Walt Disney World Resort Update

by Mark Goldhaber, staff writer

Update for May 23 – May 29, 2011

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News and Views

Star Tours opens with a bang | Star Wars Weekends open strongly | Space Mountain temporarily closes when woman loses consciousness | More news on resort rooms | Disney Fantasy update | Construction update | Quick takes | Crowd update

Star Tours opens with a bang

The newly redone Star Tours – The Adventures Continue officially reopened with a bang—or rather, a boom from an ion cannon—last Friday in a ceremony with Disney CEO Bob Iger and Star Wars creator George Lucas. The ceremony, broadcast over the Internet on the attraction's Facebook page and the Disney Parks' YouTube channel, also featured appearances by Anthony Daniels (who has portrayed C-3PO in every Star Wars movie), many walk-around characters portraying Star Wars characters, some prerecorded bits played as current activities, and some pyrotechnics.

The ceremony was hosted by Bree Starlighter (Angela Napoleon, formerly of the Adventurers Club), a character first created to host the four-city mall tour to promote the attraction. It opened with a processional of characters and the introduction of R2-D2, C-3PO, and Daniels. Darth Vader and a battalion of the 501st Legion of Stormtroopers then invaded, with Vader claiming that Star Tours was just a thinly veiled method of sneaking rebel spies past the Galactic Empire. Vader then had Boba Fett initiate a force shield over the attraction's entrance (shown on the large overhead screen). Two robed and hooded Jedis were then shown fighting their way from the attraction to the stage, which was located in front of the Sorcerer's Hat. The Jedis then threw off their cloaks as they entered through the back door of the stage, revealing themselves as Iger and Lucas.

Princess Leia, Chewbacca, and Luke Skywalker near the main stage as characters paraded in for the opening ceremony. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

Bounty hunters Aurra Sing and Zam Wessel near the main stage. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

Even the intergalactic press was on hand to cover the event. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

Iger had perhaps the funniest line of the ceremony, telling Vader to "prepare to meet your maker," as Lucas looked on. Lucas had R2-D2 fire an "ion cannon" ( located next to the stage) at the force shield. A small explosion of smoke from the cannon and a larger pyrotechnic burst from Star Tours as the force shield disappeared. The cast members then used lightsabers to round up the stormtroopers guarding the attraction. Vader then stated that the fight was not over. After being informed by Iger that Star Tours would open its second station at Disneyland on June 3, Vader told his crew to set course for the "Anaheim galaxy" and left the stage with his stormtroopers.

Disney CEO tells Darth Vader to "Prepare to meet your maker." Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

George Lucas tells the crowd how excited he is by the new version of Star Tours as Disney CEO Bob Iger and Anthony "C-3PO" Daniels look on. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

Iger and Lucas then gave short speeches, followed by the introduction of the hosts of Star Wars Weekends and the remaining celebrity guests for the first weekend. After some photos, the celebrities led a procession from the stage to the attraction and rode the first official ride. The route from the stage to the attraction was guarded by stormtroopers.

Stormtroopers from the 501st Legion handle crowd control for the processional from the opening ceremony to the attraction. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

R2-D2, Disney CEO Bob Iger and Star Wars creator George Lucas lead the processional from the opening ceremony to the attraction. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

Waits for the attraction got fairly long, but not nearly as long as originally predicted. In fact, for nearly the entire weekend, the wait for Star Tours still did not surpass the wait for Toy Story Midway Mania on the other side of the park. This may have been due to the fact that the attraction has been in soft-open status since last Saturday morning. In addition, there was a media preview on Thursday evening and a late-night fan event hosted by the Disney Parks Blog.

The extended queue for Star Tours never completely filled, and was not used for much of the weekend. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

For more information about the ride itself (with plenty of spoilers), check out Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix's article from Friday.

