MouseAdventure World Explorers III Recap

by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix, staff writer

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Event Recap

For our third MouseAdventure: World Explorers event in Walt Disney World, we took 38 "troops" of players to Disney Hollywood Studios for a one-day drama camp.


The day started outside Disney Hollywood Studios, where Disney event cast members met the troops and led everyone into the park before it opened for Extra Magic Hours. After taking troop photos, teams enjoyed a continental breakfast (with extra yogurt!) at the Backlot Express restaurant. Once the players were fueled for the adventure ahead, we gathered them together for a brief orientation session, and sent them into the park to complete their first task.

Troops gather outside Disney Hollywood Studios before the event. Photo by Stephen Kiskamp.

The Resort event staff put together a nice breakfast display, complete with plush mascot. Photo by Stephen Kiskamp.

We usually begin MouseAdventure events with some form of "scatter," designed to spread the teams up across the park, which helps prevent the teams from all working on the same quest in the same place at the same time.

These deluxe envelopes sealed with wax contained the first quest each team had to complete to receive their shooting script. Photo by Stephanie Wien.

For this event, we took this scatter concept one step further. The scatter envelope contained one sheet of questions per player (to make it fair, two-player teams had only two sheets, while four-player teams had four), and teams were allowed to split up if they wished to complete the first task, with the caveat that the entire team had to regroup before returning to MouseAdventure Central to claim their "shooting script" (the packet of quests for this game). Faced with this unusual option, one or two teams decided to play it safe and stay together, but most jumped at the opportunity to quickly complete the task.

Two members of Troop #1 wait for the rest of the team to finish their scatter quests and find the designated meeting spot. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

With teams prohibited from using cell phone and electronic devices during the event, we cautioned the teams to designate a meeting place and time—more than one team learned the hard way that they should have been a little more specific when saying, "Let's meet in front of the theater."

One team completed the task in just 17 minutes, and all but one team had claimed their shooting script before the one-hour "mercy rule" deadline. The shooting script contained the rest of the quests for the event.

Read all about each quest and challenge (including the solution and correct answer) in the following "Quest Details" section. Each quest was titled with the name of a real movie that more-or-less related to the theme of the quest.

Quest Details

Under the Hollywood Sign (20 points)

We gave teams photos of 13 signs from buildings on the park's Hollywood Boulevard, and asked them to fill in the words we had digitally removed from each sign, and then identify a specific letter using indexing. When read in order, the requested letters formed a name. This was the only partial credit quest of the event. Teams could earn half-credit for providing us with just the name, or full credit for providing that person's delivery address (stamped on a shipping crate outside Min and Bill's Dockside Diner).

Name: Max Bialystock


Bialystock and Bloom
Theatrical Producers
246 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036

Note: Since the full address was so long, we accepted abbreviated versions of the address so long as we could tell teams had found the right location.

The Legendary Script (20 points)

This was an "audio evil paragraph," in which teams had to first transcribe the narration of the "Walt Disney's Disneyland" commercial playing on a television in the One Man's Dream exhibit, then fill in a provided grid with specific words from the script. When done correctly, highlighted letters in the grid spelled out the final question.

Question: Talent Round Up Was Which Day?

Answer: Friday

Notes: Troops that had trouble with this one usually failed to write down ALL the words they heard as instructed, either because they relied on the (incorrect) open captioning displayed on one of the screens or because they disregarded the one sung line of "When You Wish Upon a Star."

The Animal Kingdom Avengers decided not to split up to solve the quests in One Man's Dream. Photo by Stephen Kiskamp.

Train Order Number Forty-Five (30 points)

This quest sent troops down Sunset Boulevard to find answer 12 number-based questions. Once all of the data was collected, teams were instructed to solve a series of math equations, and use that information to read a map of the Los Angeles train system and identify a specific stop along the Santa Ana to Watts line.

Answer: Halcon

A Troop uses the Pacific Electric Railway map to solve the Train Order Number Fourty-Five quest. Photo by Stephanie Wien.

This proved to be the most difficult quest for teams, and one team claims that a math error on their part cost them a first-place finish. Several teams apparently recorded 1923 as the established date for Sunset Hills, but the sign actually reads 1928. Other teams seemed to answer all of the questions correctly, but failed to read the instructions carefully and used the wrong train line to solve the quest.

This scary scarecrow contained the answer to one question in the Train Order Number Forty-Five quest. Photo by Stephanie Wien.

