Take The Kid to Work Day

by MouseStation Crew, staff writer

MouseStation 304 - Take The Kid to Work Day

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In today's show, since it's Take Your Child to Work Day around the country today, Mark brings The Kid back onto the MouseStation for another show.

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Feature: Take The Kid to Work Day

This show is a little less Disney focused than usual, due to the fact that the Kid got to choose the topic and it was recorded after a day visiting the Nickelodeon Universe theme park inside the Mall of America on a trip to Minnesota last week.

The Kid's favorite attraction at the 7-acre park was the Splatosphere, an attraction mostly like the Maliboomer at Disney's California Adventure, though shorter. He liked the zero Gs on the attraction, as well as the anticipation for the last drop. He also really liked the Pepsi Orange Streak, a roller coaster with about the intensity of Goofy's Barnstormer but much longer, as it runs around the entire theme park.

Other rides that were atop the Kid's list were the Jimmy Neutron Atomic Collider and the Danny Phantom Ghost Zone. They really don't have analogs in the Disney theme parks, as they are more like carnival or fair rides and are more likely to be found in a Six Flags park than a Disney park.

Thanks to riding these attractions, the Kid feels that he may be more willing to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the Golden Zephyr at DCA, and maybe the Maliboomer or the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. (We endured several impressions of the Carl Fredrickson character from Disney/Pixar's Up by the Kid.) Mark thinks that he would enjoy Big Thunder and Tower of Terror.

Mike brought in a little bit of the history of the park, which had been Camp Snoopy, then became The Park at MOA before being rethemed to Nickelodeon Universe. Mark and Mike believe that the entire park is smaller than Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. The queues were very short, and there was really no wait at any of the attractions, thus requiring no theming in the queues.

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We only had time for one question because this was recorded last Thursday and we barely got one question in. The question was: Since I'm in Minnesota at the moment, today's question is: When not going to a Disney resort, what other interesting places do you vacation?

Mike thinks of the walking out of the Oasis and catching sight of the Tree of Life, the sights and sounds of Disney's Animal Kingdom. Jeff's thoughts go to nighttime at the parks, either the twinkling lights at the Central Plaza in the Magic Kingdom, the neon of Disney's Hollywood Studios, or walking around World Showcase holding his wife's hand. Mark thinks of the background music in the parks, watching the smiling faces of people as they first arrive at that parks.

  • A vacation, what is that?! The only places we ever seem to go are Albany area to visit my family or Japan to visit his family. Hhmm, we want to go to Vancouver, BC sometime..........
  • San Francisco...great food, lots of history and culture, and eventually the Disney musuem
  • Interesting places other than Disney? What is that nonsense! ;)
  • Vacation not at Disney? The last non-Disney vacation spot we went to was probably Legoland.
  • is that a trick question? planes go to cities other than MCO? WHY??
  • We like to go camping. :-) - There are other places to vacation?
  • Chicago is wonderful. Music, culture, museums, FOOD... Awesome!
  • I didn't know there were other places to vacation. Actually, this year my family is going to Ocean City, MD.
  • San Diego (for Comic-Con), Santa Cruse, San Francisco, San Jose.
  • The islands, Caribbean, Antilles, Mexico.
  • you mean there are other places to vacation?
  • I like to visit National Parks of the American West: Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier, Zion, Arches, Rocky Mountain and Grand Canyon

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