MouseAdventure: Reindeer Games Recap

by Andrew Rich, staff writer

MouseAdventure: Reindeer Games Rain Gear Games Recap

When we announced last fall that the Fall 2009 MouseAdventure would be at Walt Disney World, we expected a little bit of grumbling about the lack of a fall event at the Disneyland Resort. We didn't expect the level of commotion and distress from many long-time teams who, for various reasons, could not to travel to Florida in November. Although we had no intention of changing our plans for the fall MouseAdventure: World Explorers event at Epcot—which went on to be a great success, with the attending 33 teams comprising 100 players all having a great time—we decided to put together a special holiday edition of MouseAdventure back home in Southern California. This was announced in rhyme (with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore) just before the D23 Expo, and we took early registration from Expo attendees before opening up general registration on September 14. Registration proceeded at its usual quick pace, but didn't actually sell out completely until the very evening of MouseAdventure: World Explorers.

Once we'd announced the event and begun registration, we had to actually create the thing! We quickly discovered that writing a holiday-themed game in September and October is not exactly easy, especially since we planned to base all the quests on holiday-specific decorations and attractions around Disneyland. Still, over the course of several visits to the park, we put together the outlines of what was envisioned to be a smaller, less-intense event. Progress on Reindeer Games, as the holiday event was quickly dubbed, was put on hold as most MouseAdventure staffers journeyed to Florida for the Epcot event and many stayed for MouseAdventure on the High Seas, but once everyone was back home we quickly resumed work, and the final details of the event took shape.

Over on our MousePad discussion board, the traditional good-natured team vs. team sniping was in full force, and it looked like we'd have a good mix of returning and new teams—the latter of which for the purposes of MouseAdventure classification, is one with a majority of new players (two out of three or three out of four). Family teams, that is teams with players under the age of 13, would also be well-represented.

We didn't count on the epic rainstorm that drenched California, including Disneyland, before and during the event, but as it turned out many of the teams were quite well-prepared for any weather eventuality. After the usual morning formalities—introductions, reading of the rules, team T-shirt contest, and so on—teams were released into Disneyland to pick up their quest packets and begin the event. But not before a special guest stopped by the ballroom...

Santa stops by the Paradise Pier Hotel ballroom during the MouseAdventure: Reindeer Games morning briefing. Video by Steven Ng.

We've detailed the quests and challenges below, along with the correct answers and commentary.

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Event Recap

To prevent overcrowding in a single location, teams were scattered to different areas of Disneyland based on a card in their welcome packet labeled with the name of one of Santa's reindeer. Teams with a Dasher card were instructed to find MouseAdventure staff at the Moonliner in Tomorrowland, Prancer teams went to Troubador Treats in Fantasyland, Cupid teams to Zocalo Park in Frontierland, and so on. Staff members were waiting at those locations within the park to hand teams their quests. Some teams elected to take the Monorail instead of walking through Downtown Disney, but according to Tomorrowland scatter station staffer Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix, these teams lagged behind the walking teams by 10 to 20 minutes. 

Joy to the Small World

Teams were given a crossword puzzle with clues related to items on the "it's a small world holiday" attraction. For example, players were asked to determine the cards making up the base of Alice's tree, what the prairie dogs are wearing, and whose statue is next to Lilo and Stitch. Colored squares in the puzzle indicated letters that were used to unscramble the color-coded words in the final phrase.

  • Solution: The final phrase unscrambled to say, "who presents this attraction?"
  • Answer: The recently added sponsorship of Sylvania is highlighted at the beginning and the end of the attraction.

The answer can also be found on the Disneyland park map entry for "it's a small world holiday".

A team intently studies the quest on their way into "it's a small world holiday." Photo by Kenji Luster.

A Very Scary Christmas

Jack has decked the halls, and this quest required players to search both outside and inside the attraction for answers to a series of questions. Players were challenged to read questions and note the answers while riding the dimly lit attraction.

