General Information

Yamabuki is permanently closed. This page is retained here for historical interest.

Location: In the main Paradise Pier Hotel building, but with an external entrance on the Disneyland Drive side of the hotel.

Date Opened: 1996

Seating: Indoor tables

Service Type: Table service

Children's Meals: Yes

Vegetarian Options: Yes

Annual Pass Discount: Yes



Menu Information

Dinner Menu as of October 7, 2006

First Course

Mountain Rose Ceviche - Diced ahi, hamachi, scallop, and shrimp marinated and served with Japanese cucumber-tomato salad. $13.00
Sashimi - A trio of thinly sliced yellowfin tuna, Pacific salmon, and hamachi. $17.00
Hotate - Sweet singing scallops baked on the half shell with a creamy Meyer lemon dressing. $14.00
Agedashi Tofu - Crispy fried tofu with a ginger-inspired nameko mushroom broth. $9.00
Yakitori - Marinated chicken grilled on bamboo skewers with Yamabuki teriyaki sauce. $9.00
Edamame - Warm fresh soybeans seasoned with coarse sea salt. $5.00


A classic Japanese dish of seafood or vegetables in an exceptionally light and crispy coating.

Spider Tempura - Soft-shell crab with citrus soy sauce. $15.00
Tempura Yasai - Including asparagus, kabocha squash, green beans, shimeji mushrooms, and lotus. $8.00
Ebi Tempura - Jumbo shrimp with traditional dipping sauce. $10.00

Second Course

Shiro Miso Soup - Traditional Japanese white miso broth with tofu, seaweed, and green onion. $5.00
Udon Noodle Soup - Katsuo dashi "fish" broth with fresh noodles, giant oyster mushroom, and herbs. $6.00
Yamabuki Garden Salad - Baby Asian green salad with shaved fennel, cucumber tossed in a light lemon-rice wine vinaigrette. $6.00
Cucumber Sunomono - Thinly sliced cucumber and wakame seaweed with tosazu dressing. $6.00
Ohitashi - Chilled asparagus and baby greens in sesame seed vinaigrette. $7.00

Third Course

Entrees served with steamed rice and seasaonal vegetables.

Sashimi Moriawase - Masterfully prepared using ahi tuna, Pacific salmon, hamachi yellowtail, halibut, scallops, tako, and ebi. $28.00
Gyu Hire Yaki - Grilled petit filet mignon with sauteed Japanese ratatouille in an orange-soy essence. $29.00
Dragon Thermidor - Broiled Maine lobster tossed in thermidor sauce with sauteed mushrooms and scallions. $34.00
Kisetsu-no Tempura - Jumbo shrimp and Alaskan halibut flash-fried in tempura batter. $26.00
Taraba-Gani - Soy sansyo-glazed Alaskan king crab and jumbo claw. $32.00
Breast of Chicken Teriyaki - Teriyaki grilled breast of chicken with asparagus and layered with Japanese woodland mushrooms. $21.00
Pacific Salmon Teriyaki - Filet of salmon richly glazed with our house teriyaki sauce and tempura fried baby bok choy. $22.00
New York Steak Teriyaki - Teriyaki grilled New York with tempura fried Japanese eggplant and tiny green beans. $24.00
Yudofu - Traditional vegetarian entree with vegetables and organic tofu simmered in kelp broth, served with soy citrus dipping sauce. $18.00

Imperial Menu

Our special four-course menu celebrating traditions and innovations. $48.00; with a matched flight of select premium sakes, $73.00.

Ahi Poke Napoleon - Spicy diced ahi marinated with ginger, scallions, toasted sesame seeds, and tamari soy layered with cucumber and daikon on a yellow tomato-sushi vinaigrette.
Matsutake Mushroom Consomme - The most famous Japanese mushroom broth served with a crisp autumn spring roll and a Sylvetta arugula salad.
The Dragon and the Phoenix - Tempura fried Santa Barbera spot prawns with a pan-seared duck breast accompanied by organic brown rice and a plum wine duck jus.
Desser of Your Choice

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