Some additional info:

There is currently no option to ride the attraction with 2-D projection. It's 3-D or not at all. In addition, there is currently no motion-free option. Previously, it was possible to have cast members arrange a "test ride" in a cabin with the motion simulation turned off. This is reportedly not available at this time. Handheld captioning devices have been programmed to work with the attraction, but they were not yet working as of last week. If you need one of these devices, it wouldn't hurt to check when you visit to see if they're working with the attraction yet. There are also reportedly in-seat holders in front of each seat in which you can safely place the captioning device so that it is visible during your ride.

Star Wars Weekends starts strongly

The grand opening of Star Tours – The Adventures Continue was the headline event of the opening weekend of Star Wars Weekends. The annual event, held at Disney's Hollywood Studios Friday through Sunday on four consecutive weekends, features stage presentations, motorcades, the Padawan Mind Challenge, celebrity guest autograph opportunities, special merchandise, and an evening closing event called the Hyperspace Hoopla.

This year, due to construction on the soundstage recently used for the merchandise location, Jabba's Hutt has been relocated to a huge tent in the area behind the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster courtyard. Merchandise includes pins, apparel, artwork, figurines, and more. for more details about the merchandise, check out the event sites on the Art of Disney Parks and Disney Pins websites.

These T-shirts were the only opening day merchandise available at Tatooine Traders. The rest of the opening day items were located across the park at Jabba's Hutt. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

The rebel spy shirt will have special meaning to one guest from each ride. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

The "Dance-Off with the Star Wars Stars" at this year's Hyperspace Hoopla is rock-themed, with Emperor Palpatine, Chewbacca, and Darth Vader performing the main numbers with appropriate backup performers.

The first weekend's guests were Anthony Daniels (C-3PO), Daniel Logan (Young Boba Fett), and Dave Filoni (director of Star Wars: The Clone Wars). In addition to the autograph opportunities, they also participated in presentations such as Behind the Force, Inside the Saga, and Stars of the Saga Q&A. The stage presentations are hosted by James Arnold Taylor (voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi in Clone Wars) and Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano in Clone Wars and former Studios cast member). In addition, each week this year, Taylor will be presenting his one-man show, Obi Wan and Beyond, in which he performs using many of the voices that he has used in various roles over his career; reviews of this show are extremely positive.

The new R2-D2 popcorn buckets, available at the cart near the Great Movie Ride, cost $15.50. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

R2-D2 dessert holders are also new for Star Wars Weekends. Other desserts include Darth Vader chocolate and peanut butter cupcakes. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

Attendance for the first weekend was very strong, and guests are coming away happy. There are three weekends left if you'd like to experience it for yourself.

Space Mountain temporarily closes when woman loses consciousness

Space Mountain reopened mid-morning yesterday at the Magic Kingdom park after closing on Saturday morning when a female passenger arrived unconscious to the unload station at the end of the ride. The 48-year-old woman, who has not been named due to privacy concerns, became unconscious during her ride on the indoor roller coaster attraction around 9 a.m. Saturday. The cast member working the unload station immediately called for medical assistance. Reedy Creek Fire Rescue transported the woman to a nearby hospital. The woman was unconscious and non-responsive, but had a pulse and was breathing on her own when she was transported to Dr. Phillips Hospital.

As is standard practice when an injury of any type occurs on an attraction, the ride was shut down while it was inspected for possible flaws.

The woman reportedly showed no signs of trauma, and speculation was that the incident was likely due to a medical condition. Guests are warned by signs before entering the attraction's queue that: "For safety, you should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness or other conditions that could be aggravated by this adventure."

Disney issued a statement noting that "Our thoughts and concerns are with the guest and her family. We have sent a representative to the hospital to assist them with their needs."

More news on resort rooms

We have a little more information about the new resort rooms coming online within the next year.

When we told you about the Royal Guest Rooms on May 2, we didn't know where at Port Orleans the rooms they would be. Originally, it was assumed that they would be distributed throughout the resort. We now know that these rooms will be located in a complete conversion of two buildings at Magnolia Bend and nowhere else. Acadian House and Magnolia Terrace will consist entirely of these new rooms. This decision is likely so that it will be easier to make sure that the royal linens go to the right rooms. Of course, this also means that families won't be able to get connecting rooms with a princess theme for the kids and standard furnishings for the parents.

