General Information

Location: At the end of Mickey Avenue farthest from the park entrance

Date Opened: May 1, 1989

Capacity: 200 people per tram

# of Shows: Continuous through the day, approximately every 15 minutes.

Characters: No

Photos and Autographs: No


Time Commitment

Wait Times: This is not a line that moves continuously so it may feel like you were in line longer than was true. If the line extends farther than the beginning of the ramp, you may want to consider coming back at a different time. If the line is all within the ramp, expect to wait 30 minutes or less. The attraction wait gets longer later in the day, so if this attraction is a priority, consider doing it first thing in the morning.

Length of Show: 35 minutes

FastPass: No

Queue Description: The ramp part of the queue has models from the movie Pearl Harbor and video monitors above the queue play a film with director Michael Bay explaining how the special effects for Pearl Harbor were put together.

Access Information

Health Restriction: While most of the ride is very smooth, the section through Catastrophe Canyon does have some shifts and jerks that may be uncomfortable for people with back or neck injuries.

Ride Access: The queue and preshow areas are wheelchair and ECV accessible, though the trams used in the tour are not.

Wheelchair Transfer: Wheelchair and ECV users will need to transfer into the trams for the tour. This will require stepping up into the vehicle and then reversing to exit.

Service Animals: Yes

Audio: Video captioning devices are available for portions of this attraction from Guest Services.

Weight and Size Issues: Should be none

Time Commitment

Height Restriction: No

Child Swap: No

Other Issues: The first walked-through part of the tour recreates the filming of an air attack on naval ships and included gunfire and explosions. Once on the ride, other segments create scenes of impending danger. These may be too intense for some children.

History and Trivia

  • At this location: The tour has been in place since the park opened in 1989.
  • The Attraction's History: The sites visible during the tour are in a constant state of flux as movie memorabilia is added or removed. The only large change was the destruction of Residential Street in 2003 to make room for the Lights, Motors, Action! theater. Residential Street was a portion of the tour that displayed homes from several television shows, including Golden Girls.