  • Solution: The numbered spaces under selected were placed in order to spell out the question, "how many people are in the stretching room in August."
  • Answer: Players had to find the copies of the regular Haunted Mansion stretching room portraits that are hanging in the Port Royal shop or the Disney Gallery to count the number of people pictured there (six).

The rain isn't straining The Newlyweds' relationship. Photo by Kenji Luster.

Christmas Fantasy

Finally we get a parade quest… and it rains. Unfortunately, that meant that the parade was canceled, making the quest more challenging than originally intended. Had the parade stepped off as planned, teams would have positioned themselves on both sides of the route, having been given two copies of this quest and also given permission to split up for this quest only. As the Christmas Fantasy parade passed by, players would have answered multiple choice questions, with certain answers only visible from one side of the route.

Players were also given the names of regions represented by the wreaths that line the parade route in the small world mall area. Wreaths were eliminated based on the answers to the questions from the parade.

  • Answer: Canada. (Due to a mix-up between the beta tested version and the final packet, some teams were told that Mexico was the right answer; credit was given for either answer.) 

This team's positive attitude led them to a second place finish in the New Team category. Photo by Kenji Luster.


Mrs. Claus's Garden

Mrs. Claus is making her special reindeer treats and needs to remember what herbs to use in the recipe. She has a list of 11 herbs, but only 10 are in the recipe. Players were given a series of close-up photos of plants found in Tomorrowland and asked to identify the herb that wasn't present. As an added twist, the Finnish names for the various herbs were given (after all, reindeer are native to Scandinavia).

  • Answer: Inkivaari 

Jos on, että kasvi? Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

The 12 Lists of Main Street

Playing off the classic Christmas carol "The Twelve Days of Christmas," teams were asked to find items on Main Street, like the one name of the Main Street cinema ticket taker, the two names of horses stabled in the Main Street fire house, the three elegant trains announced by Santa Fe and Disneyland Railroad, and so on. Teams then eliminated these words and phrases on a huge two-page word search puzzle, using the remaining words to answer the question.

  • Solution: A letter from Harry Houdini to his brother is on display on Main St. When was it written?
  • Answer: Christmas 1913

One key to solving this puzzle was discovering that the two pages of the search had to be placed side by side, as some phrases extend across both pages. 

Team Stitch 'n Witch make their way down Main Street during a particularly heavy downpour. Photo by Kenji Luster.

Mele Kalikimaka

The usual code deciphering puzzle got a twist with this quest, where teams were given a series of pictures of the masks in the area around the Enchanted Tiki Room. Teams had to first create a totem alphabet by identifying the masks in order starting with the mask closest to the women's restroom, working toward the hub and back down the other side. Once teams had their alphabet, they decoded the following phrase.

  • Solution: Number of menehune hanging from the Tiki Room building plus number of menu items at the Tiki Juice Bar
  • Answer: 8 (3 menehune plus 5 menu items)

Teams that left this puzzle to the later part of the day found it very challenging to see the masks in the dim light around the Adventureland walkway. In addition, the sometimes pounding rain made it more uncomfortable to look up to find masks mounted higher up the fence. Teams were given a description of the menehune, who are small creatures living in the forests and hidden valleys of the Hawaiian Islands. Some teams counted figures they saw on banners and poles around the area instead of locating only the three figures that hang from the end of the building above the attraction's exit. 

Hey, did you see that mask over on the far left? Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

Very Merry Trivia

The original wording of this quest directed teams "over the river" (of America) and "through the woods" (of Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer's Island) to grandma's house (Fort Wilderness). However, the rain scuttled those plans, and the secondary location of the Hungry Bear restaurant was used instead. Upon arrival, teams surrendered their quest answer sheet and were given a set of questions to answer. Once completed, the team returned the questions and were able to continue on to the second trivia location, which was moved to MouseAdventure Central due to the rain.

Many teams enjoyed the respite from the rain, and used the time to multitask, working on other quests and grabbing a bite to eat. 

Poring over the trivia questions while sheltered from the pouring rain. Photo by Kenji Luster.