Acadian House will be completely converted to Royal Guest Rooms. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

In addition to access to seasonal and organic fresh foods at the concierge lounge, the 23 health and wellness suites on the Contemporary's 14th floor will also feature a room service menu using fresh, organic, and seasonal fare.

Magnolia Terrace will also become home to Royal Guest Rooms by next March. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

When construction of "Pop Century Resort – The Legendary Years" was put on hold, the structure of only one building had been completed. When the resort was renamed "Disney's Art of Animation Resort" and construction was resumed, only that building's structure stayed the same. That building, part of the Little Mermaid section, is similar to Pop Century and the All-Star Resorts, as well as all four Moderate resorts, with exterior hallways. The other nine buildings, started after the redesign, will feature interior corridors—previously only available at Disney's Deluxe and Deluxe Villa resorts.

Disney Fantasy update

We've got some news about the Disney Fantasy cruise ship, sister ship to the new Disney Dream, to be launched next spring.

…The ship will feature the first Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at sea. On Pirates Night, the location will change over to become The Pirates League, providing pirate-themed makeovers to prepare for the evening's festivities.

…Instead of getting all of its shows from the Disney Magic and Disney Dream, the Fantasy will get its new featured presentation from Disney California Adventure Park. Disney's Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular will be brought to the ship, flying carpet and all.

…The Royal Palace restaurant will become the Royal Court, with the decor staying largely the same. At this time, the Enchanted Garden restaurant will not see any changed. The third restaurant, Animator's Palate, will see the most changes. The Undersea Magic show featuring a Turtle Talk with Crush-like show will be supplemented by Animation Magic, where guests at each table will draw their own characters, which will be animated on screens around the restaurant along with Disney characters in the show's finale. Since the Fantasy will sail seven-night itineraries, the restaurant will show Animation Magic on one rotation cycle and Undersea Magic on another rotation cycle.

…The nighttime entertainment area, called The District aboard the Dream, will be replaced by Europa. The series of bars and nightclubs will be themed to a series of European countries. The Dream's Evolution will become The Underground, themed to the London Tube. Pink will become Ooh La La, themed to a French boudoir; 687 will become O'Gill's Pub, an Irish pub-themed sports bar; and the District Lounge will become La Piazza, reminiscent of an Italian outdoor plaza. The Skyline bar will be very similar to its current state, but will only show vistas of European cities (Paris, London, Barcelona, Athens, and St. Petersburg), instead of including cities on multiple continents (New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro).

…The lobby statue will feature Minnie Mouse in an Erte-style dress.

…The styling of the ship's decor for the first ship in each Disney Cruise Line class (the Magic and the Dream) is Art Deco. The second Magic-class ship, the Disney Wonder, was Art Nouveau. Similarly, the Fantasy, the second Dream-class ship, will also be Art Nouveau.

We'll continue to bring you information as work on the Fantasy continues.

Send us your menu photos!

We've recently completed a major update of the park restaurant menus from Walt Disney World. Click on the "Dining" section from our Walt Disney World Guide to see the list. Please help us keep the menus up to date! Send photos or scans of park menus to menus@mouseplanet.com to help us keep our listings updated!

Work continues to move rapidly forward on Maurice's Cottage and Beast's Castle. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

A closer look at Maurice's Cottage and Beast's Castle. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

Construction update

Here is the listing of interesting items from paperwork filed with Orange County in the last week:

  • Magic Kingdom Casey's Corner – interior improvements.
  • Magic Kingdom Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse queue area – general construction.
  • Magic Kingdom Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse exit bridge – construction.
  • Magic Kingdom Splash Mountain force main – plumbing.
  • Disney's Hollywood Studios Minn & Bill's Dockside Diner – construction.
  • Downtown Disney Marketplace – equipment installation.
  • ESPN Wide World of Sports HP Fieldhouse – additional graphics.
  • STOLport – installation of trailer compound for Grand Floridian Villas project.
  • Polynesian Resort building 2, Room 2225 only – structural work.
  • Port Orleans Riverside Magnolia Bend buildings 80 and 85 (Acadian House and Magnolia Terrace) – room renovations.

