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by MouseStation Crew, staff writer

MouseStation 233 - All About the NFFC

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Featured Interviews: All About the National Fantasy Fan Club (NFFC)

We'd also like to thank Eddie Carroll, Disney's official voice of Jiminy Cricket, for the great intro at the top of the show.

Steven Ng chatted with a group of leaders of the National Fantasy Fan Club (NFFC) during the July NFFC convention in California to discuss the group.

Kendra Trahan, NFFC President

Steven talked to Kendra about the NFFC, her books Disneyland Detective and the upcoming Disney's California Adventure Detective. She talked about the NFFC's increased presence in Florida, including the new annual convention at Walt Disney World. Once she leaves office as president next year, she'll spend some time working with the NFFC's charity relations and with the organization's Disney Legends outreach program.

She also talked a bit about Disney Imagineer Joe Rohde and her experience meeting him. She also told a great story about Joe's first meeting with Dick Nunis.

Anita Schaengold and Chuck Oberleitner, Chair of the Special Events Committee and Vice President of Media Relations and Communications

Anita's job is now to organize special events like the April trip to Tokyo Disneyland for its 25th anniversary and an upcoming August trip to New York City to see some of the Disney shows on Broadway.

Chuck is going to help to publicize the regular events that the NFFC hosts, as well as the special events that Anita is going to be organizing.

The New York event has become an annual event every August, and it's limited to 30 people. They also host fundraising events for the Ryman Arts Foundation (they raised between $12,000 and $13,000 this year) in California and Give Kids the World in Florida. The Ryman Arts Foundation was the recipient of a number of art boxes containing professional-grade tools for art students.

Steven talked with Chuck about the last-minute cancellation of the podcasting panel that we had publicized a bit during the last couple of weeks before the event due to the availability of Wally Boag, as well as the participation in the announcement of the reopening of the Sleeping Beauty walkthrough with Tony Baxter.

Chuck also talked a bit about the benefits of NFFC membership.

For more information about the NFFC, you can go to the NFFC Web site. You can see a photo gallery of the recent Disneyland convention here and get information about the upcoming Walt Disney World convention here.

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