Personal Property (30 points)

While testing the event Thursday, we encountered one troop doing some advance scouting in the park. Later that night, they sent us a Tweet saying "Hope no quest on Backlot Studio Tour. Worst attraction at ANY Disney Park!" Unfortunately for that team, we didn't write just one quest on the Studio Backlot Tour - we wrote two. The first quest took teams into the property warehouse just before the tram loading area, and asked them to answer 7 questions based on photos we provided of items in the warehouse. Certain letters of each answer spelled a name, and we asked the teams to identify the actor who portrayed that character.

Question: Narissa

Answer: Susan Sarandon

The Divine Divas take a break at the end of the Studio Backlot Tour to double check their answers. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

Knowing how some teams felt about this attraction, we suspected some might ask the cast members to let them take a short-cut, bypassing the Pearl Harbor sequence and heading straight to the prop warehouse. So before the game we introduced ourselves to the cast members at the attraction, showed them the lanyards all of our players wear, and asked that they not let the teams skip ahead. Not only did the cast members eagerly agree to keep an eye out for misbehaving teams, they also suggested a one-cycle penalty for any team who asked to skip the line. As far as we know, no team actually tried it (looks like my pre-game warning hit home), but we absolutely loved the enthusiasm of the fantastic crew of the Studio Backlot Tour and thank them and their managers for being such great sports.

Tigger & Tiger work on the word search before boarding the Backlot Tram Tour. Photo by Stephen Kiskamp.

Bright Lights, Big City (40 points)

Not surprisingly, the words "New York" can be found in more than a dozen places on New York Street, and we asked teams to find most of those locations to fill in missing words on a criss-cross puzzle. Once complete, highlighted letters in the grid could be unscrambled to form a business or service. For the final question, we asked teams for the operating hours of that business or service.

Location: Library Book Return

Answer: Always open

The Smoke Tree Ranchers spot the location of the answer to the Bright Lights, Big City quest. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

We knew the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights would be installed between the time we wrote the quest in May and the day of the game, and so we talked with cast members familiar with the decorations and tried to use elements that would not be blocked or covered by the light installation. We were mostly successful, but had to quickly re-write this quest when the crates on the loading dock at the end of the street were turned into a Nativity scene. Several teams complained that the library book return sign was impossible to read at the distance imposed by the barricades surrounding the Osborne Christmas tree, but we promise, we couldn't get much closer when we wrote the quest in May.

The Last Picture Show (40 points)

The second quest in One Man's Dream required teams to answer a series of 15 questions, then, based on their answers, follow a set of directions to eliminate titles from a provided sheet of 50 movie posters. Properly completed, only one poster remained, and that movie was the final answer.

Answer: Lilo & Stitch

Raiders of the Mouse Parks tries to solve The Last Picture Show quest. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

We allowed teams to split up in One Man's Dream, and solve this quest and The Legendary Script at the same time if they wished. Though we kept a crew monitor in the attraction most of the day to ensure teams were not interfering with day guests, the bemused cast members in the exhibit said our teams were perfectly well-behaved, with one cast member telling me that our teams were "angels."

Audition (50 points)

We provided teams 9 incomplete pieces of audition dialogue, and sent them into the Hollywood Boulevard / Echo Lake area to find the words of phrases needed to complete each selection. Then using those words, teams solved a cryptogram that revealed their final question.

Question: Our allies are hiding at a secret rebel base. It is encoded as location three on the directory in the Star Tours line. Please hurry, you're my only hope.

Answer: Security

Prior to the start of the game Saturday morning, we advised teams that they might want to pick up a Star Tours Fastpass, since they would need to ride the attraction to answer this quest.

Around noon, I encountered one of our new teams in New York Street, and asked how they were doing. They said they were having fun, and were just wrapping up the Bright Lights, Big City quest, but they had a question—why did they need to go on Star Tours? I asked to see their Audition quest sheet, afraid they'd made an error in solving the cryptogram. It was completely blank. So then I asked them why they'd gone on Star Tours, since they hadn't yet been instructed to do so by a quest. Their reply: "Well, you told us to get a Fastpass, and our time was up!"

This was a good reminder to me that, while many of our MouseAdventure teams have been playing long enough to know what our intentions are, I have to remember that new teams tend to take things far more literally, and we need to be more explicit with our instructions.

