General Information

Location: In the back right corner of Paradise Pier, up against the Grand California Hotel.

Date Opened: February 8, 2001

# of Ride Units:

Ride Capacity: 4 people per car.

Restraint Method: Lapbar

Ticket Rating: C Ticket

Ride Photo: No

Sponsor: Alamo


Time Commitment

Open/Close: Opens and closes with the park. The attraction also closes during inclement weather.

Wait Times: One of the longer queues in the park, the wait time will frequently be 30 minutes or longer. FastPass is recommended.

Length of Ride: 90 seconds

FastPass: Yes

Single Rider: Yes

Queue Description: There isn't much to the queue other than nonsensical street signs along the way. The large cartoonish mural above the ride is generally obstructed from within the queue.

Access Information

Health Restriction: Though a small roller coaster, the ride had many extremely sudden turns. Guests with heart, neck, back, or other conditions that could be exacerbated by this should not ride. Pregnant women should not ride.

Ride Access:

Wheelchair Transfer: It is required that wheelchair and ECV users transfer into the coasters cars.

Service Animals: No

Audio: Atmospheric sound effects.

Weight and Size Issues: The seats will be tight for the largest park guests, particularly if the other seat is occupied.

Parenting Information

Height Restriction: 42" (106 cm.)

Child Swap: Ask the cast member entrance to the queue for a rider switch pass. When the rest of your party exits the attraction, two people may return through the Fast Pass line.

Other Issues: Smaller children don't fit well into the seats and may get thrown around more by the sudden turns. New lap bars provide individual restriction so sitting next to a much larger adult no longer allows more slack for smaller children.