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Linking to MousePlanet

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Become a star in the MousePlanet galaxy by linking to us! Let everyone know you read MousePlanet by adding a MousePlanet logo on your Web page that links back to us. To include a link to MousePlanet on your Web page, feel free to use one of our official logos below.
This site is part of the MousePlanet galaxy!

To use the above full-sized logo (459 x 79), copy the text in the following box:

This site is part of the MousePlanet galaxy!

To use the above 60%-size logo (272 x 47), copy the text in the following box:
This site is part of the MousePlanet galaxy!

To use the above 50%-sized logo (227 x 40), copy the text in the following box:
Part of the MousePlanet galaxy!

To use the above 40%-sized logo (181 x 32), copy the text in the following box:

MousePlanet Photo Credits

MousePlanet prides itself on being rich in photos to illustrate our many articles and stories. If you would like to link to, or use a MousePlanet photo, please read the following.

Important: Unless otherwise indicated in the photo caption, MousePlanet owns the copyright to the all photos on its Web site. Do not alter or deface the photos in any way. MousePlanet also publishes photos from other sources (such as Disney publicity shots). Photos that are not owned by MousePlanet are so indicated in their photo captions; MousePlanet does not—nor have the authority to—permit you to use these third-party images.

If you run a personal Web site or Web page, or a fan site devoted to topics such as Disney, theme parks, or entertainment, you may use photos that run at MousePlanet if you meet the following:

  1. You must add a link back to MousePlanet's main page on the photo, so that readers clicking on the photo are taken to
  2. You must add the following text, legibly and visibly, somewhere within the same html page and preferably close to the photo you use:
    “Photo courtesy of”
  3. You are limited to using no more than two MousePlanet photos per html page. That is, we don't want you to repost all of our photos so your readers can enjoy our hard work without visiting our Web site.

If you would like, send us email at to let us know you're using our photos. We like to know when folks are enjoying our photos, and we would like to check out your site, too.

If you are an established media publication wishing to rerun a MousePlanet photo at your Web site, you must email with the following information:

  1. Name of your publication
  2. URL of your Web site
  3. Article title for which the photo runs
  4. Your name and email address
  5. Your editor's name and email address

The request must be made by an individual officially affiliated with your publication.

We cannot guarantee the permanent Internet address (directory location) of a photo at MousePlanet. For this reason, we recommend that you make a copy of the photo and run it on your site's server.

The photo credit should appear as follows:

Photo courtesy of

We prefer that you provide a link to our main URL at; however this is not a mandate, and depends on your publication's policy on external linking.

If you need higher-quality image, we may be able to provide you with one; please contact us at least one full business week before your publishing deadline.

Using our logo for purposes other than linking

All of MousePlanet's trademarks, logos, or other distinctive features that make up the MousePlanet brand are protected by applicable trademark, copyright, and other intellectual property laws. If you would like to use any of the MousePlanet brand on your Web site, in an advertisement, in a book, or reproduce them anywhere else, you must first receive permission from MousePlanet.

You cannot (and agree not to):

  • Change or alter our logo, plain and simple.
  • Display the MousePlanet logo as the most prominent feature of your Web site (this makes people think they are at MousePlanet when they are not)
  • Display our logo in such a way as to make MousePlanet appear to be a partner of your site
  • Display our logo on any Web site that contains adult content
  • Display our logo in a way which we believe serves to defame, disparage, mislead, or libel MousePlanet
  • Display our logo on a site that violates any law or regulation

Internal linking information

Whenever you wish to link to MousePlanet, we prefer that you use only our main URL at However, MousePlanet is a huge community with thousands of individual pages and articles, so we realize you may want to link directly to a specific article.

You are allowed to create links to specific articles and pages within MousePlanet, but we caution you to do so at your own risk. We regularly maintain and update our site, and that includes some periodic site reorganization that may cause a link to break.

If you discover that a URL is broken, feel free to contact us (at to let us know. We will try to create a redirect page for the old URL, and we may be able to provide you with the updated URL for the page you are looking for.