Att Angöra En Brygga (50 points)

This quest sent teams into the colorful streets and shops of the Muppet Backlot area to locate the word(s) needed to complete nine phrases. Then we told teams to pick their best artist, and send them to the staffed MouseAdventure station to finish the task. Once there, the would-be artist was given an animation cel printed with a Muppet-like character, and directed to color in the figure using pens labeled with the words they'd found in answering the questions.


MouseAdventure graphic by Joe Stevano.

The first player to attempt this quest sat down at the table and started coloring, completely oblivious to the instructions. A few minutes later, she looked at the crew members and asked, "Is there some order to this?"

She was not the only person to do this. Other players read the instructions, and it was fun to watch as they reached for their first pen and suddenly realized that spelling, capitalization, and punctuation counted.

For example, we asked the teams to fill in the missing word from a sign that read "Fröøm Qüick Cüts tø _______ Cüts" The correct answer was "Cöld," but there were also pens marked "Cold" and "Cøld." Likewise, the sign that reads "ANiMAl was here!" had very specific capitalization, and teams that chose the "ANIMAL" or "animal" pens received no credit.

Suddenly, players realized there were way more pens than expected. Photo by Stephanie Wien.

ANIMAL? ANiMAl? ANimAL? AnImAl? Photo by Stephanie Wien.

The Lost Weekend (60 points)

The second quest on the Studio Backlot Tour was a word search puzzle using industry terms from the "Variety Speak" dictionary. The unused letters in the word search formed a question, which could be answered using information contained in the AFI exhibit at the conclusion of the tour.

Troops search the AFI exhibit at the end of the Studio Backlot Tour for errors in the display. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

Question: What two rankings in the display of AFI's top one hundred American movies of all time are missing?

Answer: 84, 89

Fargo was incorrectly listed as 80, but should have been 84. Patton should have been listed as 89 and was missing.

The Spy with the Cold Nose (60 points)

Teams were provided close-up photos of the noses from seven of the statues in the A.T.A.S. Hall of Fame Plaza, asked to identify each celebrity, and then use their names to solve a word puzzle.

Troop #21 tries to identify sculptures in the A.T.A.S. Hall of Fame Plaza, using photos of the noses. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

Question: Name the two busts on display that are not listed as being inducted into the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame

Answer: Harvey Korman and Art Carney

This quest proved to be so much more difficult in testing than originally intended that we increased the point value. It was also lots of fun to watch teams solve this one, and I think it safe to say that never has so much attention been paid to Mike Wallace's nose.

The Autograph Hound (1 point per signature + 20 points)

For this team-interaction quest, we assigned a stage name to each team and provided autograph books and special markers. Teams were instructed to collect the autographs from other teams as they encountered them. The first letter of each stage name, read in order, formed a question worth 20 points if correctly answered.

Question: Whose handprints square reads carpe per diem?

Answer: Robin Williams

Teams trade signatures to complete The Autograph Hound quest. Photo by Stephen Kiskamp.

In Old California (2 points each)

In a twist on our "Disneyland/Not Disneyland" quest, we gave teams 12 photos and asked them to determine if the pictures had been taken in the Hollywood Boulevard / Sunset Boulevard of Disney Hollywood Studios, or in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot of Disney California Adventure. This is not as easy as it sounds, as the two parks share replicas of many of the same Hollywood buildings, but with surprising differences in the details.

Answer: A, B, D, G, H, I, and L were from Disney Hollywood Studios. C, E, F, J, and K were taken in Disney California Adventure.

The Valley of Decision (5 points each)

Another Eye Spy quest, this one required teams to find 10 items we had photographed around Disney Hollywood Studios, and then answer an "either/or" question about each one.

Answers: 1) Contractor 2) Bill 3) Penny 4) Daily 5) Ready 6) H 7) Tons 8) Mickey 9) Ariel 10) Mickey Mouse

Toribia No Izumi (5 points each)

This theme park trivia quest asked teams to answer 12 questions based on data found throughout the park.

Answers: 1) Stardust 2) Acting 3) PT 7313 4) Charlton Heston (we also accepted Michael Landon) 5) Star/Rats 6) Packard 2-7777 7) San Franscisco Set 8) Madison 9) 22 10) Top Secret Message Decoder 11) David Hall 12) 10/18/67

Hidden Quest (20 points)

Despite the suspicions of several teams, the hidden quest had absolutely nothing to do with the colors and dates listed on the front cover of the shooting script. (Though if you're interested, those dates are the birthdays of some of the MouseAdventure crew). However, teams who noticed the numbers at the bottom corner of each quest title sheet were on the right track. The indicated letter(s) of each title, read in the order the scripts were originally bound in the quest packet, formed the hidden question. Only four teams—but none of the winning teams—correctly solved the hidden quest.