Work is beginning behind construction walls to create new Fantasyland restrooms. This will allow the existing restrooms near Peter Pan to be removed to clear more room for the attraction's future interactive queue. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

Behind the construction wall, work on Storybook Circus Land continues, preparing the site to be the first part of New Fantasyland to open. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

Quick takes …

…To help promote last Friday's release of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, The Pirates League at the Magic Kingdom will be offering a new deluxe package called the Mermaid Transformation Package. The package includes mermaid make-up, a hair accessory and style, a rhinestone face gen, a special Pirates League sheath, a full-sized bottle of Pirates of the Caribbean: Mermaid's Tears nail lacquer by OPI, and an OPI Pirates of the Caribbean mini nail lacquer set. The makeover costs $29.95 plus tax ($31.90), and will only be available through July 2.

…We're hearing that the Let the Memories Begin campaign and "The Magic, The Memories, and You" castle projection show will both continue through 2012.

…The online dining reservation system will apparently no longer allow multiple reservations for the same timeframe. This will prevent people from making multiple dining reservations and abandoning reservations at the last minute without giving anyone else a chance to grab those seating times, and leaving the restaurants holding tables for people who will not show up.

…Outdoor audio description will be coming to Walt Disney World on June 27. The enhancement to the existing handheld captioning device provides a new service to visitors with visual impairments.

…The new Winnie-the-Pooh meet and greet opened last Friday at the Magic of Disney Animation.

…According to a Twitter post from the Disney Sports account, racing fans between the ages of 14-19 can now experience the Richard Petty Driving Experience at Disney free when accompanying an adult.

…A brush fire burned for nearly three days last week, starting on Sunday, in an area between the STOLport and Fort Wilderness. The fire burned approximately 3.5 to 5 acres, according to the Orlando Sentinel. This fire flared up Tuesday afternoon, blowing smoke through the Magic Kingdom parking lot, but was almost completely contained by Tuesday night.

…Registration is now open for all races during the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon weekend. Sign up now for the Half Marathon, Half Marathon Relay, Disney Family Fun Run 5K, and Disney Kids' Races. Registration for the individual half marathon is now 65 percent full!

…Registration for the events for the Walt Disney World Marathon 2012 is now open. Note: Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge is now 65 percent full!

Crowd update


Crowd information and forecasts are provided by TouringPlans.com, the Web site of the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, to help you better plan your trip to the Walt Disney World Resort. TouringPlans.com gathers wait time data from a team of in-park researchers and users of their Lines mobile phone application, and then predicts crowd levels for the next 365 days. Using a scale from 1 to 10, TouringPlans.com has a 90 percent accuracy of predicting the crowds to within 1 point, helping visitors prepare for their trips so they can "Do more. Wait less."


The TouringPlans.com Crowd Calendar reflects how long you will wait in line for attractions at the Walt Disney World theme parks, on average. The numbers are based on wait times for all days on record. When a day is predicated as a 1 out of 10, it doesn’t mean that the parks are empty, just that when compared to other days these wait times are in the bottom 10%. Our research team and fabulous Disney World Lines users submit wait times year round. Here's what our statistical team measured for the upcoming week:

Date Overall
Monday, May 23, 2010 6 out of 10
Tuesday, May 24, 2010 5 out of 10
Wednesday, May 25, 2010 3 out of 10
Thursday, May 26, 2010 6 out of 10

This week sees moderate numbers on the Crowd Calendar everyday, with higher numbers over the weekend. Check out the Disney World Park Crowd Levels page on TouringPlans.com for park-specific predictions.

  • Expect higher wait times at Star Tours: The Adventures Continue than when prior to its refurbishment, but due to its capacity, wait times in the Soarin' and Toy Story Mania neighborhood are unlikely.
  • Epcot is a Best Park on Monday and Thursday.
  • Star Wars Weekends make Disney's Hollywood Studios the park to avoid over the weekend!

