Paul Torrigino

Designer Paul Torrigino joined Walt Disney Imagineering in 1980, and over the next 21 years worked as Production Artisan, Production Designer, Art Director, Concept Designer and Show Designer and worked on most of the large Imagineering projects.

Since leaving Disney, Paul has moved to Sacramento, California and has created an online custom tiki bar sign business called Pariarts, which he runs with his partner, ex-theme park designer Richard Gutierrez.

Paul says, "I really love our little home business and laid back lifestyle now. We have a great studio workshop and we always have a ton of little art projects going. After Disney laid me off, I've had no desire to return to the theme park industry. I got to work on some of the most amazing projects Disney ever did, and I'm very satisfied with the career I had."

Visit Pariarts to enjoy—and purchase—some of Paul and Richard's eye-popping tiki signs!