Question: What is this park dedicated to?

Answer: Hollywood

This team likes to bring a dry erase board to help them unscramble words. It didn't help them solve the hidden quest, but they were on the right track. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

Troop photos

Troop 1 – Animal Kingdom Avengers (fka Eptrotters)

Troop 2 – The Drince88e8

Troop 3 – Pooh's Corner

Troop 4 – WedWay PeopleMover Posse

Troop 5 – Jiminy's Crickets

Troop 6 – Pooh-al-up

Troop 7 – Smoke Tree Ranchers

Troop 8 – Lost Falls Expedition

Troop 9 – Three and the Ragged Tower

Troop 10 – Divine Divas

Troop 11 - Heffalump and Woozle

Troop 12 – Mother Knows Best

Troop 14 – Just Keep Swimming

Troop 15 – Team Legen ... wait for it... dary!

Troop 16 – Disney Detective Agency

Troop 17 – The Tangaroa-Ru Crew

Troop 18 – Abominations

Troop 19 – Electric Mayhem

Troop 20 – Rat-Patooties

Troop 21 – We're Celebrating!

Troop 22 – Castaways

Troop 23 – Timekeepers

Troop 24 – The Ladybugs

Troop 26 – YenSid's Apprentices

Troop 27 – Mickey Troopers

Troop 28 – Finding Temo

Troop 30 – San Diego Mouse Catchers Lite Edition

Troop 31 – Team Plutonium

Troop 33 – The Finsters

Troop 34 – Hollywood Power Couples

Troop 35 – Krakatoa Punch Posse

Troop 36 – Tigger & Tiger

Troop 37 – Raiders of the Mouse Parks

Troop 38 – Heffatooies

Troop 39 – Rat Pack

Troop 40 – Mighty Minnies

Troop 41 – Grumpy & Dopey

Thanks to Jeff Moxley for the Troop photos.

Candid Photos

Our candid (in-game) photos are hosted on PicasaWeb albums. Click the album cover below to open the album in a new browser tab. You can leave comments on photos, download your favorites and even order professional prints.

World Explorers 3 Candids - Nov. 12, 2011


Eight hours after the start of the game, troops returned their answer sheets and went in search of refreshments as they waited for the MouseAdventure staff to grade their responses and tally the scores. Results of MouseAdventure World Explorers III: Hollywood Studios were announced at an informal post-event gathering, and all troops present received their merit buttons for quests correctly completed. For those players trying to match their buttons to the quests, here's the list:

Quest Button Graphic
Under the Hollywood Sign Director's chair
The Legendary Script Megaphone
Train Order Number Fourty-Five 1 + 1 = 2
Personal Property Clapboard
Bright Lights, Big City I (apple) NY
The Last Picture Show 3D glasses
Audition Star Wars script
The Lost Weekend Film reel
The Spy With a Cold Nose TV
The Autograph Hound Star
In Old California Eye
The Valley Of Decision Masks
Toribia No Izumi Question marks
Att Angöra En Brygga Artist's palette

Winning troops receive a prize package of Disney books, DVDs and CDs, to be delivered directly to their homes in 2-3 weeks. Unclaimed merit buttons will be sent to troops who could not attend the post-event gathering.

The total possible score for this event was 612 points, including the hidden quest.

First Place – Heffatooies (584 points)

Troop 38 – Heffatooies

Heffatooies make one last check before turning in their (winning) answer sheet. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

Second Place – YenSid's Apprentices (579 points)

Troop 26 - YenSid's Apprentices

YenSid's Apprentices realized their error on the coloring quest in time to correct the mistake, earning them a second place finish. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

Third Place – The Drince88e8 (566 points)

Troop 2 – The Drince88e8

Two members of The Drince88e8 try to transcribe The Legendary Script. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

Best New Troop – Electric Mayhem (493 points)

Troop 19 – Electric Mayhem

For 2011, we offered teams that registered for both the spring event at Disneyland and the fall event at Walt Disney World the opportunity to compete for Coast to Coast honors. 17 teams qualified for that category, and the team with the highest combined score from the two events was crowned Coast to Coast champions. Having won the Spring event at Disneyland, the Heffatooies came into this event with a decided advantage, and their first-place victory in the World Explorers game guaranteed them the Coast to Coast crown.

