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MouseStation 401 - Unloading the Mailbag

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On today's show, while Mike is out sick, Mark spends most of the show answering your questions. Also, a Magical Moment, this week's Twitter/Facebook poll and sad news about MouseStation favorite Eddie Carroll.

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Feature: Unloading the Mailbag

While Mike is out sick, Mark spends most of the show answering your questions. Also, a Magical Moment, this week's Twitter/Facebook poll and sad news about MouseStation favorite Eddie Carroll.

Magical Moment

This week's Magical Moment came via voicemail from DisneyKaren from Arizona, who called in to tell us about the magic that two cast membes made for her family during their recent visit to Disney's Animal Kingdom and their ride on Kilimanjaro Safaris right after park opening. Mark pointed out that it was a case of reciprocal niceness with cast members.

Karen called back, however, to let us know that the contact method given to her by Guest Services did not work and she needed a way to pass along her compliments about Rafael and Jordan. If you need to contact Walt Disney World Guest Services for anything, you can email wdw.guest.communications@disneyworld.com. Mark recalled getting a call from Guest Services after he sent an email complimenting a bellman and a manager who stayed beyond the end of their shifts in the middle of the night to ensure that his family would be able to change rooms and get away from a room where the new carpet's outgassing were making it difficult for his wife and The Kid to breathe.

Twitter/Facebook poll question

Mark finally posted the question on Twitter and Facebook last week, so we can finally move forward with it.

If you were a D23 charter member, did you renew? If not, have you joined? Why or why not?

via Facebook:

  • I haven't joined because it seemed like it was for Disney fans in general, whereas I am just a fan of the Parks. The movies, characters, merchandise, etc. do not interest me. Plus the $75 was way too steep. From everything I've read about it this past year, I know I made the right decision not to join as there were no events/benefits that appealed to me.
  • I joined recently, silver level... I want to go to the summer events.
  • I haven't joined because I was not able to (nor did I really want to) attend any of the special events, and if you aren't doing that, there doesn't seem to be much point in paying the $75. D23 never interested me at all, really.
  • I will renew mine at the cheaper price if I get my time share dates for Sept. event. Otherwise I will wait until next event. Grand Calif. time share seems to be impossible to get in to even though it is our "home" resort :(
  • I've always debated whether to join or not and if it was worth the money. But as of now I haven't joined because I can't afford the membership, let alone the events.
  • Never joined. I didn't feel it held enough value for me living as far from the Disney parks as I do. There haven't been any events near my home to take advantage of.
  • Nope. Too expensive. Not enought bang for the buck. The recesion takes all of these "niceties" and makes them no-gos.
  • I did, but I think it was more for the magazine than anything else. I bought discounted tickets for Expo and gave them away because I didn't need them, and I haven't been able to get into any other event I was really interested in. Hoping that'll change this year.
  • As I am likely not going to be able to get any sort of Annual Pass for the first time in 15 years, becoming a D23 member is low on my priorities. Many of us AP members in Vegas are upset that the monthly payment plan has not been made available to Vegas (it is only So Cal - and I've heard parts of Mexico?). I personally know over a dozen Vegas Disney freaks who are in the same position as I am. So, no D23.

via Twitter:

  • I haven't joined. It's expensive and I don't see much benefit. I'd rather save my money for a trip to WDW or DL!
  • I am a Charter member, just didn't get to take advantage of any promos/events that have gone on. Not sure if I'm going to renew.
  • rejoined, but dont think they do enough or recognize members. At least discounts
  • I got a D23 Membership for Christmas last year, I plan on renewing it fully, as I do like the Magazine.
  • I renewed. Love the Magazine and goodies.
  • never ben a member of D23. None of their offerings have been compelling enough for me to want to spend the $.
  • i wanted to join but shipping the pack to UK was $50 - and also suggests extra for shipping magazines - i may still join though!

Next week's question:

  • What is your favorite snack food in the Magic Kingdom?

