Collected Short Subjects

by MouseStation Crew, staff writer

MouseStation 359 - Collected Short Subjects

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On today's show: Mark and Mike take a look at The Great Movie Ride, Kringla Bakeri og Cafe, a Magical Moment, plus listener feedback and more.

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Tip of the Week

This week's tip comes via Twitter from listener Brett Young , who suggests that, if you don't mind not being in front of the castle, you can have an awesome view of Wishes in front of Winnie the Pooh!

Featured Attraction

This week, we look at The Great Movie Ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Review System Spotlight

This week we take a look at the Kringla Bakeri og Cafe at Epcot's Norway pavilion. MousePlanet readers have somewhat mixed feelings, rating it 3.5 out of five planets. Our featured review this week is by fluffystitch of Honolulu, HI.

fluffystitch's party was very disappointed with the sandwiches at the Bakeri. They felt so badly that they gave it a 2-planet rating.

You can also find the Kringla Bakeri og Cafe in our Park Guide.

Magical Moment

This week's Magical Moment came in a voicemail from Bill Aiken. Bill's family was visiting Hershey Park, but that didn't stop his daughter from making believe that she was Ariel, especially on the water rides..

Last Week on MousePlanet

Andrew Rich, down at MousePlanet Global Headquarters recapped what you may have missed on the MousePlanet site last week if you're not visiting regularly.

Listener Feedback

Stuart Sternberg wrote to ask two questions:

1) How long does it take to write the weekly WDW Park Update from start to finish each week? Mark said that, on average, the Update takes about 8-10 hours to write. (This week's Update, however, took much longer than that, largely due to photo processing and the story about the Disney Dream.)

2) What apps for the iTouch would we recommend to someone visiting Disney World during peak season to help them navigate the long lines in the parks? Neither Mark nor Mike has an iPod Touch or an iPhone, so there's no first-hand use of any apps in the parks. However, Mike has played with some apps using the developer kit. He had no recommendations. Mark mentioned that Disney has released a new app for the iPhone, though is really doesn't address anything in the parks. The new Verizon application from Disney Parks & Resorts, due any time now, will have lots of interesting stuff in it for helping in the parks.

Deanna Simmons tweeted that she totally agrees with us – McDonalds and especially the fry carts do not need to be in the theme parks.

John Rodriguez wrote that his pick for his entire bottom 3 attractions at the Magic Kingdom would be "it's a small world." Mark and Mike disagree.

Karen Stoj posted to Mark's Facebook page that she was excited about participating in the polls, and that she disagreed with Mike's pick of SpectroMagic and both of our pick of Pinocchio Village Haus in our bottom 3. Mark reminded everyone that the weekly polls get posted to Mark's Twitter feed and Facebook page because it's difficult to feed to multiple Twitter feeds and Facebook pages from his phone.

Mark Daniel Martinez AKA Digital Jedi posted to the MouseStation Facebook fan page thanking us for mentioning his article that was published on the Re-Imagineering Blog and taking it as Listener Feedback. He looks forward to seeing if we do decide to do a show on the topic.

In addition to the MouseStation Facebook fan page, Mark Daniel Martinez posted to Mark's Facebook page that he made some comments about the Fantasyland refurb and our podcast on it a couple of weeks ago. He passed along a link to his blog. We're curious what you think of it.

James Presley (from Jiminy's Limited Editions, interviewed by Steven on Episode 322) posted to Mark's Facebook page that he has just started listening to podcasts and feels like we are doing the best job out there.

What do you think? Let us know!

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