General Information

Location: At the back of Fantasyland, in the Fantasyland Theater, to the left just before the entrance to Toontown.

Date Opened: 10/6/2006

Capacity: Varies depending on how many princesses are available for meeting.

# of Shows: Continuous throughout the day.

Characters: Snow White, Aurora, Mulan.

Photos and Autographs: Yes


Time Commitment

Wait Times: The princesses are very popular so the line can be 20-30 at the busiest times.

Length of Show: A short meeting and time for photographs with each princess.

FastPass: No

Queue Description: None

Access Information

Health Restriction:

Ride Access: The queue is fully accessible and the princesses are well versed in dealing with any unusual circumstances.

Wheelchair Transfer:

Service Animals: Yes

Audio: Audio: None, other than the conversation you make with the princesses.

Weight and Size Issues:

Time Commitment

Height Restriction: No

Child Swap: No

Other Issues: None

History and Trivia

  • At this location: This piece of real estate was first put to public use on June 22, 1985, with the opening of Videopolis. Videopolis was, essentially, a night club inside of Disneyland with a 5,000 square foot dance floor and more than 50 television monitors showing music videos. Though initially very popular the crowds began to diminish after a few years and in 1989 the dance floor was covered with bench seating and the stage was put to use as the home for a series of shows. One Man's Dream (December 1989 - April 1990) was a show that paid tribute to Walt Disney. Dick Tracy: Diamon Double Cross was staged to promote the Warren Beatty movie then in theaters. Plane Crazy (March-October 1991) was a show using characters from the Disney Afternoon block of television shows that was then on TV. In 1992 the stage was finally given over to a major production with a show inspired by Beauty and the Beast. In 1995 the theater closed for a complete refurbishment and reopened as Fantasyland Theater in June of that year. The occasion for the remodel was a stage show called The Spirit of Pocahontas and it played for a bit longer than two years before closing in 1997. Replacing Pocahontas on the stage was a new character musical called Animazement, a musical revue presenting songs from recent Disney animated films until it finally closed in October 2001. The next couple of years saw small, and generally unimpressive, shows before closing in 2003 to install Snow White - An Enchanting Musical which opened on February 21, 2004, and closed on September 4, 2006.
  • The Attraction's History: Originally Princess Fantasy Faire used the whole theater with the stage area including a small coronation show and princess storytelling. Those elements were lost as of January 4, 2009, reducing it to a simple princess meet-and-greet.