Tink, Jiminy and The Clown Prince of Disneyland

by MouseStation Crew, staff writer

MouseStation 235 - Tink, Jiminy and The Clown Prince of Disneyland

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Featured Interviews: Tink, Jiminy and The Clown Prince of Disneyland

We'd like to thank Disney Legend Wally Boag for the great intro as Jose from the Enchanted Tiki Room at the top of the show.

Steven Ng chatted with Margaret Kerry (reference model for Tinker Bell), Eddie Carroll (voice of Jiminy Cricket) and Wally Boag (legendary star of the Golden Horseshoe Review) at the NFFC Convention for this week's show.

Margaret Kerry, reference model for Tinker Bell

Steven talked to Margaret about the new Tinker Bell movie. She described her thoughts about Tinker Bell talking in the new series of direct-to-video movies and compares the voices of Mae Whitman (Tinker Bell's voice in the movies) and Brittany Murphy (the originally-planned voice of Tink). She also commented on Julia Roberts' take on Tinker Bell in the movie Hook.

Margaret also talked about Tink's costume and its evolution. She also mentioned the aging of stars, The Love Boat, and moving forward with Tink.

Steven told Margaret about a great John Lasseter story that he had from when Steven was still a student and attending the SIGGRAPH conference where Luxo, Jr. was presented for the first time. Margaret told a story about Danny Kaye that Steven's story reminded her of.

Margaret also told a story about a show in London where she channeled Tinker Bell to repair a wardrobe malfunction. She also noted that not only does Tinker Bell not sweat the small stuff, she doesn't sweat the big stuff either, and Margaret hopes that young girls learn from Tink's ability to focus.

Margaret's web site is TinkerBellTalks.com.

Eddie Carroll, voice of Jiminy Cricket

Eddie started the segment out with a great opening for the show as Jack Benny.

Eddit talked a bit about "Laughter in Bloom," his one-man show about Jack Benny and his approach to being Benny on stage. He related that to how Walt Disney originally instructed Cliff Edwards on performing the role of Jiminy Cricket in the film Pinocchio.

Steven and Eddie talked about the song "When You Wish Upon A Star" and why it's so magical. Even after doing Jiminy's voice for 35 years, Eddie still chokes up when he hears it.

Eddie's web site is EddieCarroll.com.

Wally Boag, The Clown Prince of Disneyland, Gene Sands, biographer, and Lawrence Boag, Wally's son

Steven talked with Wally about getting hired by Walt Disney and "cleaning up his act."

Wally talked a bit about performing with a 12-year-old Julie Andrews in London in 1947. They ended up doing 54 weeks of the show, twice nightly.

Gene talked a bit about meeting Wally and his son Lawrence over 50 years ago. He also talked about how they started out recording a video oral history for Wally's granddaughters in 1991 and then realized that there was a book in it. After consulting with Marty Sklar, they got the late Bruce Gordon to help out with the design of the book.

Lawrence talked about staying in Wally's apartment in Frontierland as a child and growing up at Disneyland.

Wally told a story about a Magical Moment when Walt brought an Indian chief into his box at the Golden Horseshoe.

Wally's web site is WallyBoag.com.

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Listener Feedback

Tracy from Indiana called in tell us about the Jammin' Jungle Parade/Jingle Jungle Parade and how she and her husband look for the "naughty and nice" lists in the Jingly version of the parade.

John Papas wrote in to note that he feels that Disney is pushing theme park vacations out of the price range for many people with the recent price increases. Mark and Mike noted that it's likely to become a future show topic. Mark asked international listeners to let us know whether the devaluation of the dollar has resulted in an overall price drop in foreign currencies.

Kelly wrote in that she does the same thing as in the tip from Dave from San Francisco in buying the Bath & Body World coconut lime verbena products that are used at the Walt Disney World Swan hotel to ease her post-Disney withdrawal.

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