Do You See What I See?

The usual eye-spy had a special holiday twist for Reindeer Games, including a section for holiday eye-spies in addition to the regular eye spies. In addition, a section for "impossible eye-spy" was added, with points values adjusted accordingly. One of the favorite impossible eye-spies was a figure of Godzilla holding a figure of Tinker Bell in his mouth. Do you know where it is?

Do you know where this can be found in Disneyland? Photo by Joe Stevano.

The Fine Art of Regifting

Teams were given three randomly selected buttons in their game packets. Teams were instructed to trade with one another to obtain buttons of the same color (red, yellow, green or blue). Once a team had three of the same color, they could trade them in at MouseAdventure Central to receive the "bonus quest" of the corresponding color.

If a team happened to find staff members David and Amanda wandering in the park, they could avoid some of the trading and were given a purple button that would allow them to trade for any color quest. 

Buttons wait to be given to teams redeeming matched sets. Photo by Kenji Luster.

Christmas Wrapping (Yellow Bonus)

Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pooh and Tigger participated in a "Secret Santa" gift exchange. This logic puzzle required teams to determine which character had given what gift to what other character. The key to this quest was finding the five items that were exchanged in the Disneyland stores in order to determine their prices, which was a key piece of information to solve the logic puzzle.

  • Answer: Goofy received Tigger's stocking and Tigger received Mickey's stocking. 

Wrapping of a different sort; this team brought a poncho for the table! Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

Not A Critter Was Stirring (Green Bonus)

Garlands hang everywhere in the Disneyland Resort during the holidays, and this quest challenged teams to take a close look at the garland hanging on the gift shop at the far end of Critter Country. Individual light bulbs had been removed from the photos, and teams had to first assemble the photos in order, then identify the color of the blacked out bulbs. Teams then picked letters in order from the corresponding color's column to form a phrase.

  • Solution: For whom does Brer Rabbit have a gift?
  • Answer: Brer Bear and Brer Fox

The answer was located on a large gift tag attached to a Christmas tree hanging above the entrance to Splash Mountain. 

Is that red or green? Photo by Kenji Luster.

Deck The Halls (Blue Bonus)

This quest required teams to turn a sharp eye skyward, which was hard to do in the rainy weather. Photos of the decorations in New Orleans Square were provided, requiring teams to identify the name of the location where they were hanging (such as Cristal d'Orleans). Numbers above the photos indicated what letter from that location name should be used to form the question.

  • Solution: How many frogs are on Tiana's wait sign?
  • Answer: Three (four was also accepted, as the sign also contained the word "frog.") 

The decorations in New Orleans Square are very detailed, much to the frustration of our teams. Photo by Kenji Luster.

Prep & Landing (Red Bonus)

Elves get bored in the off-season, and in their spare time Santa's helpers created this game to occupy their time. Teams were given a map with an aerial-view outline of ToonTown, with each building marked as one space containing a pair of letters. Players had to move back and forth on the map, following the clues provided to form a phrase. Some of the clues were tricky and required teams to examine items around ToonTown from all angles.

  • Solution: Total money in the bank garland
  • Answer: $5.27 or 4 zillions samoleans 127 cents

Some teams had difficulty correctly labeling the buildings, while others missed the one dalmatian-spotted ornament that was partially obscured by a bow on the ToonTown Fire Department's wreath. The bank's garland had bills as well as coins, and some teams missed the coin that was tucked up on the end facing toward the building.

How many dalmatian-spotted ornaments do you see on this wreath? Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

The Most Famous Reindeer

Teams were instructed to report to MouseAdventure Central at 4:00 p.m. to receive this extra quest. Rudolph likes red lights, and took a series of photos around Disneyland. This set of eye spy photos were best found after dark, although many teams were ready to call it a day at that point due to the torrential downpour.

