Eating Healthy at Walt Disney World

by MouseStation Crew, staff writer

MouseStation 392 - Eating Healthy at Walt Disney World

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On today's show, Mark and Mike take a look at healthy eating alternatives at Walt Disney World.

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Feature: Eating Healthy at Walt Disney World

Mark and Mike take a look at healthy eating alternatives at Walt Disney World.

Mark talked a bit about the healthy eating initiative that Disney Parks started a couple of years back, and why it reportedly started.

While Mark tried to corrupt Mike, he didn't give in and gave some choices for healthy options at breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Magic Kingdom. Also, remember that most restaurants have nutrition facts available. Mark contributed some ideas, as well. Mike made fun of Mark's intense dislike of Florida tap water.

Mike then picked his spots for most healthful options at Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom. He also gave some tips on how to track your exercise and play that off against what you ate. Remember to talk to the chef regarding any specific dietary needs, and don't forget that alcohol can be your absolute worst choice in terms of empty calories. Also, don't forget that you can always bring your own breakfast and snacks to eat in your room early in hte morning or late at night.

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What kind of Disney stuff do you like to collect?

via Facebook:

  • Nightmare Before Christmas merch, or as I call it "Jack Stuff." The hubbette: park music. Lots and lots and lots of park music.
  • Watches. I especially love the Disney watches designed by Skagen.
  • Pins, pins and more pins! Over he last 9.5 years, my wife and I have collected/traded more than 6000 pins. Sadly, the main thing keeping us from maintaing the collection pace we once had is the volume of different releases. There is no way, physically or monetarily, to do as much as we once did. We still collect, but at a much lower volume.
  • Magnets! Inexpensive and I can "store" them on my refridgerator!
  • GLASS FIGURINES AND SNOW GLOBES!! - The Disney Treasures DVD's.. Old Park Ticckets and park maps
  • The answer that embarrassed AVP when we were on Creative Advisory Council but with which the rest of the council agreed: FREE STUFF!!!
  • Yay for free stuff!!!
  • Every visit to the World our family gets a Christmas ornament, a fridge magnet, and I get a Mickey Mouse pen to take to work.
  • we have a christmas tree with only disney ornaments love the storybook collections also the pins are awesome
  • We always get some sort of figurine from each trip. The last couple we got are from the Walt Disney Showcase Collection. We also have a collection of plush characters, with Mickey Mouse being the one we have the most of. We have a bedroom decorated in Mickey Mouse, so the plush collection resides there.
  • The Disney Precious Moments figurines. And all of the Winnie Pooh ornaments Hallmark releases every year.
  • Pins...what else? But only those that are of interest to me. Although, I do collect plush muppets.
  • Cels, pins, shirts, magnets, watches, other collectibles and WDW vacations with the Goldhabers! :)
  • Maps and other media from the parks
  • Pins.
  • pins & beanies
  • I collect the plastic popcorn buckets. O also collect the Donald Duck Star Wars figures.
  • Porcelain figurines and all plush piglets
  • Pressed Pennies. There are so many and there are inexpensive.
  • Books on the theme parks, park maps (souvenir and guide), antenna balls, and whatever pins and other paper goods that strike my fancy.

via Twitter:

  • I get maps each time I visit the parks, and I love the Welcome packets from the resort!
  • Hidden Mickey and other pins, drawings from Animation Academy, Fastpasses ... and probably more. I love to collect things :)
  • pins for myself and snow white figurines for the wife.
  • Mostly Mickey Mouse figurines and tchochkes. I don't do pins and I think the vinylmations are hideous!
  • Pins!
  • Books, clothes, figurines, Mickey ears, everything...
  • anything that reminds me of my trip, old tickets, the check-in room package, parking cards, the printed show/park times, etc.
  • Pins and Stuffed Animals
  • I have been collecting Aladdin stuff for roughly 15 years now and have an obscenely huge collection now, from trinkets to art & WDCC
  • I live in NYC, my apartment is too small for any kind of collection!
  • walt Disney classic collection & anything from the parks for my kitchen!
  • I like to collect almost anything related to Disney parks especially the park guides which also serves as a trip remembrance.

via Email:

  • My family moved to a house with a pool around 3 years ago. Ever since then, on trips to Disney World we’ve looked for & bought beach towels specific to Disney World. They are such a great memento from our trips and are quite useful. In the summer they are all in use around the pool areas. In the Fall & Winter months we occasionally use them inside for normal shower & bath use. I love the combo of a good memory provider, a taste of the magic, and a very usable souvenir – and they’re not your typical t-shirt or toy not to be used much at home. We also only get specific, WDW only towels. For instance, we have the following towels – Contemporary Resort, 2 different Epcot themes, Expedition Everest - Yeti , & an American themed WDW script. We’ll be looking for more on our next trip. Would love to find a good “Stitchless” (the character) Polynesian towel, Space Mountain or other ride-specific towels! Make more ride towels Disney! well, not for SGE!

Mike collects anything Lion King. He also has a small pin collection, as well as a colllection of video games.

Mark collected seriograph cels before The Kid was born when he still had available income. He also collects all sorts of paper from the parks. He's got a pretty large book collection, though not as big as some like Scott Otis or George Taylor—whose last name he messed up twice, first trying Howard and then Thomas—Mark's not sure why he can't tell his Georges apart. (For more on George's collection, check out his Imaginerding Web site. You can also see a photo of Scott's library here.) Mark also collects Disney ties, and has a little of just about everything else.

Next week's question: If you were going to pick one Disney quote that was your favorite, which would it be and why?

What do you think?

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