Looking Forward to MouseFest 2008

by MouseStation Crew, staff writer

MouseStation 263 - Looking Forward to MouseFest 2008

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This week, Mark and Mike talk about their plans for MouseFest. We also have some listener feedback.

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Feature: Looking forward to MouseFest 2008

MouseFest 2008 is even better than before, and the land portion starts just three weeks from today!

There are 923 people registered to attend MouseFest, 84 land events on the calendar (over 100 overall), and 70 people representing 20 web sites, 19 podcasts, and over 20 books waiting to meet you!

MouseFest 101 and the Chairman's Kick-off will be held in the Nutcracker Ballroom at the Contemporary Resort Convention Center on Thursday, December 11 (from 12-1 p.m.and 1-2 p.m., respectively), and the Mega Mouse Meet will be held at the Grand Harbor North Ballroom at the Yacht Club Convention Center on Saturday, December 13 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (though those who registered for MouseFest can take advantage of the Early MouseFest Hour from 10-11 a.m.).

The Hustle-tini meet has been rearranged to have us do The Hustle first, then get our (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) Bluetinis at the Petals Pool Bar afterward, since Classic Concoctions has been removed and replaced with a package pickup area. We'll meet in the Pop Century lobby area (near the 80's section of the wall) at 5:45, get a quick Hustle lesson, then see how many cast members we can get to dance with us. We'll see if we can have a larger crowd than last year. We'll also try again to see if we can have the cast at Pop Century ready for our arrival to dance and consume beverages, since they really didn't believe us last year.

The crowd of cast and listener dancers at last year's inaugural Hustle-tini meet. Photo by Mark Goldhaber.

We've got lots of other MousePlanet meets as well, from MousssseFest to David Koenig's "Epcot's Never Lands" tour to the Mini-MouseAdventure to Mark co-hosting MouseFest 101 with former MousePlaneteer Mike Scopa. Of course, we'll also be at the MousePlanet table at the Mega Mouse Meet.

The land portion of MouseFest starts at rope drop on Thursday with the Be Our Guest podcast's meet, with the folks from the Those Darn Cats and Two Finger Point podcasts folks co-hosting a Tomorrowland meet, and an LTADquest kickoff before things really get rolling with MouseFest 101 and the Chairman's Kick-off. Things then return to the park with Mike Scopa's Dole Whip Meet, Tim Devine's Photo 101 and other meets.

Many sites, podcasts, etc. are participating for the first time, from the Central Jersey Pin Traders group to the Those Darn Cats, Comedy4Cast and Two Finger Point podcasts to the DISboards.

Mike is most looking forward to the Hustle-tini meets. Mark noted that he ran into Skipper (one of last year's participants) at one of the last nights of the Adventurer's Club, and he said that he'd be there. He also knows that Alex Durrani is coming, and he thinks that Tracey and Scott from the Disney, Indiana podcast may be there, as well.

Mark has a large number of meets filling his calendar. He's meeting with John Van Meter from Owner's Locker on Tuesday night. Every Tuesday from now through the end of the year, Owner's Locker is hosting meets at the wine kiosk at Epcot's France pavilion, so Mark is going to meet John there, then after Illuminations they'll try to find a place that's still open to grab a bite to eat. On Wednesday, Mark's going to be verifying all of the quests for the Mini-MouseAdventure and meeting with sponsors, though dinner is still open. He's got lots of meets to attend on Thursday. On Friday, aside from attending PodFest, Mark plans to go to the "Fish Are Friends, Not Food" meet hosted by Those Darn Cats (but there's no Lion King meet, for some reason).

Saturday is the Mega Mouse Meet, which is in the morning this year, running 10 a.m. (for those who registered for MouseFest) or 11 a.m. (for everyone else) through 1 p.m.. That'll allow more contiguous time in the park for meets after the event, which should work out well. David Koenig's "Epcot's Never Lands" tour is from 3-4 p.m., then MousssseFest 2008 runs from 4-5 p.m. We've got a MousePlanet staff member dinner in the evening. (We're going to have Mark, Mike David Koenig, Jeff Kober and Chris Barry participating at the Mega Mouse Meet.)

Sunday is bracketed by the Mini-MouseAdventure Meet and the Hustle-tini Meet, and we're going to have some sort of MousePlanet-only meet on Monday, but it looks like the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure meet may not be possible if the game is not running yet, so Mark needs to check with Imagineering to see if they'll give him some more information about a go-live date. He'll provide more information in Monday's WDW Update, if he can.

If people want to meet up with Mark outside of meets, contact him by email and he'll see what his availability is.

Mark is looking forward to meeting all of the MousePlanet readers and MouseStation listeners and getting to say thanks for being part of our community. He's also looking forward to talking with all of his colleagues from other sites. While there are many different communities within the larger Disney Internet community, but we all come together and enjoy our favorite place together.

Mike will be attending a lot of Passporter events in addition to the MousePlanet events, and he's looking forward to seeing everybody as well.

What do you think? Let us know by sending us an email or calling our toll-free feedback line (1-866-939-2278)!

(A much larger thanks than usual this week to MouseStation flight engineer Steven Ng, who really pulled our biscuits from the fire. Thanks!)

Listener Feedback

Joel Schware wrote in to second John Papas' tip on using the Auto Train to take your car down to Florida with you without having to drive. Mark said that his arguments would be points in favor of his family trying the Auto Train, but it's a much longer drive for him to get to the Auto Train's loading station in Lorton,VA than it is for Joel.

Mike noted that he was considering taking a train down for MouseFest. Mark wasn't sure if that was advisable, since Mike won't have a car with him and Mark may not be able to drive up to pick Mike up.

Kim Barron called in to let us know that they used the soundtrack from Illuminations to open (and close) the fireworks show for Pittsburgh's 250th birthday. They also used some of the music from Pirates of the Caribbean at the end, as well. The fireworks show was very impressive.

Kim also wanted us to know that she'll see us at MouseFest.

Pat Frost wrote in to talk about Bob Olszewski's Main Street sculptures. Pat has just about the entirety of Main Street, but has a problem deciding how to display it.

Mark noted that, if it's a display format that is a problem, Olszewski Studios has a Main Street platform base available (it's a bit pricey, though, at $375 plus shipping and handling). If it's actual space that's at issue, that won't help (the 95-pound platform base is 30 inches by 72 inches).

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Registration is now open for MouseFest! You can sign up now, and check out the many meets being hosted by MousePlanet as you plan your trip.

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