What do you think?

Listener Feedback

Karen wrote in to ask about the survey link in the show notes. Mark admitted that he had hoped to have a new version of the survey up by the beginning of the year, but he wasn't able to get it done. We'll have a new survey soon, and we'll announce on the show when it's ready for you.

Sandy wrote to put in her favorite quotes, relevant to a previous Twitter/Facebook poll:

  • Fav Walt quote: "Create a weenie" (Mickeys 4th commandment for imagineering)
  • Fav ride quote: "Noo-noo-noo Carlos, dont be cheeeken" (POTC)
  • Fav spanish quote: "y ahora, preparase!" (fantasmic intro)

Chris Matlock wrote to tell Steven that his interview with Tommy Kirk was great. Chris also wondered about whether the fact that Tommy was gay had anything to do with the end of his career at Disney. Mark talked briefly about the circumstances of Tommy's departure from Disney and noted that a good writeup is at a site linked from the show notes for the Tommy Kirk interview. Chris also asked if we had contact information for Tommy. Unfortunately, we don't.

Sweetie wrote in to complain that she couldn't enjoy the Tommy Kirk interview because she was deaf. Unfortunately, that's how podcasts work. They're made for people to listen to. Sorry, Sweetie.

Alan called in from Newmarket Ontario asking many questions about the Jammitors Tour Crew for the Give a Day, Get a Disney Day promotion. Mark did his best to answer the questions, but he had some trouble understanding the thought behind the questions.

Jon Shain wrote from Newtown, Pennsylvania to say that he was enjoying our "tweets" on Twitter, including Mark's comments during Jets football games and US Olympic hockey games and Mike's wry observations. Jon also wondered why the Disney cable channels don't have anything like "Vault Disney" anymore.

DisneyKaren (apparently, it's a busy week for her) called in again to tell us her opinions on the Disney Dining Plan. She sheds light on what many consider shortcomings of the plan.

Cynthia wrote to ask whethe we had any information about Vinylmation special events, especially for Disneyland.

Dan the Light Man called in to say that Mark really got him with his April Fools Day story about Kingdom Hearts and steampunk coming to the Magic Kingdom. He was sad to hear that we were cutting back to one show per week. He also said that podcast listeners should be reading the rest of MousePlanet if they aren't already.

Pete Altemese wrote in to say that he's thinking of going to Walt Disney World over Thanksgiving for a long weekend and wanted to know how the parks are during this time. Mark gave him some information during a previous Thanksgiving weekend trip.

Steve Russo called the voicemail line to tell us about his expreiences doing fireworks cruises

Eddie Carroll, 1933-2010

We received news early Tuesday morning that MouseStation favorite Eddie Carroll, the current voice of Jiminy Crickett, has passed away at age 76 following a short battle with a brain tumor. Carroll passed away shortly after 3 a.m. Pacific Time on Tuesday morning April 6, his and his wife Carolyn's 47th wedding anniversary. Next week, we will have a tribute to Eddie, including some never-before-aired audio from Steven's archives. We send our deepest condolences to Eddie's family and friends. There is a tribute section set up at Eddie's Web site. Eddie's family would be honored by your memorial donation in Eddie's name to his favorite charity - St. Jude Children's Hospital.

March of Dimes

MousePlanet readers and MouseStation listeners have helped Mark to raise over $15,000 for the March of Dimes over the last four years to help save the lives of babies born prematurely. This year, his goal is to raise another $5,000. But that's not all! This year, you can walk with Mark, either in person or virtually, by joining Team MousePlanet! Mike has already signed on to walk as well. You can go to Mark's fundraising page to sponsor him, Mike's fundraising page to sponsor him, or the Team MousePlanet page to join in and walk yourself! Help us to provide a better chance to prevent prematurity and to help those babies that are born prematurely, because new parents should take their babies home from the hospital, not to the cemetery.

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