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Coming up

Refurbishments and Attraction Closures

Magic Kingdom

  • Mickey's Toontown Fair – closed permanently to make way for Fantasyland expansion.
  • Enchanted Tiki Room – Under New Management – closed since January 13, due to a fire. Expected to reopen with its original, classic show on August 16.


  • No known current refurbishments.

Disney's Hollywood Studios

  • Sounds Dangerous Starring Drew Carey – seasonal downtime beginning May 1.
  • Phineas & Ferb play-n-greet on near Mama Melrose's – opens May 29.
  • Winnie-the-Pooh meet-n-greet at Art of Disney Animation – now open.
  • Star Tours – now open.
  • Cars 2 meet-n-greet near MuppetVision 3-D – opens June 5.
  • Lightning McQueen replaces Herbie the Love Bug at Lights, Motors, Action! – begins June 5.

Animal Kingdom

  • Primeval Whirl – closed for refurbishment through June 1, 2011.


  • Saratoga Springs Resort – Paddock Leisure Pool closed through June 29 for expansion into a new feature pool, wet play area, and quick-service eatery. During the renovations, the Paddock bus stop and laundry facility will also be closed. Guests can use the High Rock Spring pool near the Carriage House or the leisure pools at Congress Park or The Grandstand. Nearby bus stops can be found at The Springs, Congress Park and The Carousel. Alternate laundry facilities are located at The Springs and Congress Park.

Water Parks

  • Blizzard Beach – closes for annual refurbishment October 30.


  • Cirque du Soleil La Nouba – performs Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Current Discounts & Promotions

Free dining returns

Last week, a two-tiered free dining package was announced for Disney Visa Rewards cardholders, and the package becomes available to the general public today. The free dining plan is available for stays August 28 through September 24. The deal includes lodging, base Magic Your Way passes (you can upgrade them with any of the available add-ons), a 20-page Disney's PhotoPass Photo Book, and the free dining plan. Additional pages may be added to your Photo Book, at standard cost, if you wish.

If you choose a Value Resort for your stay, you'll receive the free Quick Service Dining Plan (two quick-service meals and two snacks per person per night, plus one resort refillable drink mug per person). If you'd prefer to stay at a Moderate, Deluxe, or Deluxe Villa Resort, you'll get the free standard Disney Dining Plan (one table- service meal, one quick-service meal, and one snack per person per night). Those at value resorts can upgrade their Quick Service Dining Plan to the standard plan for the difference in the plan's cost. The dining plans do not include gratuities or alcoholic beverages.

One thing to note here: Since these dates are already within the 180-day booking window, some table-service restaurants might already be booked solid. Don't count on having the ability to book any specific restaurant without checking first. Of course, if dining is the most important part of your trip, you can book your dining reservations first to lock in your favorites, then find a resort for those nights. You can always cancel the dining reservations if you can't get a resort for those dates.

You can book through August 27 while availability lasts, but reservations may go fast. The discount codes for the Disney Rewards Visa package are I25 for Value Resorts and O2M for Moderates and above. The codes for the general public were not available at publication time.

Reservations may be booked through the Walt Disney World website, by calling Walt Disney World at 407-939-7211, or your travel agent. MousePlanet's preferred Disney travel providers are MouseEarVacations.com and Small World Vacations.

Room-only, Deluxe/Deluxe Villas-only discounts released for summer

Walt Disney World has announced a new set of room-only discounts for Deluxe and Deluxe Villa resorts only for stays through mid-August. The discounts provide 30 percent off for stays most nights from June 15 through August 13 (25 percent at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, Disney's Wilderness Lodge and Disney's Polynesian Resort), with discounts ranging from 20 percent to 30 percent for most nights from April 22 through June 14. Note that this offer does not include suites and three-bedroom Grand Villas.

Dates starting May 29 can be booked through May 28. Beware, though as rooms may go fast. The number of rooms available at these rates is limited. Suites and three-bedroom Grand Villas are not included.