One of The Abominables displays an expression common to many MouseAdventure players during game play. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

The Hidden Quest

As has become traditional in MouseAdventure, there was an extra, hidden quest to be found in the game materials. This time, in keeping with our Reindeer Games theme, the quest involved the names of Santa's eight reindeer. Each of the eight main quests, plus the Rudolph eye-spies, had the name of one of the reindeer printed in the upper left-hand corner. If you placed the quests in order according to the song "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" (Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph) the first word in each quest formed a question.

  • Solution: What time is the last Christmas Fantasy Parade today?
  • Answer: 6:30

Thankfully we didn't have to score them right away, because it took some time for the answer sheets to dry out. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.



Results for MouseAdventure: Reindeer Games were announced late (very late) on Saturday night, December 19 in the recap thread on MousePad. We did not have our traditional post-event gathering, so there was no fabulous prize table for winning teams to peruse. Winning teams received a prize package of Disney holiday-themed collectibles, books, and DVDs mailed directly to the registering member of each winning team.

There were 605 possible points for this event, including trivia, the hidden quest and four bonus quests. No team had a perfect score, and there were no ties that affected winning positions. We had only one division (one set of quests) but three categories of teams: Returning, New, and Family. New teams are more than half new players, and Family teams include players under the age of 13. We awarded the top three positions in Returning and New and the top two in Family.

Returning Teams

First Place

Team 6: Club 31

495 points


Second Place

Team 23: Disney Dears

462 points


Third Place

Team 45: Oswald Returns

454 points

New Teams

First Place

Team 108: TMB Total Mouse Bums

466 points


Second Place

Team 94 (no team name)

390 points


Third Place

Team 176: Snuckles

315 points

Family Teams

First Place

Team 188: Team U

334 points


Second Place

Team 88: Cute and Fluffy

324 points

Team T-Shirt Contest


Team 120: Junior Chipmunks



Team Photos & Scores

Click any team photo thumbnail to see a larger version.

Team 001

The Abominables

402 points


Team 002

Smoke Tree Ranchers

281 points


Team 003

Team Ratataouyee

300 points


Team 004

DIS Divas



Team 005

Chimney Sweeps

353 points

Team 006

Club 31

495 points


Team 007

Trojan Princesses

164 points

Team 008


326 points

photo missing

Team 009

The Very Sleepy Princesses

312 points


Team 010

Lite Magic

424 points

Team 011

The Pillage People

377 points


Team 012

Unbuilt Attractions

179 points


Team 013

Beauties and their Beast



Team 014

Dashing Divas

231 points


Team 015

Team Muttley



Team 016

Disney Ninjas

157 points

Team 017

Beauty and the Beasts

181 points


Team 018

Miracle Bubbles

152 points


Team 019

Happy and Bashful



Team 020

The Metzger Family

316 points


Team 021

Fellowship of the Mouse

210 points


Team 022

Haunted Mansioneers

186 points

Team 023

Disney Dears

462 points


Team 024

Gold, Silver, Satin & Lace

282 points


Team 025

Just Keep Swimming

270 points

Team 026

Runaway Brains

339 points


Team 027

Disnoid Duo



Team 028

Brenda & Cindy's Team

66 points

Team 029

Flying Dumbos

269 points


Team 030




Team 031

Fantasmic Four

190 points

Team 032

Monstropolis' Most Wanted

230 points


Team 033

The Wildest Team in the Wilderness

111 points


Team 034

Midway Maniacs

284 points

Team 035

Matterhorn Bobsled Team

351 points


Team 036

Dorks, Inc

327 points


Team 037

There's A Snake In My Boot

179 points

Team 038

Bibbidy Bobbidy Bleep!

308 points


Team 039

Team Skillz

372 points


Team 040

Pixie Chicks

223 points

Team 041

The Yo Ho's

240 points


Team 042

Blew By You

222 points


Team 043

Lost Falls Expedition

348 points

Team 044


347 points

Team 045

Oswald Returns

454 points


Team 046

Mickey's Merry Maids

104 points

Team 047

New Orleans Squares



Team 048

Santa Troopers

109 points


Team 049

Quack Attack

84 points

Team 050

Team Catface Meowmers

369 points


Team 051

Clue Crew

378 points


Team 052

Team Roma

202 points

Team 053

Mickey's Rescue Reindeer

241 points


Team 054

The Sleeping Zebras

284 points


Team 055

The Small Ones

54 points

Team 056

Team Legend... wait for it... dary!

