it. Mark also went through some of the reasons why Hunchback didn't do as well as expected and heaped kudos on the "Hellfire/Heaven's Light" sequence in the movie.

Mark would love to see the autonomous WALL-E in the parks in Florida, though he wasn't sure about a WALL-E overlay for Star Tours or Space Mountain. Mark disagreed with Mike's assessment of a WALL-E plot point.

Disney Karen called to ask why we hadn't covered the letter sent by BNY Mellon to all Disney shareholders. Mark noted that he had intended to, but it never made it into his notes for the weekly news gathering.

Mark noted that there is a thread on the MousePad discussion forums on this topic. He'll try to get it into next week's news.

Liana wrote to say "Hello" to Steven and ask about his attendance at the NFFC convention. She'll look him up, but she's now a co-host of the Extinct Attractions podcast, so her time is limited. Mark left the email for Steven to respond to during post-production.

Steven noted that he'll be on the podcast panel on Friday afternoon, and he'll have hs recorder with him all day Sunday. He's listed some of the people that he's hoping to follow up with, and noted that it's likely that he'll miss the MousePlanet meets in the park on our (and Disneyland's) birthday.

Mark again reminded everybody about the PhotoPass contest that we launched on Episode 216 with Maggie Varnadoe from PhotoPass. Send us your ideas!

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