Coast to Coast Challenge – Heffatooies (1203 combined points)

Troop 38 – Heffatooies

They don't look too pleased right now, but the Heffatooies were all smiles after they won. Photo by Stephen Kiskamp.

We are always amazed by the creativity of the costumes our teams devise for the event, and we had an especially difficult time deciding on the winners of the team shirt competition this time. After several rounds of voting, we had to finally admit that we were hopelessly deadlocked in a tie. Congratulations to the The Tangaroa-Ru Crew and the Timekeepers!

Team t-shirt competition

Troop 17 –The Tangaroa-Ru Crew

The Tangaroa-Ru Crew found time to stop for an adult beverage during the event. Photo by Stephen Kiskamp.

Troop 23 –Timekeepers

Full Results

Team # Team Name New Team? Total Score
1 Animal Kingdom Avengers (fka Eptrotters) No 483
2 The Drince88e8 No 566
3 Pooh's Corner No 426
4 WedWay PeopleMover Posse Yes 399
5 Jiminy's Crickets No 289
6 Pooh-al-up No 293
7 Smoke Tree Ranchers No 505
8 Lost Falls Expedition No 485
9 Three and the Ragged Tower No 280
10 Divine Divas No 385
11 Heffalump and Woozle No 546
12 Mother Knows Best No 388
14 Just Keep Swimming No 437
15 Team Legen ... wait for it... dary! No 447
16 Disney Detective Agency No 465
17 The Tangaroa-Ru Crew No 552
18 Abominations No 390
19 Electric Mayhem Yes 493
20 Rat-Patooties Yes 450
21 We're Celebrating! Yes 246
22 Castaways No 539
23 Timekeepers Yes 396
24 The Ladybugs No 380
26 YenSid's Apprentices No 579
27 Mickey Troopers No 340
28 Finding Temo No 432
30 San Diego Mouse Catchers Lite Edition No 554
31 Team Plutonium No 499
33 The Finsters Yes 440
34 Hollywood Power Couples Yes 483
35 Krakatoa Punch Posse No 372
36 Tigger & Tiger No 472
37 Raiders of the Mouse Parks No 378
38 Heffatooies No 584
41 Grumpy & Dopey Yes 141

Continuing our tradition of silly raffle prizes, World Explorer teams took home souvenirs from my last Disney cruise. Photo by Stephen Kiskamp.

Teams gather after the event to hear the results and congratulate the winners. Photo by Stephen Kiskamp.

Production credits

Joe Stevano and I booked our research trip last spring, not knowing at the time we made our reservations that the weekend we choose would turn out to be the opening weekend of Star Tours: The Adventures Continue in Walt Disney World. Somehow—in between interview sessions, opening ceremonies and Joe's insistence that we ride Star Tours over and over again until he'd seen all 11 show elements—we managed to design the entire game in one weekend. Upon returning to California, we promptly lost most of our notes and photos, which made for some interesting moments when it came time to actually write the game and we tried to remember just what the heck we thought we were going to do with the data we'd collected. Fortunately, and with the last-second help of MousePad moderator Chris (who took time from his family vacation in WDW to reshoot some of the lost photos), we were able to re-create all of the quests.

Mickey and Minnie steal the spotlight in our crew photo. (L-R) Mark Goldhaber, Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix, Tony Phoenix, Stephanie Wien, Jennifer Rich, Joe Stevano, Helga Bergthold, Christine Metzger, Jeff Moxley. MousePlanet photo.

Nine MouseAdventure staff and crew flew to Orlando just to help with this event. Joe, Jeff Moxley, Stephanie Wien, Mark Goldhaber, Jennifer Rich, Christine Metzger, and Helga Bergthold joined my husband Tony and I in Orlando on Thursday for a full walkthrough, and found enough errors and changes that we wound up reprinting about a third of the quests (in what seems to be a MouseAdventure tradition, Imagineering removed several items we were using for the game just days before the event). We also wish to thank Amanda Smith and Lani Teshima for copy editing, and Steve Kiskamp for event-day support. As always, credit goes to Jeff for the amazingly robust registration system, and to Joe for the layout and design of the quest materials, plus the production of all of the merit buttons.

