The Walt Disney Family Museum, TRON: Legacy and more

by MouseStation Crew, staff writer

MouseStation 417 - The Walt Disney Hometown Museum, TRON: Legacy, and more

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On today's show, Steven Ng talks to Kaye Malins of the Walt Disney Hometown Museum, Mike and Mark (and The Kid) talk about TRON: Legacy, a Magical Moment and more.

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Featurette: Kaye Malins of the Walt Disney Hometown Museum

Steven Ng chatted with Kaye Malins of the Walt Disney Hometown Museum at this past summer's NFFC Disneyana Fan Club Show and Sale.

The museum is located in a restored 1913 Santa Fe Railroad depot in Walt's hometown of Marceline, Missouri. It's located nest to E.P. Ripley park in downtown Marceline along the inspiration for Main Street, U.S.A. The museum has a great deal of uniquephotos and documents of the Disney family that were donated by the family of Ruth Disney Beecher. They hope to have the materials available for use by researchers in the near future.

The museum has the original Midget Autopia ride that was donated to Marceline years ago. Some Imagineers who had visited the town on their own time recently decided to help restore the attraction to its original state.

For more information on the museum, visit the Museum's website or Facebook page. The town also hosts Toonfest every year.

Our thanks to Kaye Malins for taking the time to sit with Steven Ng, and to Steven for bringing us the interview.

Ask the Kid

Since they had just seen the film, Mark decided to ask The Kid "What did you think of the movie TRON: Legacy?

The Kid thought that the movie was awesome. The visual effects were cool and the soundtrack "was like heaven for me." He especially loved the multi-level lightcycle grid. He thought that it was harder to notice the 3-D in TRON: Legacy than in Tangled. It looks like The Kid is still hooked on "reach moments" and cheap 3-D tricks, though he admitted that the 3-D definitely brought him into the movie.

The Kid didn't understand much of the plot outside of the grid, but he still really liked the movie. After a brief flirtation with giving it pi stars (because he wanted to say pi), he gave the movie 4.75 out of five planets.

And then there was a bit of silliness at the end of the segment.

Lightning Round - TRON: Legacy

Mark and Mike once again used their new format called Lightning Round to review TRON: Legacy, though this time Mike and Mark each got two minutes to give their thoughts on the movie, then had five minutes to discuss it together.

Mike thought that the movie was great, but that many things didn't make sense.

Mark saw the original TRON when it was first released in theaters in 1982. He expected great effects but only a serviceable plot, and wasn't disappointed. Mark sort of crumbled under the pressure of finishing the review in two minutes, though, and had a bit of a mental meltdown at the end.

During the discussion, Mike persisted in evaluating the movie as if it took place entirely in our universe and criticizing inconsistencies, while Mark viewed it as a parallel universe, since there were enough differences to support his Sliders-style multiverse theory. Mark talked a bit about Michael Sheen's David Bowie-esque portrayal of Cassius/Zeus and the Daft Punk soundtrack.

Mike and Mark both loved the TRON effect on the Disney castle icon during the opening credits.

Mike gave the movie 4.5-5 out of five planets, while Mark gave it 4-4.5 out of five.

What do you think of the format of this segment, and of TRON: Legacy?

Magical Moment

This week's Magical Moment came via voicemail from Pete Altemese, who talked about an anniversary surprise from a cast member at Walt Disney World's Pirates of the Caribbean.

Listener Feedback

Kevin-john Jobczynski left a Facebook message for Mark, which turned into a little bit of a Stump the Hosts segment, asking about the R.L. Stine "Goosebumps" area that once appeared at the (former) Disney-MGM Studios.

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