Reservations may be booked through the Walt Disney World website, by calling Walt Disney World at 407-939-7837, or your travel agent and using booking code M2X. MousePlanet's preferred Disney travel providers are MouseEarVacations.com and Small World Vacations.

Passholder discount through early June

Passholders can save on stays through June 2, including a special rate of $90 plus tax at select Value Resorts this Friday, May 27.

Passholders can book through the day before arrival. Beware, though as rooms may go fast. The number of rooms available at these rates is limited. Suites and three-bedroom Grand Villas are not included. An adult passholder must show their pass at check-in. Minimum length of stay requirements may apply for Friday or Saturday arrivals.

Book your reservation through the Walt Disney World passholder website, by calling Walt Disney World at 407-939-5691, or through your travel agent and using booking code L2H. MousePlanet's preferred Disney travel providers are MouseEarVacations.com and Small World Vacations.

Passholder discounts released for summer

Walt Disney World has announced a new set of passholder discounts for stays through mid-August. The discounts provide 20-35 percent off for stays most nights from June 3 through August 13. The Animal Kingdom Lodge and Polynesian Resort are excluded for all dates, and Wilderness Lodge is excluded June 3-14. Passholders will save 35 percent at Deluxe Villa Resorts, 30 percent at Deluxe Resorts, and 20 percent at Moderate and Value Resorts.

Passholders can book through the day before arrival. Beware, though as rooms may go fast. The number of rooms available at these rates is limited. Suites and three-bedroom Grand Villas are not included. An adult passholder must show their pass at check-in. Minimum length of stay requirements may apply for Friday or Saturday arrivals.

Reservations may be booked through the Walt Disney World passholder website, by calling Walt Disney World at 407-939-7414, or your travel agent and using booking code QT9. MousePlanet's preferred Disney travel providers are MouseEarVacations.com and Small World Vacations.

Passholder merchandise discounts extended through 2011

Walt Disney World passholder merchandise discounts have been extended through the end of 2011. Epcot After 4pm, Weekday Select, Seasonal and Annual Passholders get 10 percent off purchases at selected locations, while Premium Annual Passholders (including bi-coastal Premier Annual Passholders) get 20 percent off. The discount is available at Walt Disney World-owned and operated shops, but not those stores owned by "operating participants" (third-party stores). The discount is also not valid on a long list of products, and can not be combined with other discounts, offers or promotions. For a full list of what is not included in this discount, check out the Art of Disney Parks Web site.

Military ticket offer

From now through September 28, 2011, active and retired U.S. military personnel can purchase 4-Day Military Promotional Tickets with either the Park Hopper or Water Parks Fun and More option for $138 per ticket, plus tax, or with both the Park Hopper and Water Parks Fun and More options for $165 per ticket, plus tax. No Base ticket is available with this offer.

The tickets expire and may not be used after October 1, 2011. The tickets may not be used at the Magic Kingdom on July 4, 2011.

Eligible service members include active or retired members of the U.S. military including the U.S. Coast Guard, National Guard, and Reservists. Disney Military Promotional Tickets can be purchased at Shades of Green or at a participating military base (MWR/ITT) office. There is no tax charged for these tickets but they must be activated at a theme park ticket window. Tickets may also be purchased at Walt Disney World Park Ticket Offices and Guest Relations Offices where tax will be charged. No more than six tickets may be purchased by any eligible member of the U.S. military (or their spouse, but not both) for themselves, family members, and friends, and all tickets must be purchased at the same time. If the immediate family has more than five dependents, additional tickets may be purchased for the dependents, however, additional tickets for guests may not be purchased. Valid military identification is required. The tickets are non-transferable and may not be resold.

The tickets may be upgraded to Seasonal Passes or Florida Resident Weekday Select Passes (for Florida Residents), or Annual Passes, Premium Annual Passes, or Disney Premier Pass with credit toward the upgrade based on the actual price paid. The no-expiration option and other upgrades, such as additional days, are not available.

For complete information regarding Disney 4-Day Military Promotional Tickets, military personnel may call (407) 939-7830 or participating U.S. military base ticket offices.

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