General Information

Baker's Field Bakery is permanently closed. This page is retained here for historical interest.

Location: Inside the train that is to the right as you enter the park.

Date Opened: February 8, 2001

Seating: Outdoor tables shared with Bur-r-r Bank Ice Cream

Service Type: Counter service

Children's Meals: Yes

Vegetarian Options: Yes

Annual Pass Discount: No

Sponsor: Nescafe

Reservations: No


Menu Information

Menu as of Sept. 2010

Iced Coffees and Cool Coolers

Malibu Mocha Frappe - Our own special blend of coffee and chocolate, blended with vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. $5.39
Iced Caffé Mocha - $3.59/$4.19
Iced Caffé Latte - $3.49/$3.99
Iced House Blend - $2.69/$2.79

Espresso Blends

Espresso - Regular or decaffeinated. $2.49/$3.19
Caffé Mocha - Espresso with steamed milk, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and chocolate shavings. $3.59/$4.19
Caffé Latte - Espresso with steamed milk, topped with foam. $3.49/$3.99
Cappuccino - Espresso with steamed milk foam. $3.49/$3.99

Freshly Brewed Coffees

House Blend - Regular or decaffeinated. $2.79
Travel Mug - Includes coffee or hot cocoa at time of purchase (excludes specialty coffees). $4.79

Customize your coffe - $0.49 each

Almond, caramel, raspberry, peach, hazelnut, Irish creme, vanilla, no-sugar hazelnut, no-sugar vanilla.

Hot Drinks

Nestle Hot Cocoa - Topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. $3.19
Hot Apple Cider - $3.19

World Teas

Japanese Sencha (Green) - $2.89
Darjeeling Namring (Black) - $2.89
Passion Fruit with Flowers - $2.89
Strawberry Kiwi - $2.89
Chamomile Flowers - $2.89
Nestea Hot Tea - $2.79

Food and Desserts (a sampling of the selection generally available)

Butter Croissant - $2.59
Brownie - $2.99
Chocolate Biscotti - $1.99
Chocolate Croissant - $2.79
Chocolate-dipped Mickey Crispie Treats - $2.99
Cinnamon Roll - $3.49
Cinnamon Twist - $2.99
Cookies - $2.79 and up
Danish - $2.99
Fresh Fruit and Yogurt Parfait - $4.99
Lemon Bar - $2.99
Muffins - $2.59 and up
Chicken Caesar Salad - $8.49
Cambria Classic Salad - $7.49
Sandwiches - Roast beef, turkey, or ham. $8.19
Scones - $2.59
Strawberry Tart - $4.99
Whole Fruit - $1.59 and up

Munch Inc. (Kids' Meal)

Kid's Turkey Wrap - Served with baby carrots, and a choice of low-fat milk, apple or orange juice box, small bottled water or small soda. $5.99
PB&J Sandwich - Served with baby carrots, and a choice of low-fat milk, apple or orange juice box, small bottled water or small soda. $5.99


Soda - Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta Orange, Minute Maid Light Lemonade, Nestea. $2.79/$3.29
Nesquick Chocolate or Strawberry Milk - $2.69
Simply Orange or Limeade - $4.19
Milk - $1.59

If a menu is presented here it is for guidance purposes only. Menus can change without notice and at some restaurants daily. If you have specific dietary needs or questions it is best to contact the restaurant directly for information. If you'd like to notify us that a menu has changed, or you can provide the complete information, please let us know through our email form.