312 points

Team 057

The Naughty Listers



Team 058

Lady's Tramps

328 points

Team 059

Got A Clue?

179 points


Team 060

Team Venture

267 points


Team 061

(no name)

136 points

Team 062

(no name)

145 points


Team 063

Wiser Micers

76 points


Team 064

Avalon Cove

255 points

Team 065

Jingle Belle, Aurora and Santa Stitch

280 points


Team 066

hip hip hooray



Team 067

Heffalump and Woozle

264 points

Team 068

The Wise Mice

60 points


Team 069

The Skellington Crew

78 points


Team 070



Team 071

Mome Raths

257 points


Team 072

Max's Merry Minions

182 points


Team 073

Headless Chickens

149 points

Team 074

Curiouser & Curiouser

219 points


Team 075

Team 2319

275 points


Team 076

The Lucky Fins

246 points

Team 077

Mickey's Marauders

224 points

Team 078

(no name)

131 points


Team 079

4 Minnies and no Mouse

186 points

Team 080


228 points


Team 081

The Winning Team

273 points


Team 082




Team 083

Lost Elves



Team 084

Diamond Edition



Team 085

Something McGees

265 points

Team 086

The Kid Switches



Team 087

Tweedle Dums

255 points


Team 088

Cute and Fluffy

324 points

Team 089

Club 33 1/3

182 points


Team 090

Sleeping Zebras

213 points

Team 091

Mickey's Meeples



Team 092




Team 093

The Toon Patrol

80 points


Team 094

(no name)

390 points

Team 095

San Diego Mouse Catchers

355 points


Team 096

(no name)

189 points


Team 097

Lost Girls



Team 098

The 'Flakes

261 points


Team 099

Life's A Stitch

279 points


Team 100

The Happiest Team on Earth

138 points

Team 101


279 points


Team 102

Fishin Fer Clues

264 points

Team 103

Team Madison

152 points

Team 104

We Love Murphy!



Team 105

YM's Majesty

370 points


Team 106

(no name)

314 points

Team 107

Stitch 'n' Witch

296 points

photo missing 

Team 108

The TMB: Total Mouse Bums

466 points


Team 109

Avalon Cove Crawlers

177 points

Team 110

The Emperor's New Crew

172 points


Team 111

the googlie bears

190 points

photo missing

Team 112

Freeze Tag

248 points

Team 113

Happy Haunts



Team 114

Justice League

235 points

photo missing 

Team 115

Team Heart

261 points

Team 116


209 points


Team 117

Bubba CheeZe

157 points

Team 118

(no name)



Team 119

(no name)

118 points


Team 120

The Junior Chipmunks

220 points


Team 121

Cap'n Sal & Crew

92 points

Team 122

Team Love Bugs

211 points


Team 123

Disney Divas



Team 124



Team 125

Disney Pups

127 points


Team 126

The Front-Wheel Drive Sleighs

150 points


Team 127

It's All About Me... and Frank

289 points

Team 128

Peter's Pans

262 points


Team 129

Jungle Cruisers

144 points

Team 130

VP Howlers


Team 131

Dancer, Prancer and Vixen

270 points


Team 132

Sassy Sister sQuadron

309 points


Team 133

Eeyore Scholars

56 points

Team 134

King Louie's Monkey Mafia

193 points


Team 135

4 Foolish Mortals

278 points


Team 136


266 points

Team 137

Electric Barbarellas

301 points

Team 138

Sorcerer's Seekers

40 points


Team 139

hooks 'n' crooks

100 points

Team 140

(no name)

