General Information


Date Opened: 4/11/2003

# of Ride Units: 22 ride units.

Ride Capacity: Seven adults or nine children. Adult configuration is 3 in the back row with two in each of the front two rows. Children should be able to sit comfortably three across in all rows. Very small children can sit on a parent's lap. Special wheelchair vehicles (two of them) can accommodate four people.

Restraint Method: Single lap bar per row

Ticket Rating: D Ticket

Ride Photo: No


Time Commitment

Open/Close: Opens and closes with the park during all seasons. There are no regularly scheduled refurbishment closures. Rain does not affect operation.

Wait Times: Lines rarely get very long, topping out at 15-20 minutes on busy days. Normal waits will be 5-10 and during early and late hours is frequently a walk-on.

Length of Ride: 2 minutes 45 seconds

FastPass: No

Single Rider: No

Queue Description: The queue is entirely external. Though you enter the queue in the same location as when it was Country Bear Jamboree, you do not go into the covered bridge. The area the queue moves through is themed to be lightly wooded with various Winnie the Pooh related touches, such as beehives dripping with honey, and the faint sound of buzzing bees. The exit path leads back into Critter Country, near the Pooh's Corner store.

Access Information

Health Restriction: The ride makes gentle motions and changes in direction. Should be safe for all health conditions.

Ride Access: The entire queue is wheelchair accessible, though users of scooters and electric wheelchairs will have to transfer to a manual wheelchair.

Wheelchair Transfer: One of the beehive ride vehicles is equipped for manual wheelchairs. Users of electric wheelchairs or scooters will need to transfer to manual wheelchairs for loading and unloading. When your party reaches the head of the line, you'll be held aside until the equipped vehicle comes through. The wheelchair enters the vehicle backwards and is then automatically rotated to face forward, which is reversed for unloading.

Service Animals: No

Audio: The ride does have audio, but I don't know what facilities are available.

Weight and Size Issues: The lap bar restraint will accommodate riders of any weight or size, and if necessary riders can ride alone for additional lateral space. Leg room is in somewhat short supply but should not be a problem in most cases.

Parenting Information

Height Restriction: No

Child Swap: No

Other Issues: Movement is gentle throughout the ride with no real surprises to scare the youngest children. Much of the ride occurs in semi-darkness. To the degree that any ride is good for all children, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is one of them.

History and Trivia

  • At this location: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is in the exact same footprint as the previous attraction, Country Bear Vacation Hoedown, which opened in 1986. Vacation Hoedown was a show change from the original Country Bear Jamboree show, which opened in 1972 (the Christmas time version began showing in 1984 and played annually through the closing of the attraction). Though we're not sure what, if anything, was in this space prior to 1972 the general area (at least inside of the train track) was occupied by the Indian Village attraction from 1956 through its closing (for the creation of Bear Country) in 1971. The area was renamed from Bear Country to Critter Country in 1989 to coincide with the opening of Splash Mountain.
  • The Attraction's History: When Country Bear Jamboree closed for good in 2001 it was not yet officially announced what would be taking its place, though it was generally understood to be a Pooh-based ride. Initial expectations of something along the lines of the already-designed Tokyo Disneyland version were quickly dashed as word began to leak out of a technologically minimized C- or D-ticket version. Though lines were initially long when it first opened in April 2003, excitement quickly wore off making The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh more notable as something to do while waiting on Splash Mountain FastPasses than as a destination itself. No significant changes or updates have been been made to the attraction.
  • Other Trivia:
    • Country Bear Tribute: As a tribute to this spot's previous tenant, the three mounted heads from Country Bear Vacation Hoedown can be found on the wall of the Honey Heaven room. As you enter the room look up and behind you to see Max, Buff, and Melvin (photo below).
    • Vehicle Names: Each of the 22 beehive ride units has its own name, which can be found on the bottom-back of the unit. The names are: Heffalump, ... , ....