Collected Short Subjects

by MouseStation Crew, staff writer

MouseStation 244 - Collected short subjects

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Tip of the Week

This week's Tip of the Week came from listener Keith Schrod in London, who learned it from a mother and son (named Beauregard) that were doing a Soarin' marathon to celebrate the son's birthday. Take off your shoes, then take a baby wipe and wipe down your arms and legs before riding Soarin'. The moisture helps you feel the moving air, which enhances the feeling of flying.

(What's your opinion?)

Featured Attraction

This week we look at Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros at Epcot's Mexico pavilion.

Mark thinks it's OK, but he misses El Rio del Tiempo's music and kitchy film clips. While his son really enjoys the attraction, Mark wouldn't miss it if he didn't have time to ride it. Mike enjoyed it, but was discouraged by the amount of video projection. He felt that it didn't have a "wow factor" for him.

Mark feels that, while the ride past the San Angel Inn Restaurante is as close to the Blue Bayou you're going to get at Walt Disney World and it's nice to ride past the pyramid and volcano, he doesn't understand some of the changes (like putting "Viva Donald" on a funeral barge).

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Review System Spotlight

This week we look at the Around the World at Epcot Segway tour. Our one MousePlanet reader who has taken the tour loves it, rating it five out of five planets. Our featured review this week is by Dave from San Francisco.

Dave loved the tour, especially the fact that you get to ride a Segway on the tour. If there were a chance to buy a Segway at the end of the tour, he might have given in and bought one.

Mark hasn't take the tour yet because he's over the 250-pound weight requirement for riding Segways. Mike has done several cast-member-only versions of the tour as training for becoming a Segway ambassador at the Pop Century Resort. He thinks that Segways are easy to learn to ride, and that it's a lot of fun.

The 2 hour tour costs $95 per person, including tax, and runs 4 times a day, at 7:45 a.m., 8:30 a.m., 9:00 a.m., and 9:30 a.m. Guests must be at least 16 years old and weigh 250 lbs or less. The signature of a parent or legal guardian is required for participants under 18 years of age. Riders should be in good health and able to stand for the duration of the tour.

Magical Moment

This week's Magical Moment came in a voicemail from listener Liana, who had a wonderful experience in the cockpit of the new monorail at Disneyland while wearing a princess tiara. She felt that it was like a thrill ride.

Mark and Mike also enjoy riding in the cockpit. Mark explained why it seems that you're going so much faster when you're in the cockpit. He thinks that the new Disneyland monorail looks really cool and the blue lighting looks really great. Mark wasn't sure if they do it at Disneyland, but at Walt Disney World they give out "official" Monorail co-pilot licenses.

Last Week on MousePlanet

Once again, Andrew Rich, down at MousePlanet Global Headquarters, told you what you may have missed on the MousePlanet site last week if you're not visiting regularly. Let us know what you think about this segment!

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Listener Feedback

We did a bit more listener feedback than normal since we didn't do as much last Thursday.

Paul from Texas wrote in to let us know that the H2O bath products are also in use in the moderate resorts. If anyone knows what they use in the value resorts, please let us know!

Tracey from Indiana called in to thank us for ready her email recently and to tell us that she and her husband are looking forward to seeing us again at MouseFest. We're looking forward to seeing them, as well.

Gary wrote in to say that he has seen La Nouba twice and feels that the best seats are in the center section, 2nd row, because you can see everything. Mark noted that we just got another email with another opinion that will be on the next show.

Deb from Michigan wrote in to say that she enjoyed Episode 241, where The Kid joined Mark to talk about their trip while Mike was off sick. Mark read the email to The Kid and he really appreciated it. Mark really enjoyed doing the show with him, too.

John from NY called in to offer some thoughts on the recent price increases. He noticed on his last trip that there were a fewer scooters rented and that most people renting them tended to be Europeans. His family was also able to get every character meal that they wanted and they were never able to do that before, so he thinks people are doing less. Europeans appear to be making up a larger and larger portion of the Walt Disney World guests. When talking with them, they mentioned the exchange rate as a reason to come over here. He thinks that Americans are becoming more price sensitive, especially toward Walt Disney World. Disneyland is more affordable with all of the specials and because people live closer. With the Walt Disney World price increases, people are spending less and buying less; he's not even going to go as often himself.

Feedback and Other Stuff

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