60 points


Team 141

One More Try



Team 142

The 4 Mouseketeers

106 points

Team 143

Dr. Scopa's Magical Assistants

160 points

photo missing

Team 144

Mortimer's Marauders

171 points


Team 145

Team Happy Place

244 points

Team 146

G'Day Mater

158 points


Team 147

Mickey and Me

166 points


Team 148

Pete's Dragons

146 points

Team 149

Duck Squad


Team 150

Your Nightmare Before Christmas

192 points


Team 151

(no name)



Team 152

Hundred Acre Hood

140 points


Team 153

Team Ohana

70 points


Team 154

The Oogie Boogies

284 points

Team 155

Wall-E World

191 points


Team 156

The Ragdolls

104 points


Team 157

The Yellow Submarine

218 points

Team 158

Oogie Boogie's Bad Girls

68 points


Team 159

Diz Incredibles



Team 160

The Flores 4

189 points

Team 161

Night Owls

303 points

Team 162

Ladies and the Tramp

213 points

photo missing 

Team 163

(no name)

219 points

photo missing

Team 164

YenSid's Apprentices

339 points


Team 165

The Underminers

286 points


Team 166

Them What Don't Obey



Team 167

Mr. Lincoln's Secret Service

196 points


Team 168

(no name)

271 points


Team 169

The Incredibles

45 points

Team 170


288 points


Team 171

The Eyes of Mara

160 points


Team 172

Crouching Tigger

169 points

Team 173

Reindeer Defense League

280 points


Team 174

East Coast/West Coast Disney Kids

265 points

Team 175

The Dos Caballeros

309 points

Team 176


315 points


Team 177

Disney Adventurers

141 points


Team 178

Potato Heads


Team 179

Sugarplum Fairys and Two Dudes

284 points


Team 180

Bloomin' Cockroaches

153 points


Team 181

(no name)

263 points

Team 182

Christmas Town Residents

205 points


Team 183

Pluto's Pals

165 points

Team 184

The Anayalators


Team 185

Made Mice

100 points

Team 186

Teamhill 3 and the Homecoming Queen

252 points


Team 187

Princess Power


Team 188

Team U

334 points


Team 189

Dazed & Confused, Again!

166 points


Team 190

Duck Tails

229 points

Team 191


195 points


Team 192

PC & J

140 points


Team 193


63 points

Team 194

The Jingles

92 points


Team 195

Bink and Bonk

180 points

Team 196

The Rebel Alliance

45 points

Team 197

Rudolph's Rangers

194 points


Team 198

The Grim Grinnin' Go Getters

251 points


Team 199

You Made Us Ink!

294 points

Team 200

The Newlyweds

132 points


Team ???

Can you identify this team?

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(DNF = Did Not Finish, DNS = Did Not Start)

A full gallery of candid photos taken during the event is also available for teams to enjoy.

Staff & Crew Acknowledgements

In alphabetical order and hopefully not leaving anyone out:

  • Quests: Adrienne V-P, Andrew, Jennifer, Joe (MouseAdventure's resident creative genius)
  • Quest proofreading: Amanda, Shoshana, Stephanie
  • Trivia: Shoshana
  • Graphic design: Joe
  • Keynote presentation: David
  • Buttons: Lani
  • Team communication: Andrew
  • Registration systems: Jeff
  • Testers: Adrienne V-P, Ashley, Jeff, Karl, Helga, Steph, Steve, Steven, Tony, Tracy
  • Event day: Adam, Adrienne V-P, Amanda, Andrew, David, Helga, Jeff, Joe, John, Katie Sue, Kenji, Karl, Laura, Marla, Shoshana, Sheila, Stephanie, Steve, Steven, Tony
  • Staff dinner: Amanda, David
  • Scoring and prize distribution: Adrienne V-P, Tony
  • Recap article: Andrew, Marla, Stephanie
  • Invaluable operational and logistical advice: Adrienne V-P
  • Special thanks to the event staff and Guest Services at Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel, the staff at the Howard Johnson Anaheim Plaza Hotel and the Cast Members at Rancho del Zocalo

"There are how many teams waiting for us?" Photo by Karl Buiter.

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