Celebrations are a piece of cake at Disneyland

by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix, staff writer

Have you ever celebrated a special occasion in Disneyland, and wished you could have a special cake to go with the occasion? Or maybe you were in the park when you saw a special birthday cake delivered to a nearby table, and wondered how you could order one.

A common question on our MousePad discussion forum is, "How do I order a birthday (anniversary, graduation, etc.) cake at Disneyland?" The good news is that you can, but knowing the ins and outs will make things much easier for you.

I recently talked with Karlos Siqueiros from the Disneyland Resort's food concept department to get the details about this special offering.

The Princess cake features an oversized cupcake decorated as a Disney princess. Photo © Disney.

If you give the resort 24-hours notice, you can have a custom bakery cake or Mickey Mouse-shaped cake delivered to any table service restaurant throughout the Disneyland Resort. Disneyland has offered personalized cakes for years, but the opening of a new bakery facility earlier this year has allowed the Resort to expand the offerings. Custom cakes can be ordered in a variety of themes, and personalized with a basic inscription.

Princess Cake

Perfect for a birthday celebration, the Princess cake is actually two cakes in one. A round cake is decorated in princess colors, and topped with an individual oversized cupcake decorated as a Disney princess. Karlos explained that the Princess piece is designed for "the birthday girl," to enjoy, while the larger cake is perfect for guests to share. The Princess cake is available in Belle, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella themes, and can be personalized with a basic inscription, such as a name or approved message.

Princess cakes can be personalized with the birthday girl's name or other message. Photo © Disney.

Disney Celebration

The round cake is decorated with Mickey Mouse icons, and can be personalized with a basic inscription. No photo was available, but Karlos says the Disney Celebration cake is perfect for an adult birthday, or any special occasion where a more subtle Disney design is desired.

Mickey Mouse

The Mickey Mouse cake is shaped like the famous mouse's face, and is topped with a giant chocolate disc decorated with Mickey's smiling face. This cake cannot be personalized, but who would want to write on Mickey?

A large chocolate disc is the basis of Mickey's smiling face on this cake. Photo © Disney.

You can customize your Celebration cake with your choice of cake, frosting, and filling flavors, including:

  • Cake flavors – Chocolate, vanilla, carrot, or red velvet
  • Frosting – Chocolate, vanilla, cream cheese, or butter cream
  • Filling – Chocolate mousse, vanilla, or berry

Cakes start at $52 for a 10-inch cake that serves up to 12 people, and larger cakes are available. For even bigger crowds, and with longer notice, more elaborate, customized theme cakes can be ordered through the Disney Events department.

Celebration cakes can be delivered to all full-service restaurants at the Disneyland Resort, including Character dining locations. The cakes can also be delivered to a Disneyland Resort hotel room through room service. Cakes cannot, however, be delivered to Downtown Disney restaurants. Order your cake when you make your Priority Seating reservation, and be sure to allow at least 24 hours notice.

Princess cakes are available in a choice of three characters - Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella or Belle. Photo © Disney.

Many special dietary needs can be accommodated, and a gluten-free cake is even available. Make any special requests when you place the order, and a Disney chef will contact you for additional information if needed. If you have a special dietary request, we recommend that you place your order at least 72 hours in advance.

If you forget to order your cake in advance, many Disneyland Resort locations offer a birthday "box" with an individual cake. The Princess version features a decorated, individual cake in a reusable Princess jewelry box and a magic mirror toy. The Pirate version is served in a souvenir pirate chest, and comes with a lenticular compass. Birthday boxes are offered at all full-service restaurants at the Disneyland Resort, the Blue Ribbon Bakery and Baker's Field Bakery, Character Dining locations and through room service at the Disneyland Resort hotels. The birthday box can be ordered when you make your Priority Seating reservation, or can be purchased during the meal at participating locations if available. Birthday boxes are $15 each, plus tax.



  1. By Toocherie

    Interesting article--let me tell you about our experience at Big Thunder Ranch BBQ and an adult birthday cake on Saturday.

    We ordered it two or three weeks ago--we were told that the price would be $33. When we checked in, the person who made the reservation and ordered the cake talked directly to the manager, confirmed that it was there and ready and that it would come out automatically after our meal.

    After our meal, the check appears on our table. No cake. We looked at the waiter and said "we think you forgot something." He was baffled. We then said--"you should talk to the manager."

    No one comes back for a few minutes and then a different CM shows up and announces--"about the cake--do you want us to cut and serve it from the back or do you want us to bring it out and you cut it yourself?" Four people gasped at the same time (the fifth was the birthday girl). I said to him: "Well, considering it was supposed to be a "surprise" it would have been nice if you had brought it out before you announced that." He got extremely flustered, disappeared and then the first waiter came back with the cake, a lit candle and very nicely cut and served the cake after we sang Happy Birthday. And they boxed up the leftovers (just a note--I wish Disney had a smaller cake option--a 10" cake is a BIG cake and unless you have 10-15 people there is no way to eat the whole thing.)

    I will also note that we got the "Disney Celebration Cake" which has the Mickey icons around the cake--except that apparently someone forgot to wipe off the icons so even though they were Mickey shaped you couldn't see the writing (eyes, mouth, etc.) on Mickey until we took a napkin and wiped them off--it had like a silverish coating on them. And they were really cute once the silver was wiped off!

    Then the check came again--and contrary to the info we had originally been given the price was $52 for the cake (which is in accord with your article) instead of $33. Again the lady who made the reservation/ordered the cake went and talked to the manager and the manager ended up taking off one of our meals to make up for the difference--which was a nice gesture. (He explained they couldn't reduce the price of the cake per se because it came from an "outside bakery."

    So, the moral of the story is that yes, Disney does offer the cake option, but the process doesn't have the kinks worked out. Maybe it was just this one restaurant in particular (I ordered one for a Napa Rose dinner last year around this time and didn't have any of these issues), but for $52 I would have expected them to know what they were doing. I also believe that the price when I ordered a similar cake was MUCH less--say in the $25-30 range.

  2. By lurkyloo

    Great article, but it would be nice to have some contact info, like the number to call if you want a cake for your hotel stay or even the number for making a restaurant reservation—not everybody has it memorized!

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