General Information

Location: Just beyond the Grand California Hotel entrance/exit.

Date Opened: 2/8/2001

# of Ride Units:

Ride Capacity: 8 people per raft

Restraint Method: Seatbelt

Ticket Rating: E Ticket

Ride Photo: No


Time Commitment

Open/Close: Opens and closes with the park.

Wait Times: During warm hours on peak days, the standby line can get up to 60 minutes, though lines can be practically non-existent on cool days or late in the evening.

Length of Ride: 5 minutes

FastPass: Yes

Single Rider: Yes, but only during peak periods. Check with a cast member at the beginning of the line.

Queue Description: The queue winds through the Cascade Mountains themed attraction scenery, offering views of the ride in progress.

Access Information

Health Restriction: There are several bumps, jerks and drops on the ride so people with conditions that could be exacerbated by such should consider not riding. Pregnant women should not ride. Riders will get wet so equipment should though of before riding.

Ride Access: Much of the queue is wheelchair and ECV accessible so start out by getting into the regular line. Keep an eye out along the queue for a gate with a wheelchair logo and go through it. Take this path to the loading platform.

Wheelchair Transfer: The river rafts are not accessible and require transfer. The loading dock that ability to capture a raft and hold it aside, allowing extra time for loading and unloading the raft.

Service Animals: Yes

Audio: Background atmospheric audio and announcements only.

Weight and Size Issues: Large passengers may find the seatbelts tight but just about everybody should fit.

Parenting Information

Height Restriction: 42" (107 cm.)

Child Swap: Ask the cast member at the entrance to the queue for a rider switch pass. When the rest of your party exits the attraction, two people may return through the Fast Pass entrance.

Other Issues: You will get wet. You may get very wet. There are free lockers nearby to store valuables temporarily without a fee. Many guests wear ponchos on this ride.