Collected Short Subjects

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MouseStation 289 - Collected Short Subjects

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On today's show, we've got a new Stump the Hosts challenge, Ask the Kid, Tarzan's Treehouse, more debate on forcing your kids to ride and more.

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Owner's Locker. Why bring all that stuff back and forth, when you can leave it at Disney and have it waiting for you when you come back?

Tip of the Week

If you're a PADI-certfied diver but you haven't gone out in a while, and you're planning to take advantage of the Epcot DiveQuest program or one of the Disney Cruise Line SCUBA excursions, you may want to take advantage of the SCUBA review tune-up by PADI, offered at most dive shops. It's a good way to make sure that you've got everything that you need to remember fresh in your mind before you head out.

(What's your opinion?)

Featured Attraction

This week we look at O Canada at Epcot.

The CircleVision film, revised in 2007, features Martin Short in a humorous look at the country. Mark likes a lot about the new film, though he prefers the original rendition of the film's theme song. There is a great deal of new footage used in the film, though some of the classic scenes of the original remain. Mike has yet to see the new film, but is looking forward to it.

Review System Spotlight

This week we take a look at the Captain's Grille at Disney's Yacht Club Resort. One MousePlanet reader didn't like it, rating it 2.0 out of five planets. Our featured review this week is by GatorCPA of Gainesville, FL.

GatorCPA really didn't like much about the restaurant, feeling that it was overpriced, with poor ambiance, though he thought that the service was good.

Mark disagreed with the review, having eaten there twice. He had a buffet Thanksgiving dinner there in 2007 with his family. He also had lunch there last month, and was joined by Deb Wills for dessert. Mark found the food very good, and the atmosphere was bright and cheerful. He wondered if the restaurant had undergone a makeover since GatorCPA had visited, since he didn't experience any of the same problems.

Mike likes the restaurant, as well. He thinks that the food and service are excellent.

You can also find the Captain's Grille in our Park Guide.

MouseFest Moment

Rather than doing a big show compiling a whole bunch of short interviews Mike did during MouseFest, we're going to string them out for a few months as an extra segment on our Monday show. It's a little strange now, with MouseFest going on hiatus for 2009, but we're continuing the memories of MouseFest 2008 anyway.

This week, Mike talks with "Earl" of the Trapped on Vacation podcast. The show is basically him and his wife publishing whatever they do out in the parks, though they've been publishing the final week of library shows from the Adventurer's Club since the club closed. The show is not a family-friendly podcast, but it's a great show with adult sensibilities.

"Earl" has been anonymous since he began podcasting, and so has created the "Earl" identity for the purposes of the show. He even has put together a pair of glasses that has a black bar attached, which then causes all photos of him to appear to have placed the bar across his face. He really confused a cast member staffing the photo counter at the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney's California Adventure with this, as they couldn't believe that the on-ride photo could put bars across people's faces.

"Earl" was going to miss most of the rest of MouseFest, as his wife was going to be graduating from college the next day.

For more information on MouseFest and the hiatus for 2009, please go to the MouseFest Web site and read the news release and the FAQ.

Last Week on MousePlanet

Andrew Rich, down at MousePlanet Global Headquarters told you what you may have missed on the MousePlanet site last week if you're not visiting regularly.

Listener Feedback

Jeff Peterson from Escondido, California wrote in with a very extensive listing of rabbits in Disney films, from several Silly Symphonies through Pluto cartoons, Sword in the Stone, Robin Hood, Home on the Range, MuppetVision 3-D and Pixar shorts Boundin' and Presto. He also included Jessica Rabbit.

Joey in Tucson called the feedback line to say that he knew that there were other rabbits in Bambi, and also noted that we missed his favorite, Jessica Rabbit, who was at least a rabbit through marriage.

Sean Jones also called the feedback line, checking in after his Disneyland trip, with a report on the revised "it's a small world" and people who were finding Disney characters even when looking at dolls that were there before the refurbishment. He also wondered about all of the different light bulbs in use at the park, and wondered if anyone (maybe Dan the Light Man) knew where they got the light bulbs from. Sean also is glad that everyone enjoyed his Listener of the Month show, and is still concerned about the difficulty in doing his own show. We'll have to work with him to try to help him get it done.

March of Dimes

Mark was just named the top walker for the March of Dimes Northeastern New York region for 2008, and second overall in Upstate New York (above the counties of Westchester and Rockland). MousePlanet readers and MouseStation listeners helped Mark to raise over $5,000 for the worthy charity. We're looking to beat that this year and raise $6,000! Just go to Mark's fundraising page and help to provide a better chance to prevent prematurity and to help those babies that are born prematurely.

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