General Information

Location: Between King Arthur Carrousel and the back of Sleeping Beauty Castle. The Sword in the Stone is always there and the show will be in the walkway surrounding it.

Date Opened: 1983

Capacity: Whatever can fit on the walkway around the show.

# of Shows: 6/day (generally only on weekends, though possibly weekdays during peak periods.

Characters: Merlin

Photos and Autographs: Yes


Time Commitment

Wait Times: Crowds don't generally form until the show starts.

Length of Show: 15 minutes

FastPass: No

Queue Description: None

Access Information

Health Restriction:

Ride Access: The viewing area for the show is just the normal walkway between Sleeping Beauty Castle and the carrousel. Merlin is not likely to select someone with a mobility impairment from the crowd for participation in the show.

Wheelchair Transfer:

Service Animals: Yes

Audio: Assistive devices are not available for this show due to its unscripted elements.

Weight and Size Issues:

Time Commitment

Height Restriction: No

Child Swap: No

Other Issues: None for watching. If you child is selected for the show they'll be asked to perform certain tasks and be separated from the rest of your group. They will receive a pin for participating in the show.

History and Trivia

  • At this location: From the time the park opened in 1955 until Fantasyland was closed in 1983 for a near complete redesign, the area in which this show is performed was occupied by King Arthur Carrousel, which was moved back during the redesign.
  • This attraction's history: The show remains much the same as when it first started showing when the New Fantasyland debuted in 1983.