General Information

Location: At the back end of Streets of America.

Date Opened: 5/5/2005

Capacity: Approximately 5,000 people per show.

# of Shows: Three shows per day

Characters: No

Photos and Autographs: No


Time Commitment

Wait Times: They begin letting people into the theater about 15-20 minutes before show time. Generally it will be able to hold everyone waiting to get in (5,000 is a lot of seats), but being held only three times a day pumps up attendance at each show. FastPass is available, and while not absolutely necessary will get you better seats and peace of mind. Note that since this is a show, the return window on your FastPass is enforced and you can not use it for a later show.

Length of Show: 30 minutes

FastPass: Yes

Queue Description: Not much of a themed queue, then when entering the arena, you pass windows that let you see backstage to where mechanics and others prepare for the show.

Access Information

Health Restriction: None

Ride Access: The stands are not wheelchair or ECV accessible. The designated wheelchair and ECV seating is about halfway up the arena and an elevator is used to get there.

Wheelchair Transfer: Not necessary

Service Animals: Yes

Audio: Assistive listening devices are available from Guest Services.

Weight and Size Issues: Should be none

Time Commitment

Height Restriction:

Child Swap:

Other Issues:

History and Trivia

  • At this location: Prior to its construction, the Residential Street portion of the Backlot Studio Tour was in this spot. Residential Street contained houses used in television shows. During the Christmas season it had also been the site of the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights.
  • The Attraction's History: The show has remained unchanged since it opened in 2005.
  • Demolished for construction of Star Wars Land