Paul Yanover and David Pacheco

by MouseStation Crew, staff writer

MouseStation 239 - Paul Yanover and David Pacheco

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Featured topic: Paul Yanover and David Pacheco

First, we'd like to thank Leo LaPorte from TWIT (This Week in Technology) for introducing the show for us today.

Paul Yanover, executive vice president and managing director of Disney Online

Paul had given a presentation at the NFFC convention about the direction of Disney Online, and talked with Steven Ng afterward about how Disney is trying to embrace the Internet as an entertainment medium, and to shift from being a primary touchpoint on the Internet to being a primary channel of entertainment.

Steven talked about discovering Phineas & Ferb while visiting his parents (who have cable), and how he discovered the fact that carries episodes of the show.

Paul talked about looking at finding content and showing it as a new way to develop content for the Internet. He also talked about user-created content and how they're trying to figure out how to tie it to Disney. He used Pirates of the Caribbean Online and Club Penguin as examples of derivative and original user-created content that stayes within Disney's Internet presence. He expects more along those lines in the future.

Paul also talked about the zeitgeist of the site, using WALL-E, Toy Story Midway Mania and Prince Caspian as examples of content that has a limited primary shelf life and would need to be supported quickly

David Pacheco, creative director for Disney Consumer Products

David talked about the seven cartoons that he showed at the NFFC convention. He worked his way into Disney Animation and worked there for nine years from The Fox and The Hound to The Prince and The Pauper. He then shifted over to Disney Publishing, where he was named creative director. While there, he was offered the chance to become a consultant when the collectibles division was created. The original few hours became the last 16-17 years.

The seven shorts that he showed were all signifcant for one reason of another, though one theme was that they were all Academy Award winners or nominees where they each indicated some specific moment in Disney animation. Films and firsts are listed below:

  • Three Little Pigs (first with multiple, distinct, true personalities)
  • The Old Mill (first using multiplane camera)
  • The Ugly Duckling 1940 remake (first to have real expressions)
  • Reason and Emotion (first venture into psychology, part of the war effort to let people know why we were fighting)
  • Chip & Dale in The Toy Tinkers (best pairing of Chip 'n' Dale with Donald Duck)
  • Rugged Bear (first official appearance of Humphrey the Bear, paired with Donald)
  • Goofy's Aquamania (last of Goofy's theatrical shorts - until How to Set Up Your Home Theater System)

Thanks to the Walt Disney Company, Chuck Oberleitner and the NFFC for making the interviews possible.

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Rachel wrote in to note that the price increase is a good business decision on Disney's part and not big enough to really deter people from going. She supports Disney's price increase.

Big Brian called in to confirm that "Four Worlds One World" may have been an old slogan, but it is the current 2-CD parks soundtrack. He noted that he checked it on the LaughingPlace store as he buys some of his postcards there because Disney Mail Order doesn't want to break up the 50 postcard packs. Disney charges a lot for shipping but using another service saves a lot on shipping, probably enough to cover their costs. Mark noted that MouseShoppe, run by MousePlanet's Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix, carries a wide selection of theme park merchandise.

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