HalloweenTime 2009 at the Disneyland Resort

by Andrew Rich, staff writer

HalloweenTime is back at the Disneyland Resort for the fourth year running. I visited the Resort on October 10 and 11 and took many, many pictures of the decorations, entertainment, and attractions for this year's HalloweenTime.  I took so many photos the usual album format just won't work here. Instead, we present a photo-tour slideshow including 135 images of the Disneyland Resort at its Halloween finest. You can click any photo to see a larger version.

I hope these photos entice you to visit the park, but even if you can't make it before November 1, please enjoy this virtual tour of Disneyland's HalloweenTime. If you'd like to see previous HalloweenTime photo tours, they are here for 2008 and here for 2007.






Click the big green arrow to start the slideshow. All photos by Andrew Rich