Jenna Berry

I am a DisNerd and life-long Disney lover. My first trip to the parks was at mere weeks old and after that I grew up at Walt Disney World; at twelve I would come to MGM and sit to watch every performance of The Hunchback of Notre Dame (my favorite was the puppet of Djali the goat)! 

But Disney had formed who I was long before that. From the minute I saw an adventurous little princess in 1989 named Ariel, I knew I wished to be a mermaid. And as I watched her reach through the top of her grotto for the sunlight of an unexplored world, I recognized her; she was me.

Over the span of my lifetime Ariel, and well all of Disney, has taught me much about life and makes me who I am today. Ariel gave me fearlessness; Belle, a hunger for knowledge, adventure, and fun; Pocahontas a passion for nature; and do we even have to mention an obsession with every princesses’ amazing beautiful hair. These girls were unafraid to be different and unique and stand up for what they believe in - and that, long ago, was something so significant to a little girl who herself always felt utterly strange and too curious for her own good. I craved more from life; I wanted to be a mermaid, an explorer, and fearless. And I have ever since.

Since then (roughly 26 years), I have purchased all the movies, learned all the songs, worked for Disney, and then did the most Disney Princess thing I could think of. I spent the last eight years in the travel industry, and traversed the globe in search of new adventures. Exploring other cultures, I asked questions, and collected whozits and whatzits galore.

  • Favorite Disney Character: Ariel
  • Favorite Disney Restaurant: Coral Reef and The Edison at Disney Springs
  • Favorite Attraction: Gran Fiesta Tour in the Mexico Ride
  • Favorite Disney Food: Mickey Waffles