Jennifer Rich and crew mascots Quatchi and Mukmuk wait for teams at MouseAdventure Central on the banks of Echo Lake. Photo by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix.

Full Cast and Crew:

Director – Joe Stevano

Writers – Joe Stevano, Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix


Helga Bergthold
Mark Goldhaber
Steve Kiskamp
Christine Metzger
Jeff Moxley
Tony Phoenix
Jennifer Rich
Joe Stevano
Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix
Stephanie Wien

Producer – Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix
Production management, first unit – Jennifer Rich
Production management, second unit – Helga Bergthold
Animation supervisors – Helga Bergthold, Christine Metzger
Principle photography – Steve Kiskamp, Jeff Moxley, Stephanie Wien, Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix
Photography second unit – Chris Salata
Editing – Amanda Smith, Lani Teshima
Transportation – Mark Goldhaber, Jeff Moxley, Tony Phoenix, Jennifer Rich
Craft services – Walt Disney World Resort
Technical services – Jeff Moxley, Tony Phoenix
Accounting – Tony Phoenix

Produced on location in Los Angeles and Orlando

Our next events

MouseAdventure is currently planning three events in 2012, though dates and details are still being worked out among the crew and with Disney. We will post event and registration dates as soon as we confirm them, but those announcements may be as little as 90 days before the event. We do hope to return to Walt Disney World next fall for our fourth MouseAdventure World Explorers event, and we can definitely use your help to spread the word to prospective new Walt Disney World players. We absolutely love writing games for Walt Disney World, but we need to grow the Florida event to make it more affordable for our Troops. If you have friends, family, or co-workers who are Disney fans, tell them about MouseAdventure and encourage them to come out for an event!

  • Spring 2012 Disneyland Resort
  • Fall 2012 Disneyland Resort
  • Fall 2012 Walt Disney World

We also plan to continue our Coast to Coast challenge for 2012. Eligibility requirements will be provided prior to the start of registration for the Spring 2012 Disneyland event, but interested teams should plan to register for both the Spring Disneyland event and the Fall Walt Disney World Event.

Keep reading MousePlanet for more information about our upcoming events—we post MouseAdventure updates in our weekly Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Updates, as well as on the front page of our site. We also strongly encourage you to sign up for our MouseAdventure mailing list to receive updates about future events as they are announced. Note: This is an opt-in only mailing list, which means that we have not already added the names of former MouseAdventure players to this list. If you would like to receive these updates, you will need to sign up for the list.

Sign up for the MouseAdventure Mailing List!


We're always working to make MouseAdventure better and more fun for our teams, and we have some very specific questions for our World Explorers teams. Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts with us, and be sure to point your teammates here so they can make their voices heard too!

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  1. By DMommyP

    Yay for solving the hidden quest!! Yes I know it was only worth 20 points but it's been a personal goal of mine that has eluded me for a long stretch of games. Of course, to do so, I missed participating in the gathering of info for at least two other quests because I was walking around with my head down, eyes on my paper, glancing over just often enough to keep track of my teammates' feet. If only we had numbered the pages before separating the script, I could have solved it more quickly and might actually have been of some use on the higher point value quests. Oh well...

    Great Mouse Adventure! Many thanks to all the cast and crew!!

  2. By stan4d_steph

    With the amount of yogurt our MouseAdventure teams eat, maybe we should get Stonyfield as a sponsor!

  3. By Little Mitchie

    So I am guessing the 6th place team, Pooh-al-up, are from my corner of the country--Washington state. Very clever name and one that very few would understand.

  4. By Drince88

    Can you post the entries to the T-shirt contest, as submitted, as well? (It's kind of hard to see them in the team pictures.)

    And I told them when we were waiting to eat - but I'll say it publicly here as well - LOVED the "Mother Knows Best" for the team name! I hope the teens remembered that as you were working on the quests!!!

  5. By stacielee

    Regarding the Coast to Coast challenge, is it possible to let the teams know before the event if there will be the minimum required teams participating? Since I never saw anything on the Basic Coast to Coast results, I'm assuming there weren't 5 teams participating from the Basic division. We had 1 teammate who ended up not being able to come. If we had replaced her with someone else, we wouldn't have qualified for the challenge. However, since there was no Basic C-t-C challenge, we could have replaced her because it wouldn't have mattered. Our 4th person was already paid for, so we lost money as well as possible team help. I did put this in my survey comments, but not sure how clear it was.

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