Downtown Disney expands right into Disney California Adventure

by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix, staff writer

With the reopening of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure stymied by newly released guidelines from the state of California, the Disneyland Resort has decided to take a page from other local theme parks to open a portion of Disney California Adventure for shopping and dining only.

Starting in November (the exact date has not been released), Disney fans will be able to dine and shop at select Buena Vista Street locations. The lineup announced by the Disney Parks Blog today includes retail stores, quick-service foods and even a table-service restaurant.


  • Elias & Co. – offers a similar selection of items found at the World of Disney store, with rooms dedicated to men, women, kids, toys, and fashion accessories
  • Julius Katz & Sons – home decor and collectibles
  • Kingswell Camera Shop – gifts and home decor
  • Trolley Treats – fresh-made treats, packaged snacks, and gifts

Disney fans may be able to enjoy holiday decorations on Buena Vista Street this year. MousePlanet file photo.

Quick Service dining:

  • Smokejumpers Grill – features a "streamlined menu of burgers, fries, onion rings and craft beer."
  • Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe – Starbucks coffee and prepared sandwiches
  • Outdoor vending carts with popcorn, churros, and more.

Table Service dining:

  • Carthay Circle Lounge – with an expanded outdoor seating area featuring an all-new menu of cocktails and dining

This announcement opens up a realm of possibilities for theme park fans, including the availability of collectible popcorn buckets and souvenir cups that have not been available in Downtown Disney; the chance to enjoy holiday decor inside a Disney theme park; and even (dare we hope) a chance that Disney's fresh-made candy canes could be sold this year at Trolley Treats.

There are definitely some logistical questions to be answered, and we've reached out to Disney for updates. We don't know whether Disney will continue to limit parking to the Simba lot, which now serves Downtown Disney, or if another ground lot or even the Mickey and Friends structure might be opened to serve the additional visitors.

We also don't know whether Disney will have a seperate entrance queue for those wishing to enter Disney California Adventure, or if there will be some form of timed entry system or even the shopping pass used at the World of Disney store.

It's also unclear whether Stage 17 will continue to operate once Buena Vista Street opens. We will post updates as we get more details from Disney.

What do you think of this development? Are you looking forward to visiting Buena Vista Street? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. By Berry Princess

    I know I am curious how they are going to be able to do this safely. That area of DCA is not exactly that big when you are throwing in a few more vending carts and depending on where outdoor dining is for Carthay as well. I can imagine they would expand some seating over by Smokejumpers as well. Yet with the popcorn, churros, ice cream and whatever other options for treats and snacks, it really seems like a lot of food items that people generally grab and walk around eating. Lots of questions left here with the little info they have given on this. I can see it needing to be done with a limit on how many people are in the area or it will be crammed if they don't. Even with a limit, it still seems a bit questionable. So shall see how it ends up in these areas and with making sure rules are followed.

  2. By olegc

    Adrienne and Berry Princess already brought up some key points - but I wonder two things. 1) will they really have the same decorations? Since DtD wasn't really decorated for Halloween would they decorate for Holidays? Would DCA decorate and end up having guests hang out for a very long time, creating long lines waiting to get in to the space? And 2) based on 1, would they have to enforce either a time limit or end up doing ticketed event or wrist band (like the previews)? I've heard so many vloggers I watch mention things like "I just want it to open so I can be inside and take it all in, hang out, and spend as long as I can inside". That could create problems with such a strong demand. Will Disneyland management think about equity for all guests or go the limited edition route and make people wait as long as it takes..

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  3. By Berry Princess

    olegc, some great questions to add in for sure. I can imagine Disney rather have those in there that are going to spend money on a meal, drinks and merchandise over someone that wants to "hang out and take it all in" for their vlogging. It seemed the timing for this was great for a bit of Christmas shopping that many might normally want to do in the parks at that time of year. I'm sure its not just vloggers but many others that might have a similar frame of mind. So it will be interesting to see what Disney has for these things at all or not or will have to make some adjustments after opening the area up. If they decorate for the holidays it will be even worse with the amount of people that will want to be in just to snap pictures and hang out in that environment.

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