General Information

Making reservations: Reservations for this tour can be by calling Disney Special Activities at (714) 300-7710. Note that this is a different phone number than for other tours. Reservations can be made up to 90 days in advance and at least 72 hours is recommended to ensure availability.

Price: To reserve the tour for a group of up to 10 participants is $125 per hour, with a minimum of six hours. The rate is $150 per hour if reservation is made fewer than 48 hours in advance.

Discounts: No discounts are offered.

Admission: Separate theme park admission is required for all participants.

Transportation: The entire tour is on foot. Participants must transport themselves to and from the park.

Rain Policy: Tours are generally held rain or shine.

Photography Policy: Photography is allowed without restriction as tour remains in generally accessible public areas at all times.

After the tour: Tour guide can make priority seating arrangements for some restaurants and shows.


Time Commitment

Tour length: Minimum of six hours up, more can be reserved, not to extend beyond park hours.

Day and Time: This tour is available on any day and at any time during park hours.

Basic Itinerary: The tour guide will put together an itinerary based on the participants' preferences, including getting VIP seating for shows and parades and making priority seating arrangements. No special access is provided to shows and rides and the group will still need to wait in lines.

Access Information

Access issues: All of the access issues that are experienced in the park(s) normally may be encountered on this tour. The tour guide can help to plan around any limitations and make sure all access aids are used.

Walking required: This tour is just an assisted day at the park(s) so the amount of walking is up to the participants.

Parenting Information

Age restrictions: There are no age restrictions for the tour.

Other issues: Keep in mind that children count towards the limit of 10 people per group. The tour guide will be most helpful in making sure character experiences are maximized if that is a goal of your group.