World of Color Desktops

by Frank Anzalone, staff writer

From the World of Color world premiere on Thursday, June 10, 2010, MousePlanet staff photographer Frank Anzalone has selected some of his favorite shots showcasing the vibrant colors of the show for you to use as desktop photos. We hope you'll find one you enjoy to decorate your computer.

[Click on any image to go to a separate page where you can save and set the photo as your desktop.]

Mickey and his Fun Wheel at World of Color.

The World of Color title sequence.

A variety of water and lighting effects are used in World of Color.

Mickey's Fun Wheel becomes part of the show at some points.

Rainbow-colored water jets with Mickey's Fun Wheel and the new Silly Symphony Swings in the background.

Jasmine and The Genie at Paradise Pier.


Backend coding and photo size processing by Andrew Rich.